Wednesday, May 9, 2012

people think im bipolar

people think im bipolar because my moods swing so strongly, but they are real emotions connection to real thoughts and events, and that is why they bear real fruit.

i think the world is bipolar--the patriots seem to careen from victory to defeat within hours. long slog of old wars gone. anyway, a few hrs ago i woke up from nap wonderin if i were finally free of the hateful faction 2/occult matrix, but by time i got home from bike ride, i was on drug so powerful that it has me psychotic. literally. the faces on web pages are leering back at me in anger and malice. im practivaally catatonic, not to metnion angry (lithium is the only drug that makes me really angry, except im too low energy to act on it). well apart from crystal meth, which is what the amon ra virus is really like more than anything.

im going to have to sleep with music because i m in psychotic state of mind, cannot have empty mind when i m in psychotic stateof mind. singing helps keep me in reality. interesting what happens tomorow.

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