Saturday, July 2, 2011

For the first time in days, I could listen to music again,

For the first time in days, I could listen to music again--if only briefly. The lithium apparently is gone, but something else has taken its place. Same old same more ways than one. My F2 psychic daughter and duplex neighbor was no sooner out of the place, than another psychic took her place--without skipping a beat. My guess is that it is the Jesuit/Opus Dei faction this time--just because of the vehicle in the parking lot. I could be wrong. It could be various psychics just being dropped off, and doing shifts. It doesn't matter. There is nothing that any human person, not Jesus Christ himself, that would ever get me aligned or involved with the Catholic Church ever again. The never ending suffering, violation, and abuse that I have experienced at their hands--I really just can't believe their stupidity. Just today, I poured a full fifth of vodka down the drain--they tampered with it at purchase of sale (my fault for buying a bottle so close to their home base--I should know better by now how they think and operate). My left hand is really bothering me as I type this. Both hands have become stiff and arthritic in the last few days (ever since the fucking Jesuit pigs abducted me), and now I have shooting pains (nerve damage) in both hands, but by far, the left is worse. I am going to have to do something about my left hand, or I am going to be crippled in it. The pain is that bad. I can no longer play dulcimer, thanks to the mutilation forced on me by those sons of hell, but maybe, I will pull out a guitar later. It is just that all my fingers have been shortened, and just by looking at them, I can see how plumped full of fluid they are--no wonder I suffer arthritic stiffness.

Anyway, it doesn't matter who is next door to me, reading my mind and emotions (and no doubt trying to hack it). I am surrounded by remote viewers all tuned into me, and have been for years. So, I am used to it. The important thing is not to get hooked into their hack (which is not that easy, when the same bastards effectively isolate me socially--a mind-control trick they probably knew before the Nazis). I wish I could just be drug free, so I could be healthy enough to be productive. I am waiting and hoping to write a lesbian novel, but I have to be relatively drug free in order to do so. That is not happening right now. I can try to push it, but I just want to go to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, last night I dreamed that some feral canine kind of critter, was wounded and played dead, even though it really wasn't. Of course, people who know the Sirian story, knows that there is deep enmity between the canine people of Sirius and the cat people of Sirius. Anyway, in the dream, the wounded canine was deliberately trying to stir up a war between the two factions. There was something about a spy being in the midst and an energy weapon used to flush it out, because the weapon made the spy sick. It was all very original Star Trek in feel and tone--could the wounded canine be Strauss-Kahn (canine)? I don't know how the guy slipped away--maybe F2 is ascendant again. I just wish the American people knew what the guy was really guilty of--and I guarantee you, he wouldn't be walking free of his own recognizance. Anyway, I purposely am trying to keep my mind free of all these matters, so I won't be pursuing it in depth, but I will be paying attention...

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