Friday, May 4, 2012

The alien virus in me

The alien virus in me has been amplified to a whole new level with the lung implants. Now, I understand more and more, Mermaid's debilitating symptoms. For the pain in my chest, back, and asthmatic lungs makes any kind of movement painful, and leaves me with a hacking cough, as my lungs try to get enough air into the body to work. I have weak lungs--it runs in the family. I fear that I am going to come down with pneumonia, or need to be on oxygen within in a week, but I take life one day at a time. For example, I am typing this post, even though I have no sensation and practically no strength in my hands. I believe that either the faction 2 Nazis cut my nerves or have done permanent nerve damage. It does no good complaining--these are the same bastards who caused kidney failure in my body AFTER REPEATED WARNINGS, BOTH BY MYSELF, AND FROM INTERDIMENSIONAL BEINGS, THAT MY KIDNEYS WERE STRESSED AND FRAGILE FROM YEARS OF HEAVY METAL POISONING.

The bottom line is, that life means nothing to these people/aliens. Humanity is a resource to be exploited and used, and I am, right now, the best hope for thwarting them. You see, I figured out how to break the Matrix. As you remember I broke it once, they repaired it, and I was being bedeviled by agents entering my "reality" once again, when suddenly I broke it. It was at the Indian center. Now, I am not sure how I did it, though maybe I communicated it to others, since the Indian center is staffed by multiple psychics and interdimensional travelers. Maybe it has to do with frequency codes, in which case, one needs to know how to tap the frequency of the MACHINE. Honestly, I am not sure how I did it, and in my personal opinion, I am not a master of a subject, until I can teach it. Right now, I cannot teach it, except subliminally, and then only in immediate, ad hoc situations.

However, there is a boost of self-confidence that comes from knowing that, at least unconsciously, I have the ability to break free, when I absolutely must. So, why can't I break free now. I am in agony, struggling to breathe, wondering if i should break down and try to get oxygen, but I know that any oxygen I get will be contaminated with more faction 2 virus, so I am going to try to push through this, and just rest by laying down if I have to. Thank God, warm weather is here, because the virus has left me ice cold inside and out. Still, I remain resolved to do the right thing, and I believe that if I have the mental power to break the Matrix, I have the mental power to rise above this physical torment and suffering. I will go even further--I have the ability to change my body, so that it is a comfortable one, physically and psychologically, for me to inhabit, once again.

So, this morning, even though I was deeply plugged into the MACHINE, I forced myself to get up, and start writing. There is a lot I know, but I don't write until I feel compelled. Nothing compels like imminent bodily failure, and I am too weak now, to do much of anything at all, so sitting here and typing is about all I can do.

I think this virus is multi-purpose. It can kill if needs be, and maybe that is why Faction 2 amplified the virus in me, over the past two days. They finally may have admitted to themselves that I will never serve them or their agenda, so they "poison the well", since by giving me the virus, any significant DNA activation is going to send the virus into immediate, "killer mode". Even if I broke the interdimensional barrier, and were immediately administered the bird flu anti-dote which so many aliens and hybrids have to take, I think that I would end up like Mermaid, who is in really bad shape. Actually, Mermaid's real name (at least in the 3D realm) is Loretta, and I am going to use that name from now on, because I am praying for her, and when I pray for someone, I use their real name.

Apparently, she got the initial dose of the virus in Iraq (she says she "caught" it from a son who came back with it, after military service there). Now, as I have mentioned in previous posts, Faction 2 is deeply allied with renegade factions (cliques which are self-serving, interested in greed and power, rather than the welfare o

f their people), in the Middle East, and has been for years. Negative elements of Faction 2 was directly behind the creation and sustainment of "al-Qaida", and more than anything else, these people/hybrids/aliens, want to start a war in the Middle East, and they almost pulled it off earlier this week. You see, Manchurian Barry was disciplined by the Patriot Leadership of the US, and should have been held in custody, but instead Faction 2 spirited him off to Afghanistan to sign a treaty (not withdrawing troops until 2024!). You see, the negative elements of the Faction 2, and most specifically, those allied with the negative cat Sirian conspiracy/rebellion, have no discernment for leadership. None whatsoever. They want a puppet, because really, they are being run by puppetmasters from beyond our dimension--namely the reptiles. Most of them are mind-controlled, and are looking for the Pied Piper which will lead them to their unconscious Masters, the ones they consciously hate, the reptiles.

Anyway, the plan was for Manchurian Barry to meet an untimely "death" on his return home, while over "hostile" territory. This of course, would have been a staged false operation, but under cover of his "death, this pathological megalomaniac would have taken control of the negative cat Sirians and the portion of the Black psychic community foolish enough to side with him. Now, at the same time, I believe a terrorist WMD was to destroy the Vatican and huge parts of Rome. Of course that would be another rogue Faction 2 false flag attack, but an "investigation" would reveal terrorists from another country (almost certainly Iran) as behind the murder of a "president" and a dastardly attack on a major city. WWIII, anyone? Of course, that didn't work out, and I contributed in some small measure to that. (By the way, the Patriots need to get rid of that General John Allen as soon as possible--he is occult flipped at best, and an occult conspirator at worst--what is happening in Afghanistan that so many of our soldiers, from privates to non-coms to generals are going nuts? Are they being contaminated by a nano-virus through their food or water, which then is activated by flyovers of UFO Tall Whites, the REAL enemy in that region? Considering that at least one major supply unit is based from Fort Hood, I would think that the most likely possibility).

However, the deflation of Faction 2's plans did not signal a return to Patriot leadership of this country. Instead, the Italian vampires moved back in, helped by "good ole boy" Templar/Freemason, John Glenn, who apparently had helped to stash a wicked supply of the deadly Moon spider creatures, here on Earth. Now, I have to admit that I am getting double messages from the Web, which makes it hard to tell if Glenn or Neil Armstrong was the culprit. However, I can say that I would not trust any astronaut, from that era AT ALL. However, by looking at the pictures, I would say that John Glenn is much more sold out to evil than Armstrong.

In any case, these Moon spiders are back to blackmail the Patriots, and the occult faction standing behind them is, you guessed it, the Italian vampire faction, Faction 1, who no doubt have maintained an alliance with reptiles on the Moon for centuries. They use the Amon-RA virus to control and abduct humans, and that is what they did to me, last night. As a matter of fact, I know that the most recent mutilations of last night, took place on the Moon, home of the reptiles and the patrons of Faction 1, the Italian vampires. Manchurian Barry has flipped again---anybody, just keep me in the spotlight, feeding my 10 year ego. I see George Clooney is visiting the White House (talk about sold out to the vampire clique--hell, he even partied with Silvio Berlusconi, who has to be the biggest Italian scum of the Earth since Mussolini). That is a sign, just like when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited--HEY EVERYBODY, Manchurian Barry has a new Papi puppeteer, the Italian vampires.

Not only are they holding this country hostage, but it is them making my life a constant agony of pain. They are sadists--they like inflicting pain. They are the ones responsible for the degeneration of Christianity into a masochistic, self-hating, self-limiting, penance-filled clique, and you need look no further than their most successful late 20th century, ancillary order--Opus Dei.

So, how do I respond to all this? I don't think that I can interdimensionally travel in my current condition. As I write this, my hands are permanently curled. It is discomforting, and even mildly painful hold them out in the normal, extended position. I suffer from severe nerve pain in my left thigh. The Grey virus is already impacting my peripheral nerves, and I fear that the pain could easily become crippling if my latent DNA were to be activated. In my 3D body, I have a very high tolerance to pain, but I know it could get a lot worse. The sons of bitches killed my daughter with their goddamned virus--I don't want it to happen to me. I also fear that in my current spiritual state, any attempt to turbo-charge my brain would leave me vulnerable to "flipping". I think all would agree that it would be disastrous for me "to flip" to the other side. It is better that I suffer in the 3D realm.

I am not sure why I am flipping in the unconscious realm. Yes, all my unintegrated memories of a very eventful past life history is a big part of why I am so easy to flip, but I am here to tell you, that I think that the MACHINE and reptilian/Grey technology can flip pretty much anybody that they want to. A genuine spiritual life helps, as well as a strong will and sense of discernment, but remember, our brains are just computers, written in code, and all code can be cracked if the programmers set their mind to it. Now, I know that there is a simple key that would protect us from this, just as I know (and have proved) that there is a simple key to thwarting the MATRIX. I would love to be in a safe place, so that I can figure out that key, without all the distraction of pain, suffering, autistic mind, and viral downloads. No humanoid sentient being will ever be completely safe until that key is found.

So, is it possible to find safe haven without interdimensional travel? I don't know. I can tell you one thing--I am not a religious masochist. I have always deplored that tendency in Christianity, of loving and admiring suffering, as a path to holiness. I always have been of the opinion, that if you live life fully, you will suffer, so instead of seeking suffering, seek to live life fully, and then pray for the grace to deal with the consequent suffering. However, is there any kind of unconscious penitential desire still tugging at me, from karma and past life? I have gone as far back as Nimrod, but Osiris and the fall of Atlantis is still largely a mystery to me. However, I wouldn't be surprised if I were a cat Sirian, who conspired against my own land, in hopes of setting up a new "empire" in Egypt. I am reading a great book, "Serpent in the Sky" which presents the thesis that Egypt not only was fully developed as a legacy civilization from the beginning, but seemed to have been pre-planned from its initial appearance, and the first major monument, predating the pyramids by centuries, was THE SPHINX, a lioness, with a human head (cat Sirians).

I know that a lot of cat Sirians are angry with me right now, because I shattered their illusions of dominance on the new planet, but I wish there was something I could write or say, that would let everyone know, that all I long for ,is reconciliation between the tribes and races of Sirians and humans. I keep saying it and I mean it--I carry the entire spectrum of humanoid genetic heritage in my DNA, and I do not think one is better or more valuable than another. The reptiles and Greys do--they like the cat Sirians and Aryans, but all humans should look at the various gifts of the humanoid races as blessings to be bestowed and shared, not resources and assets to be exploited, traded or dominated. Yet, it does not matter, if one belongs to a minority or dominant tribe--too many seem to be insistent on starting the new era with the same old imperialist mind set, and that won't be a new era at all--just a continuation of the old one, and hasn't the past 10,000 years or so, really sucked for the humanoid race?

I, for one, am ready for something new, and I will hold out for it as long as I can, but how much longer can I go, without tempting "The Lord thy God"? (Dt. 6:16; Lk 4:14). It is clear to me that these evil factions will kill me, without hesitation, the instant that they are certain they can no longer control me--and right now, they can control me to some extent--they are abducting me at will. How much permanent damage will I suffer--I only have one kidney, and apparently the alien world cannot transplant kidneys. Is the nerve damage I am suffering from capable of being reversed? I try not to focus on those things, but continue to hope that I am going to get the new, transformed, upgraded, Black male body for which I still long, with all my being.

However, timing is everything, and while consciously, I WANT to be in a safe place, free from this pain, and constant harassment and abduction, I think my Higher Self keeps interjecting in a negative manner. I hope that my Black brothers and sisters, who apparently pulled together, in an attempt to offer me sanctuary, are not put off by my refusal to accept. It will happen; it is just not time, and I wish that were not the case, but it is, and if I were to weaken on this, I believe that less than optimal results would follow, and there is just too much at stake. Maybe I am wrong, and maybe I am hung up on some neurotic guilt trip, but that is just the way I feel RIGHT NOW.

It would be nice if I were to continue to be supported by Patriots, in my every day activities, as I have felt in the last couple of days. I am constantly stalked and harassed by evil, and it is strengthening to have a human support person there, if only for moral support. At the risk of sounding racist, I would prefer to be supported by Black psychics. They are just easier to vet, since so many White, Hispanic, and Native psychics are allied with the negative factions. Of course, the agents can impersonate a Black body, so don't be angry if I give you a once-over, but at this point, I recognize an agent relatively easily. However, every second of my life, I am vigilant, checking out what is around me, what is hostile, friendly, or neutral--I just have been duped too many times, so please don't be intimidated by my paranoia. Or for that matter, my autism, which can be very alienating and impersonal, when the viral downloads are heavy. I hope that the Patriots keep a setting at the table "available" for me, because when you least expect it, I will signal the go ahead. I am not stupid. I came to do a mission, and I won't jeopardize it, and when my Higher Self tells me it is time to skedaddle, it will be NOW.

In the meantime, I will continue to do the same work that I have been doing, both personally and research-wise, and pray that the time of my confinement is ended soon.

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