Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am writing early this morning

I am writing early this morning as I don't know how much I am going to be able to accomplish today. I am not out of mind with estrogen-induced psychosis, as I was yesterday afternoon and evening. Instead, I am in the most incredible back pain. When I went to the physical therapist last week, he told me that he could not believe how tight my lower back muscles. Well, the negative Sirians fixed that. They cut out all my lower back muscles, which has left me not only with increased weakness (I find it difficult to lift a gallon jug of water), and sacral muscles that are unaligned and want to go out, but worse of all, I am now in the most severe and spasming, thoracic back pain of my life. Even simple breathing can cause immediate sharp and spasming pain. So I have to move and breathe very slowly and carefully. My guess is that those middle back muscles are trying to compensate for the lost lower back muscles. The shorts I am wearing were once below the knee shorts. Now they are capris!! It is not just loss of length of leg, but also the loss of trunk back muscles. If I were healthy enough to care, I would be depressed beyond belief, but I am too sick with all the viral downloads to do more than note the loss.

This is all the result of negative Sirians cutting on me. I know they are responsible, because they are the ones who have the petite, small frame body silhouette. Yesterday, when I went for a bike ride, I saw one of their psych ops prop. She was not a Sirian, she was a human, but she had been placed there by the Jesuits/religious fascists who monitor my every move here. She had the tiny, petite body, and was walking a huge Black Lab dog. I guess I know what side of the Sirian dog/cat fight, these negative Sirians are on! I recognized her body type not only from the other Sirians I have encountered, but also from the pictures of Salusa & company that are prevalent accompaniments with their channelings.

I suppose the idea is just yet another psych ops attempt to measure my response to such a body frame. Well, guess what, you fucking assholes, you don't need to run psych ops on me to get my response. I will be happy to tell you straight up what I think of such a body! I HATE IT! I was not meant to be a petite woman. Had I gotten my mother's genes, yes probably I would be comfortable with such a body, but I didn't. Like my now-deceased sister, I got the paternal genes of my father, inheriting a strong, muscular, and beefy build. Had I been born female, I would look like my sister did--a big girl with a wide chest, Double D bosom, and broad shoulders. I would also struggle with serious weight issues, as do all my paternal female relatives.

I like the way God created me; that is how I am comfortable with myself, and how I see myself. I hate the way you see me--in a tiny, weak body with no proper energy flow. I hate every single change that you have made to my body against my will, but I am too weak to rail against it. Either God (or His agents for the good--Pleiadians?) will save me, or I will die. The body you have chosen for me will never be an effective and functioning being in this world. I can barely drag myself to do minimal tasks, and now to add to my energy woes, I am in chronic pain.

One last thing--watch Obama, Rahm, and the negative Israeli Sharon faction to try to make a move. Rupert Murdoch, who was a prime and powerful operative for Sharon is squirming, trying everything to escape the justice that is more than long-past due. They will try to make a move for some breathing room. I dreamed Obama wanted to go to Chicago to meet with his American handler--Rahm, to plan for execution of yet another evil move to boost their now waning power...

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