Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fooled by my own good nature AGAIN

Fooled by my own good nature AGAIN--but I am so full of rage at the contempt, disdain and lies that I just experienced at the hands of another BOY in a male's body psychic, that I honestly think that it will be the last time. At this point, I am completely closed off to all psychics, PERIOD--unless I know them. True, there are some good female psychics. Males are much harder to find, because males tend to fall more into using psychic ability as a powertripping tool to dominate and abuse than women do--but hey there are plenty of worthless female psychics out there, too. The bottom line is, NO MORE, do I expect people to give a damn about me or my best interests. These fucking psychic lowlife pieces of shit have done everything possible to destroy my body, leaving me a fat,wrecked whale of a being, whose mind is fried on the goddamned lithium they force feed me. Well, guess what? I no longer care. I don't care if the psychic is White Nazi, Lemurian White, Black, Native or Asian Lemurian (the worthless, piece of shit juvenile male who has pushed the last button of human dignity that I had was one--what is it about me and Asian men that the sons of bitches think they can abuse me with impunity? I don't know, but I know its over. For good!). It doesn't matter to me what the ethnicity of the psychic is--the overwhelming majority of them, especially among the men, are nothing but mind rapists and perverts, sampling and enjoying the contents of an unsuspecting person's mind, just because it gives them a sense of pleasure and power. That is why I always get such a yucky vibe from these male psychics, and feel like their energy is more similar to child molesters and pedophiles than honest and free human beings, who respect the privacy of another human being. Like child molesters, they don't have the manhood to relate to someone freely and honestly (and vulnerably for that matter). Their insecurity drives them to come in from a position of dominance, so that they prefer to get in and take advantage of unconscious openness, which is the trademark of childhood. Insofar as psychic abilities have any positive social purpose, it is to be of service, to to be used as a weapon of dominance. Certainly that was the case with Doug at NutriShops today, though he had me fooled for a brief period. Why? Because I WAS IN THE TRUSTING "CHILD'S POSE" POSITION. OH, THIS PERSON REALLY WANTS TO HELP ME. HE REALLY CARES....DAMMIT, WHY AM I SO GODDAMNED DENSE. After years of being abused by these psychic, chester the molester pigs, you would think that I would be a little smarter.

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, spend hundreds of dollars trying to fix the dental damage that these nightly abductors are doing. No doubt there will be Sirian agents there, trying again to put in another surveillance or psychotropic implant. Well get this, you lying sacks of Sirian shit. I am never going to serve you in any way whatsoever, and no matter, how fucking bad I feel, today will always serve as a touchstone to remind me of the abuse and damage that you and your kind have perpetrated on me, and the contempt and hatred that you have for me. CHILD'S POSE NO FUCKING MORE!!! TO ANYONE!!! BUT MOST ESPECIALLY, NOT TO THE GODDAMNED PSYCHICS OF EVERY STRIPE AND ILK!!

You see, I am a little bit psychic, too. I just have too much respect for other people's privacy to use it, but oh, when I catch it, I know that I am right on, and you thought you were such hotshit Dog Dung Doug, and that you could lie to me, all the while you despised me, but I caught you in your goddamned homophobia, hatred, and lies with my own psychic ability, and IAM PISSED!!! AND IF I END UP PAYING FOR Y0U TO ABUSE AND SPIT ON ME IN YOUR PSYCHIC MIND, I WILL GET MY PAYBACK. GUARANTEED, YOU PIECE OF SHIT TRASH!!

So how did this all come about? Well, I was very depressed today, as I realized that I am gaining major weight, not only in my boobs, but in my belly. I literally cannot bear to look at myself in the mirror, and realize just how horrible the destruction to my once proud and strong body has been. I know that a big reason I am gaining so much weight is all the excess estrogen. So I went to buy an estrogen blocker--something that I had thought about for a while, though of course, I would always try not to think it. But I will give the piece of shit psychics their due--they are excellent mind readers, and so I wondered if the product would be tampered with when I bought it. I should have known when there was only one bottle of the stuff left. Oh, but Doug was so sincere and honest, seeming to be so truly helpful. NEVER FORGET TITA--PSYCHICS ARE LIARS, AND LIE WITH ABSOLUTE BALD FACED INNOCENCE AND SINCERITY. From now on, anyone who I even "profile" as psychic, I automatically will regard as LIAR, LUCIFERIAN, and ENEMY. Oh, but that was before the incident played out, and I still was "child's pose" trusting Tita. So to my shame, and hopefully for the last time, I believed the satanic, "chester the molester" mind pervert. I bought the bottle--$65.00--and took it out to the truck. Upon opening it, I saw that the seal had come off, and that the inner bottle seal was already open! So I took it back inside and asked for a refund. At fire Dog Dung Doug tried to tell me that the inner seal often popped open when the the outer seal was broken, but at this point, I knew I was dealing with a pathological liar, so I insisted on a refund. Dog Dung Doug started to process the refund, telling me that there would be a $20.00 restocking fee. Then, he had a mental movement that I picked up. You see, at that point, I no longer had any respect for the psychic piece of shit in front of me. He had lied to me repeatedly with sincerity, and there is NOTHING I despise as much as a liar (except of course perverts--this Dog Dung Doug fit both profiles). I knew when he said that he couldn't refund me that he was lying (oh yeah, I got psychic abilities too, DDD--I just have too much respect to infringe on other people's minds). So he made this point about calling for authorization, and then told me that his boss did not authorize the refund. LIE LIE LIE. He pointed to a sign that said "no refunds on pro hormone products", and I, feeling frustrated and angry, decided that yes, once again, I had been lied to by these piece of shit, worthless psychics. Back at my truck, I opened the other bottle--the bottle of natural testosterone that I had bought with no preplanned intention. Guess what? The seal was perfectly intact.

So I went back in the store, planning to vocalize my protestations, when I saw Dog Dung Doug on the phone once again, but between his emotional state and my emotional state, my inner ear could hear clearly what he was saying. He was laughing with a "bud", not a boss on the phone, laughing about how he had lied and gotten over on me. I could sense then, the utter contempt and amusement that my plight evoked in him. I escalated fast, angrily confronting him about what was so funny. He was psychic enough to know that I was furious, and went to hustle me out, but not before I caught his own homophobic hatred at me, calling me a dyke in his mind. WELL GUESS WHAT DOG DUNG DOUG, I HAVE HAD IT WITH ALL OF YOU GODDAMNED GOOK SPOOKS AND I THANK YOU FOR YOUR HATRED AND CONTEMPT, BECAUSE NOW I KNOW THAT I WILL NEVER BE APOLOGETIC OR OPEN TO YOU, OR ANY OF YOUR GODDAMNED PSYCHIC BRETHREN EVER AGAIN!!!!

No one can imagine the pain and humiliation that I go through at the hands of these goddamned Sirians and their psychic lieutentants. Even when I work to save their asses, they leave me strung out to be mutilated, traumatized, and destroyed. I try to save my own life, and along the way, have figured out more than what these informed and connected psychics are clueless about. All I ask for is don't make my life harder than it already is. That was too much for Dog Dung Doug. You see, when I got home, and looked at my receipt, I saw that it wasn't a regular receipt. There was no subtotal or itemization or tax--just a lump sum figure. Then I had it all figured out. Dog Dung Doug was a psychic for the Lemurian F2 in alliance with the Sirians--allied, not only with my neighbors on the corner, but with Salusa and the gook spook doctor who tried to gauge the state of my mind control programming at the library, the one who sent me a recorded child message, and who plans to whammy me on 11/10/11, posing as a "Dr. Nguyen". Fuck that shit, but not before Dog Dung Doug planned to make some money. From his mental movement and lies about the refund, here is what I think. I think the tampered bottle of estrogen blocker was paid for by NSA/black ops budget, and then Dog Dung Doug was told that if he manned the store and dealt with me, he could keep the profit from the bottle of estrogen blocker. That is why I knew that he was not calling up a boss on the original call, and was crowing to his buddy on the second call, "Meet me at Chili's bro. I'm buying".

Well, I am going to try to block the charge via my credit card company. If I cannot, I am going to post negative reviews on every blog and consumer review site possible for this company. I am beyond furious. I am going to write to
BBB and the local paper. I will sandwich board the sidewalk outside their place of business. Oh, and guess what, psychic assholes, I am going to play by your fucking rules. It is bad enough that I suffer so much at the hands of these psychic pigs, but for them to laugh about it, and profit from it, when all I am trying to do is save my life, and restore my body, well, that is too goddamned much and it is over. Over. Over. Over. You fuckers can do what you want in my sleep. I have my own kind of mental conditioning, and for the rest of my life, if ever, I am tempted or coerced to cooperate with you motherfuckers, I will just remember Dog Dung Doug!

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