Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Premature optimism

Premature optimism. Very very sick again--not with the headache pain, but with the brain shutting down. in desperate need for more testosterone. have taken seven tabs and it is barely twopm. I am being blasted with estrogen. forgot. if PIBs think i can handle x amount of virus, they up it to 2X. but body needs much more testorone. also am craving meat. i have been eating meat all day, and still craving it. wild cravings for meat. i think that the viral mechanism is eating up all my amino acids, and I am starving for protein. I am low on b12, but it is more than that. I am thinking that not only do i have weak phospho and sulfolipids, I don't have enough, so that I can't handle 2X of viral download. Phospholipids are formed by fatty acid metabolism and requires amino acids. autistics have problems with this, and i bet i am craving protein because the body needs more phospholipids. there are enzymes you can take, but no use going to doctor. need to go to bed. brain is shutting down andw wants to slepp.

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