Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Revelations keep rolling

Revelations keep rolling, as nothing helps one see as clearly as the same old pain and abuse. I just got up from about 20 minutes of laying on my living room floor sleeping spot, with my body, and especially, my arms electrified. As I have been writing for the past few days, my hands are suffering from constant nerve pain--shooting fiery darts of nerve pain. Whoever put the electric grid on my floor is deliberately trying to recreate that pain, not only for mind control sake, but also for the Grey agenda.

Now, there is no way that I could sleep on that floor for over an hour--the pain would be unbearable, but even after 20 minutes, the pain in my arms and hand, is excruciating. However, in a way, it is okay, because I know now things are worse than I thought before. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS CHANGED. It is not a dual alliance of evil that the Patriots face, but a triumvirate of evil--Amon RA, the conservative white supremacists, and why, good ole' traditional Faction 2. Everything makes sense now--why I am reading posts about POS Manchurian Barry being a "reverse Trojan", the lies about the emerging underwear bomber being a "CIA double agent". There was nothing double about him--he was on CIA's/Faction 2 payroll, the fact that the Saudi intelligence was involved, tells me that once again, someone is trying to hijack the financial reset from the world's population to the hands of a few. Oh, and along the way, they (Faction 2/CIA) nearly nuked Chicago, but never fear, they still have their bomb maker with the Amon RA eye. By the way the technology they are using--Grey technology.

I guess the most amazing thing to me is that these bastards actually think I am going to cooperate with them on anything. I was reading another ridiculous disinfo piece by "Cobra" who I spoke of a while back, and he talks of "the one" disarming an etheric net that surrounds the galactic MATRIX, so that all the "dark entities" can disappear and "angels" and guides of love, spirit and light, can come through, as prophesied. I wondered what angels of light and love would think about my electrocuted, and nerve-fried arms.

No people, get it straight. This most recent attempt to derail an honest financial reset is STRAIGHT FROM HELL, and all those conservatives who cannot bear to part with their money, who are supporting this Faction 2's latest hijack attempt, not only are destroying the planet's chance for a freeing financial jubilee, but also are setting the planet up for 10,000 years of rule by the darkest of entities and the Faction 2 MATRIX as administrator.

They can electrocute me all they want. They can have their boy posse give me more post hypnotic suggestions so that they can rape and sodomize me at will. They can give Hobie another changeling net, and instead of hoping to deceive me into thinking he's "PF", he can try to fool me that he is the Archangel Michael. It doesn't matter. I will not cooperate in such a luciferian deception that will send this planet on a 10,000 year trajectory of hell.

Now, I have to go figure out how to find a spot where I can rest and try to sleep with all the nerve pain in my arms. I do not know how I am going to bear this hell, but I will, because I must.

PS--Does this latest turn of events have anything to do with that new species of spiders found in Alabama? OF course there is a major NASA center in Huntsville--are there more Moon spiders in the mix, blackmailing the population. Or maybe, it was India that threw a wrench into the works. You know, I could tell that India has never been a big supporter of the financial reset, though I am not sure why. There are a lot of powerful psychics in India (Aryan population), but not all of them are positive, or what I would call "patriots". I happen to know that the Watchers were vicious invaders of the native, "Negro Black" population in India back in prehistory. Is this fear coming into play, since Mermaid/Watcher is a remnant of that hated, old enemy?

In any case, even though Chicago was spared, this has been a dark day for the Patriots, and myself. I fear the night will be even worse, now that the triumvirate is renewed in evil power, with the Manchurian Barry, cast once again as their symbolic titular head.

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