Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I have spent nearly all day sleeping.

I have spent nearly all day sleeping. I kept trying to wake up, but just could not. I think that I am on some psychotropic drug that really messes with my digestive system and causes really excessive flatulence. Fortunately, it is just me here. In addition, I have some kind of permanent heartburn thing going on, whether I eat or not, and I hardly am eating, since I have lost all appetite. Even drinking water causes heartburn to flare in the middle of my esophagus. My thyroid meds may have been pulled, because I am finding it very difficult to digest what I do eat. That may also have to do with the excessive estrogen that I am on. I have learned that when I am high estrogen, I have difficulty digesting food, and that testorone supplements actually are a great help in digestion, but I don't have much testosterone--everything I buy is tampered with. I am so low energy that I barely have any energy to do much of anything, but overall, it has felt like a very depressing day. I am going to go back to bed--I've slept about 18 hours of the last 24, but I am so sleepy and low energy, I cannot do anything else--maybe I will take some testosterone, just to get rid of this heartburn.

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