Sunday, May 6, 2012

Figuring out even more

Figuring out even more--as I was biking, I realized that I had seen that very same black bag in the previous post a third time before--again, the same, slender Italian looking young man was handing it over to someone in a car, and now I know that all those slender Italian men are Faction 1 human hybrids. My guess is that the hi tech gizmo they are passing in the black bag is a shapeshifting cloak or clothes. Because they are hybrids, they are not yet in possession of turbo-charged shapeshifting abilities and the cloak gives them that. I say this, because I remember the dream that I had the night after I saw the pizza delivery guy deliver something to Charles and his mother. That was the dream where an alien who "shapeshifted" as Hillary Clinton got me out of a rescue attempt and the young Italian man, who I saw with a change of clothes in his hands the following morning, sparked recognition. He was the one who drove the car in the interdimensional realm. That is four young men, clearly Italian, all of whom look the same and have the same build that I recognize regarding this black bag, clothes, and interference with my dreams. With that shapeshifting technology, they are able to deceive me in my dreams, which is the only way that these dark entities can inspire any kind of cooperation from humanity--through lies, deception, intimidation, and coercion. Again, I think it is the aliens impersonating "Charles" and his "mother" who are responsible for all this.

Anyway, I am prepared for the worst tonight. I have smudged my doors, and am giving myself a pep talk on not trusting anyone in my dreams--I can't tell good from bad. However, I am calling out to the angels. I think my poor kidney is in bad shape. Once again, my reflexology points are telling me that my inner organs are severely stressed. Furthermore, I can tell that my lifeforce, my chi/ki is very, very low. I am laying under a wool blanket in 80+ degree weather, and I find it difficult to muster the energy to move. I have been here before. It is a combination of excessive female hormones (which are toxic to my XYY body and brain) and psychotropic drugs.

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