Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I have spent all day nearly delirious

I have spent all day nearly delirious from all the brain implants and nano injections I received last night from negative Sirians. Behind my left ear is a large boil-like bump that I would normally suspect to be a painful pimple, but it appeared for the first time this morning, and it much larger than a pimple. I am wondering if there is some kind of time-delayed discharge that it is putting in my brain. For even though I was able to make a quick grocery run--to return a movie, and buy prepared food, so I wouldn't have to cook--I have been very, very sick all day. My face is grotesquely swollen and my eyes look dead, and have difficulty moving. My right eye is once again the dense, dark lazy orb that tells me there is way too much pressure on my optic nerve. I can barely walk, not only because of cutting damage done to my hip and back last, but also because there is no sensation in my legs at all. I may not be able to walk at all later tonight when the heavy download begins, for the dog people/negative Sirians have really amped up the download. During the day, my brain was "rushing"; I can't imagine the hell that night time will bring. My stomach and esophagus is so congested with acid that it has been difficult to even drink water. I am constantly overheated and thirsty, and so I drink over a gallon of water a day. But even sipping water has become difficult, and after seeing my concentrated urine, I realized that I had not even had a 1/10th of my usual intake. So now, I am forcing myself to sip water, but the stomach is resisting it--doesn't want it all. It reminds me of a couple of times of being near heat stroke--when the body is thirsty, but can't drink water, but only Gatorade or fruit juice. I have fruit juice, but am trying to force down the water, with a little cider vinegar and honey (folk remedy for bad esophagal GERT).

Still, inwardly I feel spiritually and psychologically strong. I have an intuitive sense of where I need to go, but I just can't get enough breathing space to confirm it intellectually. For my intuition moves first, but until my intellect understands it, the will does not consent. The negative Sirians, aka, the angels of lucifer, know that I am about to consent to a reality that condemns their hopes for an extended reign of evil, STRAIGHT TO HELL. So they are pouring on the abductions, abuse and suffering which negatively impact me both physically and emotionally (I am in constant anger from all the headache pain), It is a lost cause, demons. You might kill me, but you will never gain my consent. I might rage inwardly, but I know your games and I know when to "cool it".

I do concede that somehow, at some level, I am cooperating with these tormentors, and I don't know why. If I were healthy, or if I had a partner to help me figure this out, and how to fight back, I would be able to, but I am too sick right now. Obviously, there is something else I have to figure out--I just don't know how much longer I can keep going with this level of suffering and debiliatation.

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