Thursday, December 15, 2011

More mutilations

More mutilations--I am so uncomfortable in my body as i try to live in a back that is unnaturally arched, and shoulders that are so cut off, that my arms no longer work right. Once again, my cranium was elongated (tell tale white lines), and neck shortened. Face is so full of fluid, I look bizarre. I literally look like I have Down's syndrome, and that is the way people are treating me--excepting, of course, the stalkers Amon Ra uses to harass my every move. I spent most of the day sleeping, finding it impossible to get up and do anything, even though my house is a filthy mess. too sick to care. too sick to read anything. just barely skimming articles. severely autistic with migraine headache. soo, i will go to sleep, but don't know how i will manage to make it to speak with dale tomorrow. i could complain about my body, but I know that these KaBalis have zero regard for body. their desire and objective is to turn me into a non-being ghost-host for evil. i, of course, will not submit, but they can make me suffer terribly. suffering terribly today.

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