Friday, May 18, 2012

So how do I obtain all this information?

So how do I obtain all this information that leads me to being an authentic, if fallible, voice for the Patriots and humanity. Well, first of all, I am getting a lot of help. I know I complain a lot, because so much of the help is on the psychic level, and it so it doesn't feel like I am getting help, but I am. I am getting help from all the Patriots who, month after month, suffer the indignity of penury, which is the lot of those who would steadfastly pursue the truth, and thus struggle to keep their server and telephone bills paid and their web sites afloat. I get a lot of help from the psychic community, aliens, hybrids, and humans, who often, like so many of us, are struggling against a corrupt history and leadership, in order to move into a better future. I especially get help from PF, with whom I am the most telepathically linked. She actually knows a lot more than I do, a lot sooner than I do, but is prevented from sharing information by interdimensional protocol. All the psychics tuned into my brain know that she never "tells" me anything, but still the high level of emotional bonding between us, means that I can pick up on subtleties, which then leads me to research, which leads to revelation.

That is the positive backdrop which fosters my cognitive gifts. However, there is a negative dimension, as well, and that is the legacy of the reptilian interference in my life. Part of my prescience is the result of having interfaced with the crystal skull as a child; however that occurred in the context of terrible ritualistic, satanic abuse, which has left my psyche scarred and my brain neurally impaired with autism Thus, while I was set up to be a cognitive "seer", these same qualities and experiences correlate to greater obstacles in the social arena. Now I figured this out about myself, while still a teenager, and worked really hard to overcome my natural weaknesses, but I never knew that at certain junctures in my life, I was going to be violently abused in such a way to undermine all my conscious efforts.

So for instance, as an autistic, I suffer from higher than average anxiety, and as a young woman, I developed a high energy hyperactive extroversion to help me fight off that anxiety. but it was a losing proposition, because no matter how hard I tried to fight it, the KaBal was stirring it up again, while I slept. Being raped and tortured in the interdimensional realm is guaranteed to cause anxiety in the conscious life-it is amazing to me that I kept my sanity.

Over the years, my suffering has increased, and the only reason I have not succumbed to despair, is because my knowledge and understanding has increased. If I can understand the reason for my suffering, I can deal with it. So today, for example--I am having to work on a computer with a corrupted keyboard--big pain. Everything I eat makes me sick and leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. I cannot buy a bag of groceries without the food being contaminated. If I get it home okay, then someone comes in my house and adulterates the food in my own kitchen. I have struggled with low energy all day, because once again, my testosterone supplements (and thyroid meds) have been pulled. This makes me severely autistic, when the viral download begins, and so I could not even make it through a bike ride today.

However, the worst part is the physical brain changes and drugs. You see, my little interdimensional trip to Dulce may have allowed me to garner valuable information, but the cost was torture and rape. I have been raped so many times by now, that this is barely worth mentioning. However, they were able to do something in my brain, which lowers my mental "vibration", making me irritable (low testosterone and drugs do that too), and downright angry. They literally are messing with the brain hardware. They also gave me an injection in my left arm, which is itching like crazy.

Now, I never really judge people based on their anger. Instead, I judge them on their "fruits"--what do they produce and create in their lives...I think that there is too much REPRESSED anger in our culture, and a little high volume emoting can actually be healing. After all, satanists, especially high level ones, are often the most superficially charming, gregarious, seemingly reasonable people you will ever meet. However, I have to be really, really careful, because they can send that evil spirit, which I picked up in Crestone, CO, into me at will, and THEN my anger can truly become damaging and destructive. As a matter of fact, that is what they are counting on, and it has worked in the past, most recently when I cursed out the eye doctor. If the evil spirit was in me always, I think I would be okay, because I would learn to deal with it, but most of the time it prefers to dwell in Watcher/Loretta, and only when it thinks it needs to really ruin my day, will it enter into me.

So I am recognizing that I need to work on two areas. First, no matter how badly I feel, I have to keep my mental vibrations
elevated. This is not about thinking pleasant thoughts. Rather it is a proactive awareness of love. I was able to do this when I was younger, because I had such high energy, that I was able to constantly project love into my relations, even if people thought ill of me. However, since my mind has slowed down so dramatically, I have lost that high vibration which is the result of high mental energy, and tremendous brain speed. When the viral download begins, and the autism starts shutting down areas of my brain, the vibrations automatically lower, just to metabolically survive, and this is when the anger starts. This is what I have been fighting all day, ever since brain changes were made on me at Dulce, and perhaps, last night.

Now, I am getting better. I am able to come out of my funk more rapidly than before, but the satanic attacks are increasing in intensity. First of all, with all of my food, and even water being infected with this Amon-RA virus, my DNA is more vulnerable to lapsing into this evil, low frequency. I figured out why moths have been infesting my house. They are insects, and the Amon-RA virus is insectoid in nature. Now, I truly believe that among other visitors, the May 20th eclipse was to deposit a horde of "Mothmen" on this planet.

Now, in West Virginia, where I grew up, the paranormal phenomena known as "mothmen" is well known. My guess is that they were once Venusians, transformed into a humanoid monstrosity by reptilian genetic manipulation of the unlucky victims. I believe that they still reside on the planet as pests to the native population, because they literally "feed" on the native humanoids. However, I suspect the Venusians have become adept at protecting themselves from these bizarre predators, so the Mothmen are literally always looking for new hunting grounds. Because the perigee of the Venus transit is so rare (the next one is over a century away), I think the Mothmen are rare creatures on our planet, for there is only a new influx of them every hundred years or so--if they are lucky. Hopefully, they won't be so lucky this time.

It is interesting that today, for the first time in a while, I am not bothered by moths. Has the rogue element of Faction 2 been spraying insectoid DNA in our southwest skies, to prepare for the big influx of Mothmen that they hoped to bring into the spaceport? The moths literally have been flying into me, as if they recognize me as a kindred spirit. I know the purpose of the Amon RA virus is to create a Grey-like human, and that the Greys are a combination of Cat Siran/AFrican Black and insectoid DNA. I know that the Amon RA/insectoid DNA is taking hold on me to some extent.

I also am wondering who was who was the alien delegation that was to land at the spaceport--more high ranking Venusian vampires? Or was it the alien species with the high domed foreheads, like the Norwegian mass murderer, and the makers of the Norwegian HAARP-induced wormholes? I mention that because of another interesting item that I encountered today. That Dragon X shuttle that is going into orbit tomorrow, is carrying the "cremated remains" of several "celebrities". I did some checking on them, and guess what, definitely occult, definitely KaBal, and a couple of them had "Herman Munster" foreheads that rival mine. Now, I do not think those celebrities are really dead. They MAY or MAY NOT be physically dead, but interdimensionally alive. However, I think they are part of a visitor exchange program with Venus. We get a gaggle of vampire predators, and they get some delusional, occult types. One person who was NOT mentioned, but who I think is also involved in this May 20th exchange is Steve Fossett, who of course, is not dead. He may be the "White Knight" of the Faction 2/3 set that one encounters in the alternative web sites.

I also believe that this Venus transit was to seed our oceans with more of the Amon-RA virus and saurian DNA, that again, has historically made a pass over our planet every century or so, and brought, often unwelcome, changes to our planet's biological diversity. None of the changes/visitors that were planned for May 2oth had any benefits, as far as I can see.

So ends the post that I wanted to write this morning, but felt compelled to cut off in small bits, frustrated with a messed up computer, a sense of urgency, and my own foul mood, brought about by the recent Dulce experience, an encounter with Maurice Strong last night in my dream, and an autistic brain that had me irritable and "off" for most of the day.

In my dream last night, Maurice Strong drove up in a car, and I was going to try to hop a ride with him. However, Maurice Strong is not stupid, the car was full, and he drove off, but still somehow, I ended up tagging along with the Amon RA crowd, who no doubt, did more horrible things to me, that I cannot remember. When I have dreams like this, my whole following day is lousy, but sometimes, I still have to follow through with things, even if I don't feel like it.

However, I realized today, while trying to elevate my mental vibrations, that somehow, someway, I am going to have to push through these negative, autistic feelings, and keep my irritability and anger in check, because it will boomerang on me and my ambitions every single time. It is like having to accept this body that I am in. I cannot change it in my current reality, and I cannot get out of this current reality, except in this body, so I have to make some kind of peace with it, no matter how uncomfortable it is. So it is with my brain--I cannot stop the inflammation, autism, and viral downloads, until I am free enough to choose what implants go in my brain, yet I cannot be free to make that decision as long as I am stuck on this plane of reality. So, I have to elevate the mind, with the brain I got, because being stuck in 3D reality, at the mercy of all these evil reptilians and satanists is just not tenable.

So, I have decided to go back to the basics--to recognize that I am being "pushed" into "sin"--anger and low mental vibrations, and to fight back, not by cursing out and yelling at all these mind control players and games, but by commending them to God. That shouldn't be too hard, because really most of this satanic crowd are pathetically needy--victims of severe child abuse themselves.

In recognition of that need for spiritual effort and redress, I do feel I owe another apology--to Ambassador Rice, whose talents I denigrated earlier today. I did not mean to imply that she incompetent in her position. She is an intelligent, capable woman who would fit in well in a multitude of positions. I just haven't seen that passionate engagement with international politics in her that I have seen in so many other UN ambassadors. However, that could be a plus--because she certainly would be my pick as UN ambassador over the previous two occupants of that office! So for my cranky lack of tact and magnanimity, I do apologize to Susan Rice, and wish her well.

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