Saturday, May 19, 2012

Insane headache

Insane headache is over, but clearly the psychotropics i am being force fed are really messing with me. because i am in a semi-psychotic state and have been for much of the day. i recognize my own states now.

I am back in matrix again--Amon RA downloading as agents. stopped into starbucks on a whim to get coffee to try to ease migraine. tasted nasty--liquid shrimp. yuck. got a chile chicken sandwich, and it was so gross i had to force it down. I hate everything about amon ra virus--way it tastes, way it smells, the evil, satanic look on the adherents faces, but somehow i am agreein gto his or it would not be happening.

too drugged to write anything of substance, but it was interesting to see the US post office mail carrier drop by the "Salusa" house at 8:36 pm. the us mail does not make deliveries at 8:30 saturday nite. i know that the us postal service is under the dominion of the KaBal--i have been stalked by them multiple times, as well as experiencing their interference in my own mail service. too drugged to go into details. anywayh, it should be an interesting nite, expecially since i saw the car pull into the driveway this morning that i have seen twice before--both times passing something to charles. I think it is some kind of energy weapon--the amon ra aliens love using me as a slave to fight their enemies. parasitical vampires. funny thing about the car was that it disappeared. now that i twice i have seen that happen. obviously the amon ra vampire crowd possess magic that can large objects disappear into another dimension and reappear at will (as happened the first time).

So, the Salusa crowd got a package from KaBal USPS gofers, and the vampires got an energy weapon today as well. on top of that i am so drugged, i have to fight to keep mental vibrations up--should be an interesting nite.

ps--worried about my kidney/prostate again. not able to evacuate urine. i think it is because the estrogen makes the prostate and clitoris so limp that even my damaged organs, functioning at the 50%-60% on a good day, are now fucntionaing at about 30%.

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