Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rest in peace, my little daughter.

Rest in peace, my little daughter. Your dad is still fighting the good fight, even though the attacks against me are increasing in intensity. Where to start? On Monday, one of my youngest daughters, still an infant (my children are experiencing the accelerated growth of interdimensional children) died. She had some kind of rare genetic disease. Now, it took me a while to figure out what was going on with her death, at least in the conscious, 3D world, though I am sure that I knew what was going on in the interdimensional realm--and PF reassures me that I spend time with my children, there. Then, it took me a while to really "feel" it, and cry over it, consciously, and then it took me a while to realize that she had been murdered by the same Faction 2 allies of the Greys who are mutilating and slowly killing me.

She died on Monday. In retrospect, the first clue that she was murdered was that dream I had on Sunday night, where I wanted to sit with PF, and enjoy her company like a normal lover, but could not. In that dream, I had saw translucent turd patties popping up around us, and a dead bird keeled over. As I said the turd patties were symbols of evil Greys, with their jelly like body, of which I am in danger of evolving into myself. The dead bird, I supposed had something to do with species genocide of the bird like mini-dragon, which I believe to be associated with the karmic downfall of Atlantis, but now I think it was a symbolic harbinger of my daughter's death. Not only would she have had heavy "bird" genes, like her mother, and now, even me, but her name, as I "know" it was reminiscent of a "bird".

So, why did she die? Well, she had some kind of rare, genetic nerve disorder--she was born with it. Now, at first, I thought that her disease was providence--after all, PF and I are blessed with an abundance of children, and all have been healthy and beautiful, although I know that two of my sons have been born autistic--one of them seriously so, though having been born autistic myself, I have high hopes for a healthy and full life. So, at first, I just thought that my daughter's condition was a natural one. However, I no longer believe it--not only did the dream suggest an evil was killing the "bird", but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed that it was unlikely that a child conceived by the purest of spiritual love between two healthy people, would be born with a genetic disorder. Lovemaking and procreation in that sense does not seem so much to be a genetic rolling of the dice, as is physical procreation, and my children are born fully alert and joyfully alive--none of the somnolent passivity of 3D infants. If you believe, and I now do, that we choose our birth family, then my children are highly developed souls, born naturally into an interdimensional world (though sadly, still under the dominion of evil principalities and powers). Many of the life lessons of a younger soul, which include suffering with physical disability, have already been learned by those souls evolved enough to be born into the interdimensional realm. So, while not impossible, I think it unlikely that an interdimensional child be conceived, in a spiritual act of lovemaking, with such a genetic disorder.

I do think it is likely that her genes could have mutated in the womb, for remember, advanced viruses are able to rewrite genetic code, and that is what the alien agenda is all about. Even though my daughter would have spent a short period of time in the womb, I think both PF and myself, are under constant bombardment of attack by evil. PF seems the most resilient--her turbocharged being seems to accept most of the viral attacks that totally debilitate me, and unlike Mermaid, who is constantly being flipped in her illness, she seems to be able to resist that, as well. Maybe that is because she spent so much of her life surrounded by evil, that like me, she can discern between good and evil better than most, and thus is able to fight off unconscious invasion by evil--though like me, she still remains a suffering subject to it. However, we are neighbored and surrounded on all sides by very negative entities, who think nothing of electromagnetically bombarding us with psychotronic weapons, or hi-tech, "magic" (the most simple and evocative term).

PF does not eat or drink much, but she does require specialized food and medication. She goes through fits of compulsive smoking (natural tobacco is NOT unhealthy for one). Somewhere, those items could have been adulterated, especially since I think evil elements of Faction 2, the ones in alliance with the Greys, are responsible ultimately for my daughter's illness and death. You see, the Greys suffer from and incurable NERVE degeneration of their bodies, and I think that so much of their experimentation of us here on this planet is an attempt by a spiritually inferior race to heal themselves. I think the explosion of nerve disorders and neuropathies, are all geared to understanding their own condition. It is ethically wrong to treat a sentient being, in such a manner, but this is the way the Greys operate, and from my perspective, it is this spiritual bankruptcy, which is the true indicator of the terminal sickness afflicting their race. I am an optimist, and believe in the power of healing, but the greatest impetus of healing is love. Beings who USE others as lab animals are not in touch with the interconnected healing power of love, but only the most self-centered and narrow band of selfish love, AND THAT MINUSCULE MICRON OF LOVE CANNOT HEAL, NOR CREATE.

So, ultimately the Greys have themselves to blame for their affliction. If my hypothesis is right, and they are somehow affiliated with the ancient cat Sirians, and these ancient cat Sirians played a seminal role in the downfall of Atlantis, then their slavery to the reptiles is karmic. However, instead of fighting back for their dignity and freedom, on a spiritual level, they have degenerated into an incredibly selfish, and even evil species. The Greys became like their oppressors, the reptiles--users, parasites, beings unable to live on their own, and now it is clear that they have made an alliance with elements of Faction 2, especially the clique that has made my life miserable. So, do I think that they were responsible for making sure that PF, while pregnant, was exposed to a viral toxin, that created a genetic disorder that, happenstance, is the primary affliction of the Greys?

Yes, I do. Because that is the way that this CIA driven faction operates. Did you know that Mermaid has been crucial to Faction 2's financial reset agenda for over two decades now, and how did they treat her? By not only making her devastatingly ill, but also keeping her poor and dependent (Faction 2 has major money behind it). Still, that wasn't enough, and I KNOW that so many of her recent trips to the hospital and "mind/spirit flips are generated by psychotronic weapons employed by the same faction which owes her so much. However, that is the way evil operates--it always looks for someone to use, to devour, to be a scapegoat, and Mermaid, while necessary for their plans, is now just a living experiment to be monitored for their overlords.

The same is true of me. Last night, I dreamed that I was in a Faction 2 hospital. I know this because I was told to take an "aspirin", but when I looked at the tablet, it actually said, "Esterhazy", which is an old Hungarian, Faction 2 name, as well as being the family name of a prominent CIA operative, who is supposedly dead, but I don't believe so. Now, why would I cooperate with this Faction 2 hospital? BECAUSE IT WAS MY 'MOTHER' OFFERING ME THE PILL!! Now, whether or not, it was my real mother, there is no doubt that I have seen her in the astral realm before, and her husband was career CIA/State Department. So maybe it was her; maybe it was a duped image, but in any case, she still has power over me, which is why I stay away from her, though unfortunately, not last night. Faction 2 also injected me with something in my leg. I got out of the hospital by climbing down a set of stairs in a wheelchair. Somebody came to my rescue, probably PF, and drove me out, while interdimensional cops kept giving us a hard time (they always assume for the power player, and I am a powerLESS player).

Now the other thing that happened in that hospital was that they did something to my lungs. Maybe they put implants in them to ensure that the virus gets sent to every cell of my body with every breath I take. However, I now know what Mermaid is always complaining about--pain in her chest. I am very in touch with my body, and I identify it as two separate pains--one in each lobe of the lungs, very deep within them. There also may be a third source of pain, very near the heart, but I may be having heart pains again. Anyway, today, I noticed that I was having trouble breathing. All my life, I have been a deep breather, and am a natural "belly breather", which all babies are born to, but lose as adults, due to stress and tension. In yoga class, a lot of people try to relearn how to belly breathe, but I never lost it--until today. Now, I am having trouble belly breathing, or for that matter, doing any deep breathing at all, which causes a lot of pain in my lungs, which I am suffering from right now, even as I write this. Of course, the Nazis/reptiles have continued to mutilate me, and this may be related. They have cut out huge amounts of muscle in my chest, and now my lungs are literally constricted and pained with asthma, since I no longer have the muscles and chest cavity to support my lungs.

I am not even going to worry about it anymore. The Nazis have lost, and they know it. I can see it in the sullen eyes of all their female, white supremacist dog handlers who always used to smile so insincerely at me. Now, they cannot even muster that--and they just give me dirty and sullen looks. I don't understand why they would ever believe their stupidass delusions, which are based on nothing but torture and mind control, yet that is the basis of their formation, so I guess they think if it worked for them, it would surely work for me. WRONG!! Every human being has free choice, and I have insisted on exercising mine at every step of the way. If they sold out their own free will out for a "mess of pottage", that is their problem.

My problem is surviving this evil which tentacles me at every turn. As I write this, my lungs are becoming severely asthmatic. I literally cannot get enough air into my lungs, with this tiny chest. Then I think of my daughter, who is now dead, who never even had a chance to live, and I know I have to continue the fight--or my other children are going to meet the same end she did--experimental lab rats for the Greys or some other faction, unable to create life or heal or their own, but who can and will destroy life, just to find some scrap of energy on which to subsist just a little longer.

My lungs are really bothering me--the Nazis and reptiles have cut on them already for the night, so I am going back to bed and try to sleep with this pain.

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