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Happy Mother's Day--best wishes from the KaBal

Happy Mother's Day--best wishes from the KaBal

There is no doubt in my mind that this magazine cover, was deliberately planted by the KaBal. It foreshadows and claims their vision of the future--one in which the human race, remains in a state of passive, childish dependency, instead of doing the hard work of psychological maturity and individuation. As some of you might know, when I am going out of my mind on the viral implants, compounded by psychotropic drugs, I will rage about how the "KaBal boy posse" want an iconic mother on whose 'tits' they can suck". Well, I admit that sometimes I am a little verbally edgy, but guess what, my raging prophecies and warnings have gone mainstream banal. Time magazine just put on their cover the psychological obscenity to which my own personal suffering and abuse is testimony--a future in which the human race is lulled into an infantile state of dependency on the iconic, symbolic, and completely powerless "Mom".

Now let me say that I have no problem with breastfeeding, and not even to an advanced age of 5 or 6, if it is necessary. In some parts of the world, there is no food for young toddlers to eat, so the mother continues breastfeeding in order to feed the child--and keep her from another unwanted pregnancy, for which she does not have the resources to healthily endure. That is maternal prudence and responsibility. However, as this magazine cover shows, such is not the case with this situation. THe boy's physiological needs clearly have been met, but he is not being encouraged to mature psychologically, so that his spirit and psyche becomes as robust and well fed as his American, "corn-fed" body. What an outrage, what a travesty, what an obscenity--but most of all, what a symbol of the future that the KaBal has planned for all humanity--not just Americans, but everyone on the planet.

As for me, I am writing from the "War zone" again--imprisoned in the latest Matrix code which Faction 2 has designed for me. I think it may be a "back to the past" kind of Matrix, but I have spent most of the day sleeping. I do not know if this is because the food I am buying to eat is contaminated with some kind of hypnotic drug like scopolamine, which the KaBal uses to try to mind program me. They have used it in the past (as well as adulterating my prescribed Temazapam--a hypnotic sleeping pill) in order to rob me of my free will and moral sense in the interdimensional zone, so that they can keep their juvenile fantasies off, by getting me to engage in sex with them. That had diminishing returns, because while it may have worked in the interdimensional zone, I would wake up, feeling enraged, and righteously so, because indeed, I had been "raped" by drugs and mind control. Again, this is what infantile males do--they rape, via drugs or fantasy computer programming--because they are still latched on to "Mom's tit", and do not have the psychological capacity to approach a real girl, date and relate to a real woman, experience the pain and rejection that comes with authentic relationship between two people, and the possibility of "no".

The Faction 2 Matrix programming may change, but the incorrigible immaturity of their juvenile "boy posse" remains the same--and why wouldn't it? That is the entire cornerstone of the entire Faction 2 vision--male dependency on the psychic mother. As a matter of fact, the cover comes just in time to presage the May 20th eclipse, which is actually an astrological link of ancient, ancient memory, between Sirius and Venus. Now, what race comes from Venus I am not sure (the "Italian"/Knights of Malta clique, perhaps), but I know from my reading of mythology that Venus is identified with the cult of Isis, and that negative and immature Sirians fell into a worship of a negative cult of Isis--the suckling psychic mother to the babe (Horus), while Osiris, the strong male--who males should have been looking to emulate and venerate--was castrated and entombed in the bowels of the MACHINE. Some things never change. Oh, and by the way, ladies, when the negative, suckling mother is worshiped in religion, the real status of females in the real world declines dramatically.

Now, I am not going to say that I am completely free of dependency on the psychic mother myself, because I am not. I think part of my problem in attaining to interdimensional freedom is an Oedipal complex on my mother, which like Oedipus, literally leaves me blind. At least that is my diagnosis as to why I am literally blind, when in the interdimensional realm--hysterical blindness caused by neurotic guilt over a neurotic Oedipal complex. Now, I do not think it psychologically healthy for a strong, robust, well-fed boy to be suckling at his mother's breasts. Furthermore, I believe that the KaBal (originating in off-world, alien practice) knows how debilitating an Oedipal comlex is to a strong personality formation, and thus deliberately implemented practices here on Earth, in order to help them better control their occult, high-value slaves, through this mechanism. Remember, the Sirian and Venusian aliens themselves are not capable of procreation, so this would not have been a custom that they indulged in themselves.

So what practices did they encourage? Well broadly and mildly, they overturned the strong feminine presence which was once on Earth, and instituted a patriarchy in which females only had value and esteem as a mother, and not as a person. That in turn, caused women to focus solely on attention to their children as a creative outlet. That in turn creates an exclusive and intensive mother-child bond and emotional dependency which, though appropriate the early age of a child, becomes psychologically limiting and even crippling if not broken, as the child matures. However, because a patriarchal woman has little or no social-cultural standing or esteem outside of this Oedipal bond and relationship, she is often unable to initiate the break of the bond, and thus allow the child, his or her psychological and emotional independence. So, the cycle continues generationally.

However, for their most highly valued and highest-ranking slaves, the KaBal literally instituted ritualistic sex between parents and children. That is guaranteed to really mess up someone's psyche, and leave them in that psychological and emotional dependency. That is what happened to me. I know now that the Amon RA cult engages in the practice of incestuous sex between parents and very young (2 or 3) children, in a ritualistic, satanic setting. I believe that is what happened to me in Detroit--that both of my parents, mother AND father, engaged in simulated sexual activity with me when I was just a toddler. Now, a little kid doesn't have to engage in hard core sex, for the experience to totally traumatize their psyche. While I suspect the anal sex may have been more "real", I think the sex act with my mother may have been more simulated, but it was enough to give me a whopper of an Oedipal complex.

Now, while the Oedipal complex causes neurotic guilt, still it is guilt, and I think that, programmed by the ritual, I have a neurotic need to "punish" myself. This is why I am skittish around knives right now. In my neurotic, childish psyche, I remember the decapitated, carved up baby, and I remember the programming, "this is what happens to 'bad' boys" (the KaBal knew that my psyche was male, or I would not have been forced to have ritual sex with my mother, and my father would have engaged in vaginal, not anal, penetration with me). So, neurotically, I want to "cut" myself to punish myself, for being the bad boy, who not only lusts after his mother, but who actually has engaged in sex with her. Now, why males with an Oedipal complex manifest blindness, I don't know, but Freud has had me convinced, ever since I was a teenager, and in a dream, saw my father laying in a hospital bed, with both eyes gouged out, full of pus. Yes, I believe that my father was forced to engage in ritualistic, satanic sex with his mother, too. This is the legacy of intergenerational satanic sin, fostered by the alien handlers from another planet, who are now desperate to regain and reinforce the psychological infantilism of the human population ("especially those Americans who have just gotten too psychologically independent for their, er, 'our' own good")...

Now, one resolves an Oedipal complex through the responsibilities of marriage and parenting, but for me, such a path is restricted, since I am not allowed to be with my lover (more than anything I want to marry her AND remember it!) or children. It is extremely frustrating that I know so little about my children. I mourn the death of one, days after it happened; today I see a picture of a girl I think may be my child, but I worry about the "implant" I see in her head--is that my child, or is this just some programmer's coding joke on me? If I knew the truth, everything would be okay. I have a nephew who had a misshapen skull and hairline for years because of childhood brain surgery, but since I knew what is going on, it was no big deal. Unfortunately, for me, it is so difficult to know what is going on, especially in my personal life. For instance, (PF, don't hate me), I don't even know for sure how many children I have, and I have enough manhood for this to grieve me deeply.

However, while I may be denied the appropriate responsibilities of marriage and parenting, I still stand by my responsibility as a man, who has to sacrifice and commit to make the world better for his family and others. Really, I am not so much in prison, as I am in the combat zone. Or maybe, I should say that I am fighting the war from inside the MATRIX prison. For I am no longer on Earth--I think I was freed of the MATRIX briefly--maybe I am in some orbiting spaceship--but whose? I don't think that I am in the custody of benevolent forces, because my life has been so difficult these past few days. I literally cannot find food to eat that does not make me sick, and everything I eat lacks flavor--which makes me wonder if I am even eating real food, or "holodeck programs" that are all encoded with the requisite virus. Everything not only makes me sick to my stomach, but also causes the brain inflammation that has me walking around like I have the brain tumor syndrome--high as a kite, autistic, and not fully in reality. In my dreams, I am, I think, confronted by Faction 2 operatives. I think that they are trying to install mind-control "Wernicke commands" in my brain. For the past two days, I have had a deep throbbing in my left temporal lobe, as if some kind of electrically stimulating implant is there. This morning I woke up and felt the needle sheath in my brain (feels like a cacti spine), and identified it, right as the Wernicke area.

Apparently, all this is an area utilized by mind control types to install commands through auditory hallucinations or voice to skull technology, which is how the CIA (occult factions) are able to "channel" to their underlings. Now, not all channeling is bogus, but it is all suspect, and should be vetted rigorously. I don't think I will ever be a channel though, because my disabled brain, while making life so difficult for me in some aspects, protects me in others. So, what will the KaBal do tonight, now that there Wernicke commands are not working? Once again, I am infested by moths, and I believe that they are malevolent, semi-sentient beings (at least the ones in my "house"). That is a sign that the Venusians/Italians are going to make a move. Was another changeling net delivered to Hobie? I saw a pizza delivery guy, yep, another Italian "hybrid" looking guy (you know, there just aren't that many Italian Americans in this southwestern desert town), knocking on his door. There was no black bag this time, though, so I cannot be sure.

Let me just say that I am prepared for anything. It has been a difficult weekend. Not only am I back in MATRIX prison, but the financial reset has encountered difficulties. Everywhere, there are enemies and greedsters looking to get their hands on the money and institute their evil agendas--this is money we are talking about here, so really this is all par for the course. Anyway, it looks like the KaBal, not the Patriots, got their hands on the 2 billion that JP Morgan "lost". Small potatoes, really; more worrisome is that the MATRIX framework which supported the financial reset was wormed through by traitors, and now a significant portion of the MATRIX code has to be discarded, and even more difficult, PATRIOT programmers who can be trusted, need to work to establish a workaround. Also worrisome is the FBI agent who disappeared in CA--what does he know? Who or what has access to a WMD? I see where Yahoo just lost their CEO, who may have lied on his resume, but who was a good man. In any case, he was certainly a better man than the Murdoch Faction 2 KaBalist who replaced him. Yahoo has been a proving ground for Faction 2 occult programmers for some time now; I imagine it will get worse. Media outlets, under the dominion of the KaBal makes my efforts so much more difficult.

Still, I will keep slogging away, even though I feel so handicapped to do anything meaningful. In the meantime, the Faction 2 doctors better do something about my prostate, because I am having difficulties again. Thanks to their incompetence and stupidity, I already lost a kidney. If I lose this other one, I am fucked. Unlike the rest of my body, which they have destroyed with their viruses, and replaced with "skin job" parts, my body cannot live without a kidney. I just keep holding on, one day at a time, looking for the breakthrough. It is coming, I know.

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