Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank you God, for vodka.

Thank you God, for vodka. Its not my favorite alcoholic beverage, but it is strong, cheap, and clear, so that I can safely carry it in a water bottle in my purse. Crazy, but necessary, when cabal agents can enter my house at will and tamper with anything. Anyway, it was about 6 shots of vodka that got m thru this most recent, excessive estrogen-fueled psychosis. Just woke up after a couple of hours of gratefully dreamless and unaware sleep. Have to say (hate to, but have to), that once again, Salusa and his band of demons are abducting me. before i went to sleep, I felt the telltale bump in my anterior right skull/brain area, that told me the nite before, I had been injected with the metal worms. Maybe the injections help foster the psychosis. Surely, they don't help. First time, I have delt with implant psychosis in several days, and believe me, it does not feel good. Very depressing to know that, no matter my best efforts, I cannot stop these abductions.

I don't know from where to draw hope nowadays. Certainly, faith insists that I must hope. Maybe Pleiadians will help me. Salusa is a negative Sirian. He also has managed to fool a lot of good people into thinking that he and his protestations of "Ascension" are for the good. Salusa, thy name is liar, and I pull your covers off your lying ass, even though I am so sick I can barely sit at my computer. I may suffer unto the death, but I make it my mission that no one else believe your lies and claptrap. I know that it still it happens, but all I can do is scream out my witness...FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER AND ALL YOUR GODDAMNED LIES... Not a good day. Going back to bed.

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