Monday, July 4, 2011

A terrible way to celebrate the fourth of July

A terrible way to celebrate the fourth of July--conceding that I am a slave to evil aliens and their human lieutenants, and probably will be for the rest of my life. No life, liberty or pursuit of happiness for me. Hell, I am denied even the most basic sovereignty over my own body (I just love the way the luciferian Salusa and negative Sirians will go on and on about "sovereignty of the human person". Take it from me, and my destroyed body, and years of suffering and hell--THEY ARE ALL BIG FAT LIARS!

All my hopes of successfully resisting abduction by Salusa& company were shattered, as they have abducted me the last two nights and cut on me even further. I no longer am outraged by each additional stripe of the whip that the slavemasters put on me. It is clear to me that my own body does not belong to me, and has not been so for a long time. I tell myself to try to do just a little walking or stair climbing, but I am so sick with the excessive fluid on my brain stem that it is hard to get up and do so. My legs no longer are even responsive in a normal, straight out pattern. They have sawed off and soldered back my legs into the pelvic girdle so poorly that I no longer am able to do even simple moves like cross my legs, Indian style, or walk without outward pronation. I am most worried about my mind however. The brain rushes and electrical jolts just won't stop--even when I am awake. I am hoping, praying to God for a stroke that kills me so I don't have to live in this body anymore. Just make sure that my brain is liquidfied.

I realize that there is no use in maintaining the stance of avoiding occult or alien knowledge. I have been assiduous in doing so, and they still can abduct me. That may be thanks to the duo tag team of highly trained F2 (I think) operatives living next to me. There is no point in trying to find any energy weapons, when they can turn any on me that they want.

Still, as physically sick and emotionally depressed as I am about my slave status, I am determined that I be resistant to any kind of cooperation with my oppressors and abductors. I have to keep trying to find ways to break out of the prison of these implants, because I know that it is all on me to figure out a way to be able to live even a semi-human life again. So I gotta keep trying. Really sick as I write this. Tried to watch a cable news program, and the moving images were coming out of the tv at me, and making me nauseaous--that is psychotropic drugs. God only knows what I am on.

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