Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Desperate addition to previous post

Desperate addition to previous post--I am not calling "all angels"; I am calling all GOOD angels. I am in terrible pain with shoulders in crippling agony that extends all the way down to hands. shoulders probably cut on last nite. stupid ass fucking goddamned pieces of shit nazis. anyway, earlier i smelled something like electrical burning, and then sulphur in the rooms most impacted by the energy weapon. St. Teresa has identified those smells as demonological (if popular myths about sulfur weren'e enough). she had some holy water she could throw on around her home to get rid of bad angels. i am barely able to move or function physically, much less muste up any spiritual energy. took two vicodin about four ago--it is as if i never took anything at all. i cant endure pain that two vicodin barely faze. will try to take two more--the problem is that arms/shoulder/back cant lay down properly because the mutilations have left my body all fucked up. i keep fantaszing about morphine. i envy heroin addicts right now--do anything to get rid of pain--except surrender to the fucking evil demons that have made my life sheer hell

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