Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am posting this after a cursory 15 minute

I am posting this after a cursory 15 minute "read of my (Internet) newspaper". Going back to bed. Very sick. In addition to the brain tumor feeling in my head, i am suffering from severe tmj. i have had tmj before, but this is the absolute worst. the mandibular joint in my right jaw is spasmed so bad that i can feel cranial muscles or plates (I would never have thought it), spasmed in the right rear of my skull as well. my mouth wont shut, and i need a mouthpieces, but every day my bite changes and so my mouthpieces wont fit. to make matters worse, I have realized that the fucking pricks caused a filling to dislodge. for some days now i have felt nerve pain in upper right jaw. but i thought it was caused by the dental manipulation of the nite before--gum being exposed, leaving surface nerves sensisitive. wrong. now it is the weekend and i have a toothache. going to cost me another threee hundred dollars to fix the goddamned damage these fuckers do. a couple of posts i said i felt like a whore, getting used and abused for nothing. well it is worse than that. i have to go thousands of dollars in credit card debt just to repair the severe damage caused by these bastards. Even worse they have put an implant in my right jaw, but because the fuckers dont regard or treat me a s a human being, but as a slave,they dont know that I have wires in my jaws, and now with all that fluid pressure being put onthe wires, they are putting pressure on nerves, so i am in severe facial nerve pain.

Keep thinking bout yesterdays dream. the beast men of kannus are f2 enemies. got a look at my new neighbors yesterday. was right. multiples, but they are all heavy duty military/intelligence types--not rudy poos or thump their chest wannabes, but the real mccoy. My guess/ F2 special forces. so my question is, are my astral travellings directed by these f2 heavyweights that now are in cloxe proximiity to me? i dont know. i am too sick to do anything about anything. just going to lay in bed all day, and try to fight off pain, and excessive brain fluid pressure on head and brain stem.

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