Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another one of my children has been murdered

Another one of my children has been murdered--this time, my beautiful newborn son with his thick, black hair so reminiscent of his mother. It is a bitter loss, not only because I can remember seeing him so clearly after he exited the womb, but also because PF went through so much to save his life and carry him to term. Yes, it was only a one day pregnancy, but that was long enough for the Kabal to attempt to not only murder the baby, but also her. Specifically, I think the culprit was Gene Valentine, who associates now with the Faction 2/Faction 3 contingent headed by Maurice Strong. From what I can gather from the web, Valentine literally set her on fire, shot her, and left her for dead. Fortunately, PF has incredible fortitude and resilience and saved her own life and that of the baby, by rolling around on the ground and seeking advanced medical help.

Valentine and Maurice Strong finally did succeed in their mission to destroy the life that they found so threatening to their own plans for world slavery and domination--they killed our child with an energy weapon, frying his maturing brain, and leaving us bereft. We may be beset with grief, but we are not dumbly powerless or lacking in understanding, as to how someone could be so evil as to kill a newborn child. We both know the full extent of the depravity of the evil that we are up against, and we both are committed to the fight. It is a fight not just for our children, but for the planet, but the loss of a loved one, an innocent child, is never easy to accept.

Still, the fight goes on, and I continue to be harassed by hybrids and aliens, who attempt to enter into my home and body as formless consciousness. A couple of nights ago, I was invaded by a powerful evil spirit, which is no more. Furthermore, I think that I have taught PF how to cast out evil spirits from myself and others as well. It is a gift I wish to teach many, but a person has to be spiritually powerful to cast out evil spirits, and that is important, because she is the one who has my back, and I need such a partner.

Nearly every time I go to meditate, the harassment begins. This is a problem, because the way parasitical invasion occurs, is that they look for an opening when one is completely open and receptive to reality, and then they bum rush the central nervous system and spirit of the trusting victim. This makes it difficult to work on ascension, because if I ascend with evil spirits attached to me, my journey could be hijacked, and I could end up in a realm where evil reigns, AND THAT IS PRECISELY THE FREQUENCY RANGE THAT I AM TRYING TO ESCAPE RIGHT NOW. However, now I am in a 3D realm, controlled by evil and MATRIX; there are interdimensional realms ruled by evil as well, and that is what all these negative occult types consider their second home.

Unfortunately, for me, I am surrounded on all sides by negative occult types. The Faction 3 wing of the Faction 2, has a brand new center two doors down, and one of their posse, Hobie, is a next door neighbor. Then, one door down, is "Charles and his mother"--who, I think are shells for "flavor of the moment", negative aliens. I do believe that Charles was the formless consciousness harassing me this morning--I am starting to be able to pick up impressions. I have got Amon-RA devotees on all four sides of my house. So maybe you can have a little understanding of how besieged I really feel. However, I do not fear. I trust in God, and I know that all their attempts can only annoy and harass, but never prevent me from reaching my goal--interdimensional ascension.

However, they are so insane with MACHINE-RA mindburn and/or perverted evil spirits, that they cannot see how delusional their ideas and plans really are. Thus, they think that by murdering my son, that they will have a chance of acquiring me into their clique. I cannot imagine the level of insanity that could actually accompany such thinking, but that is what is happening. As for me, I am learning not to waste time and energy on those sick bastards. As long as I am here, I will do the research necessary to keep this evil pathologicals from gaining any kind of traction over the world--and given their far flung tentacles, deep pockets and international contacts, that is a full time job in and of itself.

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