Sunday, May 6, 2012

I am a little clearer on the spiritual problems.

I am a little clearer on the spiritual problems. First of all, I can verify that a couple of nights ago, when I was assailed by evil spirits, that there were three separate ones. I can do that because last night, I watched three separate flashes of light disappear from my darkened living room ceiling. Then, today, after trying to walk the alley a couple of times, I knocked on the door to see if I was still invited to Sunday dinner, an invite issued last week. I saw three young "girls" from about ages 10-14, except that they were not girls. They were evil spirits in disguise, with smudged eyes, and unhappy, listless, and bored appearances. That is the perfect description of an evil spirit or person--they are unhappy, listless, and bored, and the only thing they live for is the thought of making another person as miserable as themselves. I didn't see PF. I hope that she is okay. I don't know how she can stand the stench of evil in that house, which is overpowering. Needless to say, dinner is cancelled, but at least I learned a little something :).

Another realization came to me, as well, now that I have broken free of the depressing, dragging brain frequency which dominated for most of the day. I guess the thought was that I would go to sleep in that depressed brain wave state, and then Momma Evil and her three little cubs would come and trash my spirit and psyche, while I nightmared. Anyway, I finally cleared myself, and I realize the exact moment that my brain fell into the negative wave pattern. It was when Charles, the next neighbor in a separate house, came out and started puttering around his truck. I was outside as well, sitting on the stoop, eating breakfast, in direct line of fire from Charles and an energy weapon blast. Charles is a heavy duty hostile, an Amon RA, Italian vampire, who has caused me terrible suffering both in the 3D and interdimensional world. He was in a great mood, singing and humming. I suppose he would be, knowing that Mermaid is now completely flipped into full, evil possession by Amon-RA reptiles, and anticipating that soon PF and I will be, as well, especially with a little help from him and his relatives/colleagues.

I think Charles and his "mother" were responsible for a lot of the spiritual and EM attacks that Mermaid endured, before she finally flipped. They both are hard core, evil aliens. It was interesting that right after Charles left, his mother left as well walking down the alley. I think they left to "cover their asses", because I think those three evil spirits now with Mermaid, actually were brought in by Charles and his mother, in order to torment PF and myself. They want to be long gone, so nobody associates them with the three spirits, but yes, I think they zapped me with an energy weapon and I think they brought in the extra three evil spirits.

I had an interesting dream last night. Giants were standing by my window blinds. Now, I assume that the window blinds symbolize my inability to outside of my home (self). They keep me blind. The last time that I dreamed that another being was doing that, it was the black cat associated with Amon RA (remember I smelled the sulphur at the home where it resides). Oh, and by the way, I just saw the black cat today, for the first time since that day. This time, I hissed at him, and moved to run him off proper, but he knew that I was in a foul mood and ran off fast.

Anyway, I think these giants, like the black cat are associated with the reptiles of Amon RA. When I was in Colorado, I dreamed of visiting the homeplace of a race of giants. I know those giants are evil--my guess is that they may be patrons of Faction 1, and they may be affiliated with the planet, Saturn, which, after the Moon, may be the most negative planetary body in our solar system.

So, I have a lot of negative energy around me. I worry about PF, and wish that she would leave that house, if the evil becomes too unbearable--and believe me, the stench alone, would be unbearable for me. I am wondering how long it would be PRUDENT for me to stay here (I must be gaining in virtue in my desperate old age). I am surrounded on all sides by hard core evil, including alien beings, who of course, have access to greater psychic weapons than I, though I still think, my spiritual weapon of faith and trust in God, is THE most powerful of weapons, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I guess that I will take life one day at a time, one hour at a time.

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