Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Very very sick

Very very sick--not only am I not able to function, but can barely move and watch tv, but I look as ill as I feel. Face is severely swollen--both sides. Usually the right side is worst, but the left side is just as bed. woke up with this incredible pain behind left eye, wonder if that is a new implant making me sick.

my eyes look like amon-ra cult devotees--think jarde lochner, or even to a slighter degree barack obama. that is the right eye looks dense, dark, and dead, unanimated, while the left eye is brighter. so it is an amon-ra move.

they have surrounded my house with energy weapons. as i write this post, i am so sick with the ELF attack, i wont be able to be here much longer. not going to be able to do much research, as long as it is here. probably put it on outside wall, or ground outside window.

really fucked up thing they did though was put it on the porch, front door---hope they didnt spray anything through the drafty crack openings--but my inner voice and buzzing in my head tells me that something worng with living room. know when it happend. watching a movie around 2-30 to 3:45, and heard someone come on porch.. it was not mailman because i alrready had picked up the mail. i thought maybe there was a delivery, but after my movie when i could drag myself oup I waliked out, and nothing was there, but i could tell i felt much worse.

It is going to be hard to find a place to sleep out of reach of energy weapons. My God they put in my truck they plaster them on my porch and on yard, i wouldnt be surprised if there is one outsiede my kitchen window, or on the basement stairs. "calling all angels. I am too sick to move. I need help"

now i got to try to find the most protect spit i can lay down to sleep...hurt real baed

Ps--just did a quick test with eyes. cannot open left eye---hurts to have any kind of stimuli koming in at all. right eye vision severely impaired. not only is eye dark but vision is very, very dark. there must be tremendious pressure on optic nerve. I hope to God i dont lose eyesight.

pps ---am certain enrgy weapon placed outside window this afternoon. I did an extended morning read for about 4 hours this morning---at 130-2:00 pm, it was fine--probalby happend same time as the person who walke d onto my front porch,

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