Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Strange day today

Strange day today--in some ways i feel better, but in some ways I feel ever more autistic---obsessive compulsive, and locked in my headspace. I don't have my productive, get up and mentally move energy. Instead, I just stay in a daydream reverie as when I was a child. I had some interesting dreams last nite, but was going to wait until tonite to post. Usually, nitetime is my creative time--NO MORE. Whatever drug I am on is administered at nitetime and it gives me instantanous migraines and headaches. The abductions continue, and I wonder if the drugs are responsible for my inability to prevent abduction. I figured out a long time ago, the best way to avoid abduction is to go to bed in a spiritually and emotionally positive mood. but whatever drug i am on, automatically puts me in a negative mood, with drained energy, and thus I lose my natureal defense to abduction. more later. oto sick now.

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