Friday, May 11, 2012

Back in the MATRIX--and with a vengeance!

Back in the MATRIX--and with a vengeance! Everywhere I go, I am foreshadowed (key phrase is "fore") by "Agent Smiths", who anticipate my every move, even when I myself do not know where I am going. I just drove by a local grocery with no intention of stopping, and what do I see, a big black Lincoln continental, with the state code and "PRC" (public regulatory commission, I presume) in lettering. The really odd thing though, was the auto brand emblem. Even though it looked like a Lincoln continental, it had a brand logo of two steep "vee's". Now, I can't research that on the web, because my internet is out of service. Imagine that!

So, I am going to try to type this up, and read it aloud, in hopes that it gets circulated, because what I have got to say is so important, that once again (or should I say, as is the norm), Faction 1 and Faction 2 have completely collapsed into one organization entity to protect their occult lies and agenda. I am not in the best of mental states, because my house has been freshly dosed with the "black oil" virus (see the X-files arc--the first show of which was, "Piper Maru"), which feeds the Amon RA virus so that it grows strong within the person, allowing access to evil, reptilian spirits to take over the human host. Piper Maru got one important factor right--they pulled the virus from the sea. Now, I see where NASA is planning on sending a "lookalike" space shuttle on a sea cruise. That of course is to harvest more of the "Black oil" virus, in a safe (NASA shuttle) container, which they then will use to hold the world hostage.

All it takes is a little drop or two of that virus, and the nanoorganisms are able to penetrate barriers such as shoes, and enter the body. A tiny, fresh drop was placed right in front of my door, to make sure that I stepped on it, when I walked in. I had just mopped my kitchen last night, and I hadn't eaten anything sticky or sweet, so when I stepped in it, I had to double check. Sure enough. "Black oil" virus. I have seen it before, in my vehicles, (including a short term rental), and in my house--all over the place, there are tiny pinpoints, not even the size of a thimble opening, of black tarry deposits, where the virus has been dropped. I guess it is a good thing that I know how to control my anger, or that virus would have driven me insane years ago.

Instead, it just fuels my drive to let folks know what is really going on, and not even interrupted Internet will stop that! So, what is going on? Well, I haven't figured it all out, but this must be really scary to the KaBal, so I am going to stop trying to fully understand it, and lay out what I know. At least I figured out what Rose Kennedy was doing in my dream (interdimensional reality), at least seven years after she died in her biological body here on Earth. She IS alive, at least in a "limbo", interdimensional state--and not by personal choice, but by the direst of necessity.

So, let me back up, and explain that life really is not about the body, but about consciousness. In the 3D realm, the physical body needs to live in order for there to be consciousness (though there are twilight and subliminal states like comas). However, in the interdimensional reality, the only essential constituents of life are the DNA and the brain--because the brain is the repository of continuity of memory, over many lifetimes, and thus of conscious identity. Now if the brain dies, my guess is that the computer code in the DNA can be reassembled, usually with fresh additions (which is how I came to my genetic richness over the course of many millennia), but then the consciousness needs to enter into a new body, and the body is the microcosmic matrix for a new identity.

Now, I know that some people, especially people of religious faith, are not going to want to here this, but even though God, or the Original Source, is responsible for the construction of our DNA, identities and consciousness, the sophisticated aliens, traditionally the Tall Whites, but now also the Greys, have figured out how to get in the matrix (person) building mix and subvert. This is what has happened to me (and PF) over centuries. We live, we die, and when we do, the Tall Whites associated with MACHINE-RA says, "this is special DNA--we are going to manipulate it and figure out where it next re-incarnates". If you read the CIA disinfo websites, such as Zetatalk, they will often talk about how only a certain percentage of humanity is "sparked" or "ensouled" or "fully human". Well, guess what--that is code for stating how much of humanity is under control of the genetic manipulation of the Tall Whites (and behind them, the reptiles and even bigger and darker, evil entities). Now, this claim is total bullshit--all humans have souls, unless they sell them out; however, there is no question that humanity is sorted and sized and MATERIALLY (NOT spiritually) predestined by this genetic manipulation process. Every so often, I believe that a soul "sparks", which is to say, that it lefts itself up from the safe obscurity of the masses, and comes into the "radar field" of the Tall Whites, who are the guardians of the MACHINE and the reincarnation process. For example, I think this happened with Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a total wild card that the MACHINE had not planned on whatsoever--so he was terminated--death by assassination. Once he had passed on, the MACHINE probably took control of his consciousness (or what was left of it, in the reams of computer code of his DNA), and set him up for a future life they would determine and control...UNLESS some benevolent alien entity intervened to save him...

Now, was Rose Kennedy on the radar of the Tall Whites before her marriage to a heavy duty occult player, and before giving birth to a gifted, courageous and ambitious family? I don't know, but I know that she is on the radar now, and she knows it. Benevolent aliens know it, and have placed her in "interdimensional protective custody", along with a few other high ranking notables. Otherwise, her chances of ending up, say a sex slave, like PF, in her next incarnation, are extremely high, so that her suffering and humiliation would make her amenable to KaBal control, as well as punish her for her success in her past life. Or maybe, they would place her with a sadistic, satanic family, in hopes that she would become extrememly evil in response. In any case, RK knows what her future would be, if her current consciousness (DNA) was terminated. So, even though her body is now in the ground, her consciousness lives on in what "Battlestar Galactica" would call a "skin job". I don't mean that disrespectfully, but only descriptively. She, like many other interdimensionals (but not all), no longer has the 3D body originally assigned to her consciousness, but rather, they have some kind of organic, machine body. This should not be so radical to those who pay attention. If you watch the movie, "The Matrix" (can't remember if it was the first or the second), you will see Neo pull a plug out of his body--his physical body had died when it was liberated, and now, if you look, you can see that he has a machine body, with an organic skin covering. Again, the mistake that people make is assuming that life is the body, but it is not; life is consciousness, and consciousness can be transferred to a different microcosmic matrix or body, with ease.

Rose Kennedy knows this, because her son stumbled on to the great occult secret, and the scandal, and parasitical abuse of the aliens (Tall Whites associated with Machine-RA aka "sun", and the reptiles on the Moon), who have been controlling the process for millennia, all to keep humanity enslaved and suffering. For the reptiles literally feed from human suffering, while Tall Whites just want to keep the reptiles off THEIR backs. I think JFK learned about this set up, through his investigations into the space race to the Moon (he learned that we ALREADY were going to the Moon, and that negative aliens, were using it as a jump station to control re-incarnations on Earth). I also think he learned of the connection to the Vatican/Federal Reserve Board and Freemasons--or what he termed, "secret societies" in his famous address at the Press Club, to this occult slavery. Finally, I think he realized that his own father had become wealthy (and he became President), due to the patronage of this occult KaBal, and he set out with a vengeance to repudiate the whole wicked, evil, sordid order.

Well, we know how that ended, or do we? Actually, we don't, and I include myself in that, but as of today, I know a lot more about the fate of JFK. Once again, it is crazy, so much so that I have spent all day wrestling with it, and trying to understand it. I still don't understand it all, but I know it is the truth, and I feel compelled to put forth what I know is the truth, and maybe the complete understanding of it all will come to me, later.

Put baldly, JFK's consciousness has been hijacked for the MACHINE, by an alien entity, already introduced in this blog as...."Watcher", "Mermaid", or "Loretta". My guess is that because so much of JFK's brain was traumatically damaged by the sniper fire, that the hardware (his brain) to hook him up to the MACHINE mainframe, is no longer sufficiently intact to keep him "plugged in" without an intermediary. The body and brain which acts as host to "Watcher" is the medium that allows MACHINE-RA to romp through JFK's mind. You see, the MACHINE is the ultimate voyeur, and IT especially enjoys great and imaginative souls. MACHINE-RA could release the consciousness of JFK back into the cycle of reincarnation, but IT is having too much fun for now.

Now JFK was this country's last, truly great leader. He died, fighting not only to save his country, but also the entire planet from the horror of the occult evil of which he learned. He was a true iconic symbol of brave, undaunted leadership in the face of evil, and his martyrdom left a terrible wound, and then scar, on the American psyche, even though consciously, the overwhelming majority of Americans have no idea why he died. Unconsciously, I think that they did, which was why this country went into such a downward moral spiral and identity crisis after his death, which in turn, has lead to social polarization and angst, as well as a loss of true historical perspective. Thus, no one even notices that the photos and videos on the web have been altered from the genuine originals. We no longer pay attention to our own history, but follow inane celebrity tweets with the most avid of interests.

Thus, I commend PF for agreeing to caretake this consciousness of JFK, until such a time, as his soul (or consciousness), can be safely released in peace. I concede that my former hypothesis about her being used as a sex slave for "Watcher", the alien being, was deficient. All along, JFK was in the host body used by "Watcher", who acted as the jail keeper for the MACHINE. I think that somehow, PF learned that JFK was in this being, and that she took a vow to take care of it/him, as long as JFK's consciousness existed within it. I believe that, because, as I keep saying, our destinies are intertwined, and I have taken the same vow. That is what Rose Kennedy was telling me in the interdimensional dream, "Please take care of my son. He died trying to protect this country, and now he needs protection".

I know that I agreed, because first of all, it is in my nature. Secondly, night before last, I sacrificed my escape from this horrible MATRIX to make sure that I saved the life of Watcher. If Watcher dies, then the consciousness of JFK is lost to all hope of benevolent intervention to ensure that his future is not manipulated by the dark and evil entities, which have genetically manipulated my DNA for millennia, now.

Now, why am I revealing all of this, and putting Watcher's/JFK's life in jeopardy? Because it already is in jeopardy. Some faction tried to kill them night before last, and my guess is that it is the same faction that is trying to rewrite history by altering photos and videos of the Kennedy legacy. Yes, that would be the computer programmers of Faction 2. I suspect that they are planning for a new world, in which history, and thus reality, is very different from what actually occurred, and JFK has no place in their world. After all, their (Faction 2's) lords are those of the Amon-RA reptiles, and JFK did everything in his power to destroy them, not only when he was in his body, but even moribund as a semi-sentient consciousness in the amalgamated body/being now known as the mentally compromised Loretta (there are at least three consciousnesses in that being--no wonder she presents symptoms of dementia).

I don't understand the metaphysics of this arrangement, and I am too tired to make a stab at it. However, I think I can see flashes of Jack Kennedy in the words and behavior of Watcher. Positively, I think the intellect and knowledge of JFK has helped to inspire, create, guide and tweak the financial reset plan as it has evolved over 20 years. God knows, only the patience of a politician could endure what PF and Watcher have endured as they have tried to birth that baby, and it still is struggling to take its first deep breath, as selfish interests continue to try to divert the money to them and their agendas.

I also think that JFK's sexual licentiousness is echoing Watcher's own appetite for sexual improprieties, which is why I feel under psychic sexual assault at times. However, it is easy to recognize this as an unwelcome attention--for one thing, it always hurts my sacrum--and so I can deal with it, except for the fact that it is putting a crimp in my sexual activities with PF. Watcher just somehow seems to know when we are engaged in telepathic sex, and because he has an evil spirit, I cannot give an inch of tolerance or acceptance to any such advances. It wouldn't be that hard, except that relations between PF and I are already so difficult.

However, I took a vow to safeguard this consciousness, and I understand why I did it, and I would do it again, so I just have to deal with it. Remember somehow, JFK saved MY life, when I was drifting out on the ocean, with no power to make it back on my own steam. So, can PF and I protect JFK/Watcher? I think so--don't forget Watcher is an ancient alien being himself, interested in self-preservation, and present in that arrangement as well, is Loretta, the Mermaid marine mammal whose genes contain powerful psychic DNA. Eventually, the hope is to free the soul of JFK, so that he can be at peace to re-enter the reincarnation cycle (or maybe the interdimensional realm itself--God knows he is paying back karma big time in his current state). I am confident that such a future will come to pass for JFK--PF and I just have to keep the faith, and stay alive until it does.

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