Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Changes, major changes happening in the MATRIX, and I still haven't processed them all. I am trying to sift through all the conflicting and new information--who to trust, what to trust, but I admit that I still do not have a working paradigm, which makes it hard for me to be confident in actions and choices.

I do know this, though--yesterday, when I went to get a replacement driver license, I subconsciously changed allegiance to clique affiliation. To me, it seems crazy, because consciously, I know that I do not belong to any of the occult factions. However, unconsciously, I am being pressed for allegiance, and apparently "consenting", at least according to the rules of the occult protocol, of which i have no conscious knowledge.

Apparently, the Templars version of Faction 2 is out, and the religious haters/Vatican and Amon RA clique is vying for top ownership rights. However, of one thing I am sure--I am deep, deep, in the bowels of the MACHINE--maybe as plugged in as I can get. Of course the problem may be that I am so drugged on psychotropics, that I am in a semi-schizoid state every time the viral download hits. Now, I have been dealing with the viral downloads for years now, and I know the difference between a positive and negative state of consciousness induced by the virus. What i am experiencing now,, is decidedly negative, though sometimes I can get my mental vibrations high enough to go positive.

I think a big part of the problem is that the food I buy is all contaminated with the Amon-RA virus which lowers the etheric vibrations, so that one enters the dimension of the reptiles, instead of the interdimensional state where the benevolent aliens reside. And there ARE benevolent aliens out there--it is just so hard finding, targeting, and reaching them, especially when my working paradigm has collapsed, and I am starting from scratch.

So, let me start with my reality. I am not flipped. I am not consciously allied with any occult faction, and NEVER the Amon-RA satanists (and yes, they have been stalking me), and NEVER the religious blasphemers of the Vatican/Jesuits, and NEVER the Arcturians. Sigh. Why is it always the evil bastards who have all the power? However, I am so deep in the MATRIX, that I may off the radar of others, specifically the PATRIOTS, my family, and the racially integrated, psychic community--which is the only target community to which I aspire. The MATRIX I am in is pretty hard core--with "agents" literally appearing everywhere I go. This is a real drag, since it makes it nearly impossible for me to buy uncontaminated food, and while the virus found in Faction 2 food is pretty bad, the Amon-RA contaminated food is practically inedible--especially the meat.

Now, I get it, that at some level I had to consent to this "death" into the MACHINE, and domination by the Amon-RA clique, so again, I have to ask myself, "why"? The answer is another stunner and shocker--I did it to save my genetic brother. Yes, I am not only part of a set of twins with a Grey genetic clone, but I have just CONSCIOUSLY learned that I am actually a triplet. It makes more sense really. You know, Jungian theory always talks about how four, or the quaternary is the number of wholeness, with the fourth (the Grey) always being a little different than the other three. That little symbolic detail bugged me, when I realized that I shared a common genetic bond with both PF and a Grey clone, because it didn't fit Jungian symbolism. Now though, I realize that I AM part of a "whole" quaternary, for PF and I are not only genetic twins, but we actually were/are part of a trio--triplets.

Who is the missing sibling? It is/was Robin Gibb. I keep using both present and past tense, because I am not sure if he is dead or alive, for Robin, like PF is/was an "occult baby", born in the labs of Mars, nurtured, manipulated, and dominated at every step of his conscious life. "Whoaaa", you will say, "how could such a big time celebrity be so manufactured and controlled? All I can tell you is that it happens all the time--I could spend time outing dozens of hybrids, born on Mars, who have been groomed to be prominent citizens of Earth. I think that the Amon-RA genetic engineers have been pairing off their manipulated human slave creations as twins and triplets for some time, and I think that their standard operating procedure is to have one "regular Joe/Jane", one desperately abused, especially sexually, Joe/Jane, and one Joe/Jane who leads a charmed, gifted life. Then the aliens stand back and take notes, preparing for their interventions and the next incarnations.

Pretty sick stuff, but I no longer have time to make my case. I could be wrong, but at the very least, I think there is an intense connection between the three of us. Gibb went into a coma on April 14th; that is the date that PF was raped, while I was left in delirious imaginary limbo. He recently relapsed after my ordeal at Dulce, where some really bad things happened to me, at the same time, PF was desperately ill with the flesh eating disease.

The whole Gibb family was occult, and you can see it in the father's face back in the 1940's. I will go so far to say that the 5 Gibb children correspond to the 5 occasions of conception that my mother had. Andy Gibb was connected to my sister, and I think the death of Maurice symbolized my younger brother's slippery slope of loss of soul, until now he is fully acculturated into the Amon-RA cult--a spiritual death.

Robin is tied to PF and myself, and while he may be dead on the physical plane, his soul is somehow enslaved on the interdimensional plane--probably held captive by the same Amon-RA reptiles and Tall Whites, which engineered his hybrid life from the very beginning. He is/was a good man, and while I don't know the details of his life, he doesn't deserve to spend dozens of years, trapped and enslaved to MACHINE-RA. So, I have entered the bowels of the MACHINE myself, to try to figure out how to release his soul. I am sure there is some frequency, some code, and in the meantime, it is so hard to just struggle to live, but I will.

THere is no letup in the enemy's plans, and so I spend a lot of time, just reading and rereading pages, looking for a hint. I haven't even read another page of the alchemy text, since I last wrote. I went grocery shopping, but had to throw the food away, so tomorrow, I have to go again. I am in severe pain from my messed up sacrum, and had to take a vicodin. My back is completely thrashed, and I no longer can work out. So, all these things drain me, but I have made it this far, and I believe that God will give me the grace to persevere, just a little bit further, and it is just a little bit. I can not take much more--not the physical pain, not the goddamned aliens and occult cliques playing domination trips on me, and no, most certainly not dealing with the same conservative religious cult that made my life hell for years. More on that, later. I hurt too much right now.

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