Monday, May 21, 2012

My gift to the poor people of the world:

My gift to the poor people of the world:

This is an alchemical text written by "Anonymous" in which I think the reader will find a low tech, "magical" way to create gold, much in the same way that the KaBalists have done for millennia. I know that a lot of readers with self-centered, greedy intentions will stay up all night, reading it, to try to get a jump, but my hope is that enough good people will apply themselves and learn the secret, too, so that finally, the good people of the world, will neutralize the dominating evil of the KaBal.

To be honest, I have barely started to read this monograph, but my intuition is super strong regarding its veracity, and so I share it, in an attempt to undo the damage done in Chicago. Posting this link is probably going to end up hurting me, as I have been sitting on some gold jewelry (probably worth several hundred dollars), which I have been waiting for top price before selling. Now, I suspect, the price of gold will never go up, again. However, I don't use my knowledge, to become rich, though it would be nice to live a comfortable lifestyle, which presently I do not. It would taint my gift if I used it for the purpose of wealth accumulation for myself, rather than enable wealth creation for others, and so I think it is time to share that link. Happy reading, y'all!

Oh, and by the way, in the few pages that I have read, I have confirmed that Francis Bacon wrote the Shakespearian oeuvre--occult knowledge all the way--he even knew of one of my less pleasant incarnations, "Othello". Also, I do believe that Moses "stole" (you go, Moses), a philosopher's stone from the corrupted Pharahohs of Egypt, and not only do I think it provided limitless energy through fire, but I also now believe that was the source of all the gold interior listed as furnishings of the Temple. I often wondered how such a small, nomadic, relatively poor nation like ancient Israel, could have their Temple dripping with such gold. For a long time, I thought the claims were metaphoric, instead of literal. Once again, I think I was wrong. I think the secret technology came from Egypt, but that the Israelites lost the knowledge of how to use it--until King Hiram, who almost certainly was in touch with aliens himself, made a deal with King Solomon, and the two mutually benefited, AND ultimately cursed their bloodlines and people. This knowledge became lost after the Babylonian exile, except for the Jewish Qabalists, who hid it, out of fear and respect for its potential for abuse. However the Templars, found it and thus began the re-emergence of Faction 2, and for those with whom they chose to share it--such as certain Southeast Asia royal families and Mormons. This technology is always meant to be used in an altruistic, generous spirit, not one of domination and greed, and yet, like Tolkien's "ring of power" it always seems to inevitably corrupt the holder. Hopefully, with the new galactic vibrations, coming in, as of yesterday, this dark propensity will begin to turn around in human hearts.

Anyway, as for me, I need to take a little break. My house has been empty of groceries for days now, while I kept hoping for the power climate to change for the positive, so that I can buy uncontaminated food. Clearly, that is not going to happen any time soon, so I have to move. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to even walk. I could not walk a few hundred yards to watch the solar eclipse last night, and currently, my legs are so dead, and my pelvis and hips so inflamed with excess fluid that I cannot lift my legs at all, but have to drag my feet. I know that this is the result of the psychotropic drugs force fed me by the Vatican/Vampire clique. I have been here before. CHECK YOUR RECORDS, YOU BLIND, DOGMATIC IDIOTS! The drug you are giving me nearly paralyzed me before, and as then, I had to move around on wheeled assistance--my castor-wheeled desk chair at home. I am not even able to have a bowel movement, because my energy meridians along my back are all messed up. You are trying to push fluid through my legs, but let me tell you a secret. Everytime that you have cut on my pelvis, hips and lower back, you have created greater meridian imbalance along my legs, so that practically NO energy moves along the inside of my legs, while the outside are all fluid and buffed out. I can't even flap my feet back and forth, because the pelvis and sacrum are so unnaturally aligned and tightened that my legs no longer will pronate inward at all. That is what happens, when hateful butchers, start chopping on a body, with no respect for the person, and in defiance of all consent. The only thing the KaBal is capable of generating is suffering and destruction, and they think that by getting in my head, or attempting to steal my free will, that they are going to figure out how to create life!! Hah! Restore your soul, for right now, you perverted haters are death personified, for the only real death is soul death, and YOU ARE SOUL DEAD!!

As for me, I just am in a lot of pain, because all the excess fluid in my back is creating jams and blocks and nerve pain, so I have to go try to get my Vicodin refilled, get groceries, get out of the house, try to walk, even from car to store. Hopefully, this hell ends soon.

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