Monday, July 11, 2011

think I figured out a huge piece of my reason for suffering

think I figured out a huge piece of my reason for suffering--too sick to go into it right now. nonfunctional. too sick to watch tv, surf web or anything but take drugs and sleep. epect another hell nite. muscles are in severe spasm, esp since they are so unnaturallyh aligned and soldered. my legs wont even touch the floor in a cobra position, they are so fucked up. nothing i can do about it, except state again and agin, dont cre how much i am abduced, cut on, drugged, or abused, i will not cooperate with the nazis who are largely responsible for my suffering. it is in brain. heavy metal poisoning. head so dizzy and heavy, i can hardly stand. literally cannot stand any stimuli--sound or image. it is because i took tampered testosterone. knew it, just wanted to see how bad it was. (0)bad. tomorrow righht more. start with flexiril for muscle , tylenol pm and vodka.

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