Monday, May 21, 2012


Correction: the interloper living next door is not a human being, i.e., priest, from my past. Once again, I am being psychically assaulted, by some alien spirit being trying to take possession of me, and once again, it is painful and invasive. All of this the result of the aliens waxing strong and powerful, after scoring huge on the economic front earlier today. Still, our newborn twins are a sign of hope, and the fact that they are safe with PF somewhere, is tremendously reassuring. Keep hoping, people, but for all the good Patriots out there, keep fighting the good fight. I would recommend that you take a little break, and then start strategizing a response for the economic collapse that is coming (in this country) within a few months--I guess by August, at latest. I know it is lousy always operating in crisis mode, but unfortunately, when the majority remain ignorant, mind controlled and/or fearful, that is the default Mode of operation, no matter how needlessly inefficient and difficult.

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