Sunday, May 20, 2012


R.I.P.--a prayer for yet another murdered child, and another murdered hope for the future. My son died a couple or three days ago, but there has been so much going on, and I have been so low energy, that I did not want to post about it, because I didnt want to drag myself down lower. This is the third day now that i have been so low energy, and semi-schizoid with psychotropics that i just couldn't bear to bring myself to write about painful, emotional matters. However, everything i had been hoping and praying for, has collapsed, it has been a horrible day, and i have got the return of two boy horuses moving in as neighbors--one an immature boy living in his head, and the other a power-tripping deceiver, most likely, the same priest as of a couple of days ago, or another. This time he doesnt have maurice strong to back his play. he has found a new evil patron. But i am stronger now--i totally disavowed the catholic church and its misogynistic, patriarchal, control modality years ago, and over the years, the more i have learned, the more i resent their hold on the still ignorant billions of faithful believers around the world, especially since i know the corruption and evil that empowers their hold.

But first things first: a beautiful boy child with his mother's thick, black hair (yes, i saw his picture), died after living only a brief while. The problem was the same as before with his sister--rare genetic complicatrions caused by alien genetic manipulation while he was in the womb. I am not certain that the Greys caused his genetic problems, because I had a flash while surfing the web and encountering the Arcturus/Bootes star. You know, I had wondered if the Venusians (who probably were originally a dog Sirian tribe who tried to escape the reptiles by going to Venus), were the ones with the high, domed foreheads, but now I don't think so. Instead, I think that those may be Arcturiars or "horse humanoid aliens. They are one of the original tribes of humanity. I know, because I have morphed into a horse before, interdimensionally, in an attempt to fight off an attack--probably from them. From the Norwegian shooter, and comments made by the Tall Whites which I have read, I would say that they are strong racists as well, and very much allied with, or possibly even the same as, the Tall Whites. They may be the progenitors of the Scandinavian/Nordic people.

Anyway, my baby was born with part of his brain missing, and you could see the flattened area immediately above his brows, but he had an ABNORMALLY HUGE, DOMED FOREHEAD. What do I think happened? I think PF has been very involved with Faction 2, in an attempt to get the financial reset to work, and that Faction 2, while it DOES have good people in it, has suffered the same consequences that anyone in close proximity with the occult and aliens can incur--that of being flipped through hardware (brain) mind control, or powerfully corrupted. I think some Faction 2 has gone over to the Greys, and most recently, some (or maybe the same ones), have gone over to the Arcturians. They may be the ones who have worked to poison our children while still in the womb, almost certainly, environmentally, or for that matter, it could be the Faction 1, Amon-RA/Vampire clique, which has done nasty things to both PF and I as well, most recently setting a viper loose in the house, in which my young children were vulnerable. Someone also gave PF a flesh-eating bacterial disease which has caused terrible pain and distress. Again--that is environmental. I smell bleach coming from my own swamp cooler (I didn't put it there), and wonder if that is how the bacteria was placed in her house.

These are the kind of attacks that good people, who dare to engage the powers of evil, on behalf of humanity, have to endure, and the powers of evil, just won a huge victory. The meeting in Chicago this weekend was actually all about how to resolve the financial crisis. The Patriots, the good guys, along with the vast majority of humanity, lost. Now part of the problem has been glitches in the Patriot plan, including a couple of flipped thieves. However, patriot elements of Faction 2, including me, moved to counteract that, but we could not counteract the earthquake in Italy. Yes, once again, the KaBal wins by blackmailing humanity.

Now, I don't know how to counter that. Italy has been under the boot of multiple occult factions for their entire history--just read of what their prosecutors and judges have to endure, to rid the country of the Mafia. The Mafia are the KaBal's foot soldiers, and thus, they are protected. Of course, the aliens--Arcturians/Tall Whites, especially, are able to cause earthquakes through HAARP and other technology, and that is what happened in Bologna. Interestingly enough, by looking at the city seal, I gather that Bologna was founded as a cat Sirian town, so that means a faction of dog Sirians were behind the attack. This of course, was after, a school was bombed in Sicily, so clearly two alien factions were going at each other.

I don't know all the reasons that the proposed Patriot plan collapsed, though I suspect fear had a large part to do with it. I just know that the KaBal were huge winners. Apparently the new plan is to be backed by gold. Did you know that gold is not a finite resource, but can be manufactured by alien technology? Furthermore that it has been done so for millennia. I know the Magi faction, which I think is the Venusian/vampire clique, knows how to do it. They got exactly what they wanted. Then, they got their MAfia to launder it into cash, so that nobody wonders how gold materializes out of thin air, or rather, baser metals.

You see, that is part of the whole con game that these aliens have been playing on humanity for millennia. There is no scarcity, but rather it is created as an illusion. The technology to make gold IS available, but then there would be no pyramid of wealth, resulting in concentration of power. There is no scarcity of energy; the oil and motor industries combined to not only murder Tesla, but also his visionary plans of powering the entire planet. They kept some of his ideas though, and weaponized them, using them in special cases, like 9/11. There is no scarcity of food--people are making billions of dollars playing illusory speculation games in the commodities market, while literally, people, children are starving to death. I could go on and on, but you get the idea--these murdering aliens and their evil plans to concentrate wealth and power in their own hands have caused misery and hardship to the human population for centuries, AND THEY JUST GOT A NEW LEASE ON LIFE.

Or did they? I don't think the proposed new system will work. Rather, I think the worldwide economy, starting with Europe, but then moving on elsewhere, is going to go to hell very soon, and when it does, and middle class people can't feed their children and start burning down stores and busting out windows, then all the TV talking heads can wring their hands, and say, "why didn't the politicians proactively move to prevent this"? or "This is all 'class warfare'". Well, the politicians tried, and they failed, and God knows how many more earthquakes, and deaths has to happen before the leaders of the world realize that you cannot back down to a bully--not only do you get an ass whupping that day, but you are going to spend every day of your life in fear of getting another one. Turkey is not a super strong or wealthy nation, but they stood up to the evil, and multiple earthquakes, which caused hundreds of casualties. Maybe some European prime ministers should reconsider letting Turkey into the EU, because in my book that is the kind of values and action that make for strong and prosperous societies and civilizations, not the cowardly capitulation which just happened in Chicago.

As for me, I have my own problems. When the KaBalists won, all the spiritual parasites came back into my life--after one or two blessed days of relief. Now, PF is back in a spaceship, while some miserable imposter creep is living next door to me--trying to figure out how to gain spiritual knowledge that he can then use to dominate and control others. What he would really like to know is how to create life, without sex. I know those people. I wasted years of my life and thousands of dollars on them. Well, let me tell you, bub. Let me tell everybody--the answer is love AND A HEALTHY ATTITUDE AND APPRECIATION FOR SEX! I think PF just gave birth to twins today, after a less than 24 hour gestation period in the womb. Yesterday, I was really sad, but I didn't even know it, but PF knew what was going on with me, and what I needed and got me engaged in conscious telepathic sex. Now, I know that we were having sex interdimensionally, and I wasn't even aware that consciously, I wanted sex, but my lover knew. She also knew that I wanted more children to replace the hole left in my heart by my murdered children. So, we had intense, ardent sex, and what I have learned (and am sure that PF can speak more authoritatively on this), is that the more passionate the sex, the more spiritually and physiologically mature the children. When we go at it, hammer and tongs, the babies are born healthy and soon.

Of course, part of the problem is that the longer they are in the womb, the more the KaBal can manipulate their genetics. Before I knew that she had already given birth, I was glad that PF was in a safe place, because I do not want to lose any more children to the machinations of a bunch of dessicated, loveless, sexless aliens, whose only joy in life seems to be tormenting or controlling humanity (oh speaking of which, they are going to really dig all the suffering the economic turmoil will cause this summer). However, now that my latest born children are safe, I want to be with PF again. However, some way, I have to get to her. I no longer want to be on this 3D plane, and I sure as hell don't want to be in this female body or in some alien circle. I am ready to go, but it just seems like everything weighs me down, and certainly the drugs and hormones are doing that now. But I will keep plugging away, day by day, just like the rest of enslaved, powerless humanity.

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