Monday, July 25, 2011

Another slow, sluggish day.

Another slow, sluggish day. I don't know what drugs I am on, but surely I am on some psychotropic that is draining me of all energy and ambition. I dreamed last night that someone messed with my truck so that it would not start. I thought they had removed the started, but I saw in my dream that they had messed with my battery. In any case, the truck wouldn't start. It is fair to say that is what is going on with me--great difficulty getting started, so I am stuck in obsessive mind control loops, and I am feeling instead of thinking through issues. That is not my strongest psychological function. I wonder if the aliens have so messed with my natural electrical and hormonal system, that I struggle to engage with my dominant function--thinking, and instead, go to the inferior function of feeling. Certainly, I continue to shrink in muscle and gain in fat. Body issues are secondary right now. I just want a clear mind so that I can THINK through the radical notions going on in my head. Maybe tomorrow.

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