Friday, May 18, 2012

And the bad news just keeps coming ins

And the bad news just keeps coming time for a contemplative breather to put all the pieces together in a seamless whole--I just have to put it all out there, because time is so critical.

So what is my most recent cause for concern? Well, after writing that previous post, I just checked Hillary Clinton's schedule for TODAY (if you want to know what is happening at the highest levels of the political world, follow Hillary's schedule). Her first appt was with Susan Rice, the titular ambassador to the United Nations, and her second appt was with the Sri Lanka foreign minister. Now, for those who pay attention, it is clear that Susan Rice really does not have foreign affairs experience or even desire to impact international relations. However, she does have impressive credentials to cover up her lack of qualifications for the job--her father is a governor at the Federal Reserve Board! So, when I see that she is meeting with Hillary, it usually means that she is acting as a go-between between the FRB and the executive branch of government, since of course, it wouldn't do to let the American public know, how much the privately owned FRB controls political policy in this country. Hillary's second appt. with the FM of Sri Lanka, which just happens to be one of the largest offshore banking havens--and especially for Asia--is very revealing as well.

Yes, probably the bigwigs of the world already know this, but knowledge filters down to me more slowly--THE FINANCIAL RESET/JUBILEE HAS BEEN COMPLETELY HIJACKED BY CROOKS AND THIEVES. Furthermore, it is a worst case scenario, with the most evil and corrupt pigs of the world, feeding from the trough. The Patriots are being squeezed by the Faction 1/FRB/Rothschild-Rockefeller banking cartels from one end, and by the most vile and rogue element of Faction 2, Maurice Strong, and his patrons, the Asian-Taiwanese, White Dragon-Li family, from the other end.

Now, how did this happen? It happened primarily, BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN, I WAS PROVED RIGHT--ULTIMATELY, THERE IS NO MORAL DISTINCTION BETWEEN NEGATIVE ELEMENTS OF FACTION 1 AND FACTION 2. They made a tactical alliance in order to allow them to both split the spoils, rather than see the pot shared among the poor and middle class of the world, who they have ripped off blind for millennia.

Now, I expect as much from KaBalists, and their self-centered lack of regard for humanity. However, somehow, I don't think that they could have succeeded without help from a significant number of the upper level bureaucrats, power brokers, and monied classes. The latter may not be as morally corrupted as the top tier KaBalists, but their own greed to hold on to their millions, which they feel they "rightfully earned", by supporting and promoting this rotten, parasitical and imperialist system, is ultimately responsible for this catastrophic failure.

Do not underestimate how catastrophic this failure really is, because power follows wealth, and extremely high concentrations of wealth begets abuse of power, which is why this nation is now on the defensive, at every level, from satanists. Everybody wanted to make a buck, so our most vital industries and institutions have been compromised or shipped overseas. Our media tells us lies, because the paychecks reward mendacity and conformity to the KaBal's agenda, not the truth. Furthermore, from my spiritual perspective, the love of and pursuit of mammon almost always results in willful blindness to the truth, which is why this nation has become a bunch of sheeple. We don't need repressive dictators denying us civil rights and torturing our human rights activists. All the KaBal has to do is keep us fearful of losing out on the material things in life, and we run like a hamster on a treadmill, all so that we can keep our instilled materialist anxiety at bay. When you constantly are running in fear from your own anxieties, it is hard to see the truth, as well.

So, let me lay out some truths for you. As long as this extreme financial inequality in the world, including the United States, persists, the KaBalists will always have the upper hand over humanity, because power follows wealth. The KaBalists are the ones who created the whole concept of the financial system and money, and they are masters at manipulating it, so that obscene concentrations of wealth flows to them, so that they can control whoever and whatever they want. I am not saying to get rid of the concept of money; it is an illusion, but a helpful and facilitating one, at this point in human evolution. I am just saying that humanity has to break the power of the stranglehold which the love of money has placed on too many people's vision, spirit, and moral health. And the lie has such subtlety--the robber barons of the 19th century created all these charitable trusts, to make them look magnanimous and altruistic, but instead these trusts and foundations just became the even more insidious tools of the KaBal agenda.

Right now, I don't even know if the Patriots are free to address the powerful threat facing us on May 20th, because power follows wealth, and right now the KaBal alliance of Faction 1 and Faction 2 are triumphantly dominant. They have scored hugely in an even greater concentration of wealth--the result of the failure by the Patriots to take control of the financial reset and DISTRIBUTE the wealth, instead of CONCENTRATING it. Even if they are able to dismantle the proposed "hyperdimensional torsion" experiment, as long as they maintain their financial concentration of power, the terrorist attacks on humanity, which would sell us out to evil alien entities, will just keep on coming. GMO food, nuclear power plant failures, military jets hardware compromised, pharmaceutical poison, twentysomething billionaires because of CIA contracts, fabricated wars, pollution in the air, media lies and diversions--all of this is caused by KaBal concentration of wealth, and their monetary rewards to those who support their illusory financial system. If this does not stop, if the financial restet is not a true Jubilee for the people, then the slavery of humanity will continue. Why do you think that God requested that it be done every fifty years? Do you know that it hasn't been done since Israel went to Babylon (hmmm...wonder why--could it have something to do with Babylon being the center of the Magi KaBal?). Even though the prophets warned that economic injustice was going to lead to the destruction of the social order, the people did not listen, and so it came to pass, and the 12 Tribes of Israel (humanity) has never been whole since.

In my next post, I will give a little glimpse of the future that the KaBal hopes to implement this Sunday--maybe that will help engender a greater responsiveness from those who cannot bear to part with the current status quo of wealth, and move to take a REAL, POSITIVE chance on the future.

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