Thursday, May 10, 2012

It took me all night

It took me all night, but I finally figured out what I did in last night's dream. Apparently, I chose to succumb to the fucked up Amon-RA frequency again, and somehow "saved" a group of Amon-RA aliens/high ranking operatives. I can't believe it. I know that, no matter, what I always try to save and help everyone I can, but these sicko bastards have made my life hell. They, along with Faction 2 are responsible for the mutilation of my body into a chopped up, pathetically feminized, miniature version of a strong, athletic, muscular body of which I was once proud. They are the ones responsible for so much of what I have suffered. They are rotten to the core.

So, why did I do this? Am I flipped? Or am I just a masochist with some kind of inner programming to sabotage myself at every turn? The answer to all of this is no, at least not consciously, though I cannot pass judgment on what is happening interdimensionally. I know that I am not flipped, because nothing has changed in my opinion or outlook. As far as I am concerned, it was another day of raised, then dashed hopes and disappointments. I did have a lot of energy, and spent the day cleaning my house, but I got the telepathic message that I should stay at home, today. So no, I don't think I am flipped. I hate the Amon-RA agenda, means and methods as much as I always have.

Nor am I programmed to sabotage myself--if I am, the Amon-RA people are just as surprised by it as I am. For I just spent a few minutes talking to an Amon RA (Jesuit or Vatican/Knight of Malta type), and after deconstructing that weird conversation, I could tell that he was just as mystified by my Good Samaritan altruism, as I was. Indeed, he was asking me questions to determine if indeed, I was flipped. So, for instance, he asked me seriously about Jeb Bush. Now, for those who don't know the backdrop, the KaBal plan is to hang the Republican convention, and broker Jeb Bush as the unifying candidate. In case I haven't been explicit enough, the entire Bush clan, with the exception of W., are unrepentant, hard-core, child-murdering, ritualistic satanists who have ripped off this country blind, to the tune of billions. Jeb Bush deserves to be behind bars; the thought of him in any position of power is shockingly disturbing. However, the KaBal still has the power to flip the voting machines. According to the polls, this country is evenly divided on gay marriage; yet there was just a "landslide" referendum against it in NC. Patriots beware--the KaBal has the technology to ensure a victory for anyone whose name appears on the ballot, come November.

However, this wasn't the most bizarre part of the exchange. Of their own volition, they condemned Rose Kennedy. Now, I admire JFK as a leader, and think that he was the last true leader of this country, the way the Constitution set out the office to be run and supported. However, I am no fan of Camelot, and I am not a New Englander, so where did that come from? So, I started thinking back on Rose Kennedy, and realized that yes indeed, I had met her--after she was already dead.

I had seen her in the interdimensional realm, in a dream. What I know now is that rarely, I DO have dreams with public figures of high office, and I recognize that they actually happen, that is, they are not symbolic or archetypal dreams. I don't know how I know the difference, but somehow I do, though in this case, only in retrospect. Around this time, I had had a dream of JFK, clearly archetypal, of rescuing my little rowboat from the ocean, which he towed into port behind his motor boat. However, this dream was real and involved both Rose Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. Now, I had a couple of other dreams with TK in them, but only this one had Rose. At the time, I assigned it symbolic value for it occurred around 2002-2003, and RK died in 1995. In all of these dreams, Ted Kennedy is trying to convince me of something, but after years in the "school of hard knocks" and "real workplace experience", I had reservations about TK's ultra-liberal stance. I was not happy with the character aspect of his persona either. Now, to his credit, he really cleaned up his act in the last few years, and stopped drinking and womanizing, and married a good woman, but for a long time, I was disappointed in him, realizing that he would never be a viable candidate for President, with his record. Now today, knowing what I know, I realize that he may not have been involved with the staffer's death at Chappaquidick at all; it very likely could have been a complete setup. However 10 years ago, I had no idea of how the KaBal lies, sets up, manipulates and mind controls politicians of real leadership ability, and TK would have been a threat, because he knew who murdered his brother and why.

Before I get into the dream, I want to say that I spent a little time researching the Kennedys, Rose, JFK, and Joe (the father), and I was STUNNED to realize that the Internet is being completely scrubbed of authentic photos of JFK and Rose. Now, I don't know if I have some sixth sense that lets me read photos. Like most autistics, I have a hard time reading people's faces in person, but let me see a photo of that person, and I can tell you so much about them. Many of the photos I saw of JFK on the web are NOT JFK--they have been "photoshopped" with an advanced software program (no doubt alien technology) that allows for multiple images to be slightly adjusted, all at once. MACHINE-RA has been busy. Now, if anyone thinks I am a nut, I invite you to go find a hard copy of JFK photos (please tell me that somewhere, we still are keeping those old magazines--nothing digital can be trusted not to be manipulated by the MACHINE), and compare them with the photos on the web.

Also, I spent a couple of hours in the Smithsonian one day, watching the Kennedy-Nixon debates, and while it was over 20 years ago, my memory is spot on. The youtube and JFK library videos I pulled from the internet are not the authentic. Again, someone is manipulating image and audio with a master, alien software program:

Interesting thing about this video is that JFK is the one who looks like he has the heavy beard, while Nixon comes across as much more telegenic than he actually was. From the Smithsonian viewing, I remember Nixon as being, literally, bathed in shiny sweat. Here he is as cool as a cucumber. Someone is planning a major rewrite of history, and they are putting the necessary props and pieces into place already. Maybe, this is material for the fabricated historical archives of another timeline?...

I also believe that the 1974 documentary of Rose Kennedy is not her at all. I think it was very likely pushed through as a hatchet job, with a double or clone, because not only does she not physically look like "herself", but her personality is "off", like Katherine Hepburn does in her movies, when she is acting for not only the camera, but for her love interest in the film. So, even if this is Rose Kennedy, with some exaggerated makeup (check out the Amon RA temples), her strange style and dialogue tells me that she was deliberately, almost histrionically acting, as a way to let the viewer know, that she was being coerced into part and script.

At this point, I have to say that the biggest clue that I have that Rose Kennedy is a positive character, is that the KaBal operative, pretending to be in PF's body, was so negative and disparaging about her. This was seconded by Watcher, who is so mind-controlled, s/he does what s/he is told. It not only was an inappropriate place to insert RK--"oh by the way, I used to work for RK and she got me fired" and "she was a real bitch". According to them, Rose Kennedy liked to humiliate staff and was "stuck up" about her wealth. However, that doesn't jive with the legacy of her sons, all of whom were deeply concerned for the poor, and committed to instituting policies that would improve their lot. Finally, I don't trust character assassination from people of no character whatsoever. I left that house, pretty damned upset with PF. At first I couldn't figure out why, until I knew that it was not her at all. This person was cold and hateful, not warm and loving. Furthermore, he was a FUCKING SEXIST PIG!! I keep telling people that I am more masculine than feminine, in my relations with others, and that, I forced myself to learn the female role in social interactions, but they don't believe me. Well, guess what, assholes, the accommodating, friendly, submissive puer role is gone. You and your goddamned drugs and manipulations are the ones responsible for stripping away that immature boy, golly-gee persona away from me, and now, guess what? You got to accept me as a MAN, and yes, that is going to bug the shit out of you, because all you see is the fucking Frankenstein female body you created, but I am not female, and I no longer have the ability or the desire to act like one. So, either let me assume a body consonant with my innate psyche and personality, or gnash your teeth, and wail in hell about why did God create free will.

Now, back to the Kennedy conundrum. Because the internet pages have been so contaminated by an alien, master program of adulteration, it is difficult for me to say exactly what this was all about. However, I will give it my best college shot, admitting in advance that I could be wrong.

I think that Joseph Kennedy sold out to the "Amon RA" faction of the Catholic Church, i.e., Jesuits, Knights of Malta. There are photos of him with the Amon RA temples, but moreso, it makes sense. People rarely get extremely wealthy without occult patronage, and when the occult doesn't get what it expects in return, they take vengeance on the family--especially the goddamned mafiosi of the Italian variety--and don't forget the Mafia was involved in the JFK assassination--Jack Ruby, and another connection through Alabama (can't remember it now). Even more telling was his initial enthusiasm for Nazi Gemany--when he was ambassador in London! Vosk and the Amon RA virus and agenda went hand in hand, and I am sure Joeseph Kennedy got his marching orders, and so did his sons. Now, it does appear that Jack Kennedy had the Amon RA temples as well (though RFK and Ted never did), so if the photos are authentic, then JFK may have been afflicted with the virus as well. However, it didn't impact his reasoning or leadership, and when he realized the treasonous extent of the Moon bases and the Federal Reserve, he moved to expose and undermine them. That is why he was killed.

This is where I think the Kennedy clan drew together in support. At some point, Joe Kennedy suffered a stroke--which the Amon RA virus in the brain will do to you, but the rest of the clan defiantly turned against the KaBal that was responsible for their father's wealth in the first place. Blood is thicker than money to the Kennedy family, and I think that if they had to choose again, they would choose exactly the same way.

Maybe this is why they tapped me as a kindred spirit in the interdimensional world of my dreams. For I think that Ted Kennedy became very involved with Faction 2, because it was the Faction 1 Amon RA cult PRIMARILY, though not solely responsible for his brother's murder. I think that in the dreams I had of him, that he was trying to get me to commit more fully to a Faction 2 allegiance, but as everyone knows, I have the same reservations about Faction 2 as Faction 1, although again, there may be good folks in any clique, and certainly Faction 2 is responsible for the oncoming financial reset, which I think is going to save the planet from severe economic misery.

You know, now I wonder if Ted Kennedy is even really dead, because when I saw his mother in the interdimensional realm, she had been dead to this world for over five years. I hope that I am not blowing any big secret, but the bottom line is that the Amon RA people know what I know, and as long as they do, I think that the Patriots of the world should know as well. I am not sure what exactly I know about Rose Kennedy that interests the KaBal. Maybe, she extracted some promise from me to help avenge her son's murder. That's a no-brainer for me. Kennedy's murder set this country on a downward moral and economic spiral, and I burn for justice. I don't care if I met a REAL Kennedy, or if my dream image "was a bad bit of beef", as Scrooge demurred.

So, what did Rose say or do in my dream. Nothing really. We were sitting in a circle of folding chairs, like a college Mass (and maybe, there was a priest celebrating Mass). I was sitting between Rose and Ted Kennedy, and I remember RK put her hand on my thigh in a maternal way. Now, I am very sensitive about who touches me. I am not a touchy-feely person at all. I do not like casual acquaintances to touch me, unless I feel that it is motivated by genuine and appropriate personal warmth and concern. In my dream, it did not bother me that RK touched me, so that tells me that my inner radar informed me that not only was she a person of good character, but exceptional character. Otherwise, I would have had a naturally recoiling response.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if the Mass was inducting me into some kind of vow, some kind of "order" for justice. If so, that would explain how I got so hooked into Faction 2. However, that still would not explain why the Faction 1 people wanted to disparage Rose Kennedy, unless, after my Good Samaritan act, they tried to recruit me, and I brought up her name. The only thing I remember about last night's dream was that I was in a hotel (not home--just visiting), and people were knocking on the door, trying to get in. Did I tell them that the only person I would open the door for was Rose Kennedy? If so, now, I will have to worry about the Faction 1 Amon RA faction, using the cloaking or changeling net on me. However, I don't think that I am that easy to fool--initially yes, maybe (but it's getting more and more difficult for the KaBal to succeed), but ultimately no. I don't have a positive memory of ROse Kennedy because of her looks, age, presence, station in life, her successful children or any of that. No, it was the intangible and tangible presence of a warm, loving, maternal soul that garnered my respect and admiration, and the entire edifice of Faction 1 is built on the complete antithesis of warmth and love.

That is why, the KaBal operative had me fooled briefly, and had me feeling angry, but then I think on things, and I realize, that there was no warmth and no love there. Thus, no PF. So, I ask forgiveness of those who do not understand that I don't "catch" feelings immediately. I have to think on the feeling that I just experienced, and then I can understand it. This is why I will play scenes in my head over and over again. Because of my autism, I am not sure what I am "feeling" in regard to them, so I have to go over and over it again, until I say, "this is what I was feeling".

Tonight, it was cold, disdain, and hatred from the part of PF's pretender. From myself, it is confusion and disbelief, even while acknowledging that there is some part of my true character, that of forgiveness and doing the right thing, no matter how I am treated, that is revealed.

PS--somebody with better software than me, check this out:

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