Saturday, May 5, 2012

Difficult revelations

Difficult revelations are to be disclosed in this post. I am not looking forward to it, emotionally or physically. I am not so heavily drugged today, though I still am on depakote, but even that mild psychotropic, combined with low levels of testosterone (my thyroid meds have been pulled again), makes me very low energy. Then I continue to suffer from the muscular-skeletal spasms, and lung pain and burning, caused by all the mutilations. However, I am determined to grit my teeth and get through this, today, so it will all be over.

I know who and what is causing this most recent painful bout of mutilations. As I said earlier, it is being done on the moon, and the culprit is the Amon-RA clique of faction 2, which I have identified much earlier in my expose of Apollo 18, as an emerging Faction 3. Now, I have doubts about all occult cliques, but there is no doubt in my mind that Faction 3 is especially vicious, sexually perverted, and destructive. I think, that among other accomplishments, that they are responsible for al-Qaida and all its destructions and agendas, 9/11, the murder of my daughter through genetic toxicity, the prominence of Maurice Strong, and the corruption of a lot more mainstream, liberal Faction 2 elements, including formerly noted individuals like Gene Valentine, the mind programmers who have been routinely flipping me in the unconscious state, especially sexually, these past few years, and the boy posse which have been acting like MATRIX agents to keep me in line, for their puppetmasters. Now, I could be wrong, but apparently the more mature elements of mainstream Faction 2, especially the Knights Templars have stepped in locally to try to rid these young men of their Faction 3 mind control programming, and restore a measure of integrity to their tarnished "brand".

I was very hard on the Templars in my last post. I have had dealings with them for years now, and no, I do not have a high opinion of them, since they have been in the forefront of the occult cliques, who have been drugging me, and insisting that I fit their longed for, female avatar figure. However, it is possible that the Templars I have dealt with in the past, have been flipped by this Faction 3, Amon RA cult, because I am the lightning rod and top prize of Amon-RA ambition, as led and manipulated by Maurice Strong. He had no compunction compromising correctional officers in a county jail to commit rape, and I am certain that he would have none compromising high ranking, occult Templars, and their young apprentices. Remember, Strong has access to the highest level of Grey technology, and that ANYBODY can be flipped, though those with activated DNA are actually easier to flip than us 3D humans.

However, I know now who the single most important being for my abductions and mutilations is. It is Mermaid. Because of her close relationship with PF, and also because I have recognized that I have actively moved to save her life in the interdimensional realm, I have tried to remain generously positive in my assessment of her. A couple of days ago, I was actually moved to pray for her. Big mistake. That was the night I was abducted and lost a third of my chest cavity. The night before, they (Faction 3 operatives on the Moon) had cut off access to my etheric penis by stymieing the meridians that run from upper torso to my belly. That was their big mistake, because not only did it prevent me from breathing properly, and thus oxygenating my blood stream, which is critical, with my virus, and my "blue blood", reptilian DNA, but they also moved to place my sacrum back in its original position. The latter felt great! In the interdimensional realm, I had the most incredible sex with PF, finally able to energetically move and thrust, in accord with the way my body was designed. I had the most intense orgasm, and I am sure that if my sacrum was in its original placement with supporting muscular structure intact, that ascension would be much easier for me. However, needless to say, the Faction 3 does not want a strong and spiritual, interdimensional male, but a helpless, dependent female that they can use, so the following night, my sacrum was reverted. I felt the energy loss, even in the mundane reality of being, immediately. Even now, if I revert the sacrum to its original position, I will feel a boost of well-being and energy, but I cannot hold the position. Anyway, at this time, they also put a bunch of nanotechnology implants, not only in my upper intestines and solar plexus area, but also in my sacrum...more on that later. They also cleared my breathing passage to my belly, so even though I still am suffering from painful lungs and inability to breathe deeply or properly, at least I can breathe into my belly and oxygenate my body, so I don't become as desperately ill as I feared I would.

Oh yes, Faction 3 has been quite busy, doing their medical experiments, drugging, torture, and mutilation of my body, and now I know that it has been Mermaid doing their dirty work for them all along. She has gained intimate access to my brain frequencies, by both talking with and touching me; she also has had access to the frequencies accompanying the sexual and orgasmic state, which are the ones that the negative entities covet the most, because that is when the brain is most open and trusting, and with those frequencies, they have a huge mind control and power advantage. Through PF, she also has access to my brain frequencies when I interdimensionally travel, since PF often travels with me on those journeys. Thus, it has been easy for her to parlay that knowledge into the ability to interdimensionally abduct and transport me to the Moon, where her Amon-RA masters and colleagues await.

Now, I had this revelation yesterday, when I briefly went to speak with PF, and a revitalized, rejuvenated Mermaid greeted me with open arms, demanding a hug. My intuition kicked in immediately, recognizing her open arms as not only insincere, but even further, as the gloating, evil triumph of an evil traitor. As I talked to her, her eyes gleamed with evil (yes, the eyes reveal not only a Holy Spirit, but an evil spirit as well), as she told me, maybe that I needed to "go to the hospital". It was the same old gloating, as she was referring to my abduction dreams, in which Faction 3 does their evil magic, in the MATRIX illusion of a "hospital". I wondered how she had managed to gain such strength in such a short period of time, and then remembered, with horror, my prayers. I say, "with horror", because I remember how I suffered an evil, painful abduction about several months ago, when I had decided that all I could do for my evil mother was pray for her. So, I spent my entire bike ride with prayers of intention for her in my mind, that night I suffered horribly at the hands of Faction 3, and the following morning, I got a gloating phone call from my mother, similar to the one I received the morning after my castration. Evil just needs to gloat.

I realize now that my "prayers" had just been strengthening Mermaid all along, that, along with her psychic vampirism of me, the previous two nights, while I lay drugged and helpless, "in the hospital" of Faction 3. As a matter of fact, she showed no indication of the debilitating illness that had afflicted her for years now, and I have a theory about that, but first I would like to talk about what happened last night. I want the reader to understand fully the ramifications of the psychic invasion of an evil spirit. About 2 in the morning, PF and I were engaged in telepathic sex, when Mermaid awakened. Since she is jealous of our sexual relationship, that ended our tryst. However, it was what happened afterward that was most telling. I was psychically invaded by an evil spirit, either by one on three successive occasions, or by three separate ones. Now, because it was very early in the morning, and I was very attuned to my body, I could "feel" the evil spirit(s), with ease. It is like a psychic wind going through the body, most specifically, up and down the spine, and up through the crown. Of course, I had help in my discernment process, because I felt that same sacral pain that I have been feeling for a while, which I recognize as psychic assault and invasion.

Now, I think that what is happening is that, during one of my abductions, some kind of etheric implant has been placed in my sacrum, to afford accessibility to my central nervous system, which is what an evil spirit attacks. When this first happened, I had went and sat in Mermaid's presence (I had unconscious suspicions), and the pain had disappeared, but when I asked her psychic opinion as to the cause, she shut down, and turned to PF with suspicious eyes, "Ask 'him'". She knew what was going on, and was DARING PF to tell the truth, creating the terrible guilt that binds a truly spiritual person, by forcing her into the conspiracy of lies. Now, as I have said before, PF is helpless before this tyrannical alien titan, so I hold no animosity against her for withholding the truth, but I kept the memory in my head, and last night I knew why Mermaid refused to help me. SHE was the reason behind the sacral pain. She was using the etheric implant to psychically feed off my spiritual energy. However, the evil goes even deeper than that. Last night after the feeling of spiritual invasion, I started having weird brain rushes, and they corresponded with stirrings in my gut, which is now mined with nanotechnology and the entire spinal cord. Now, the brain rushes were "different", and I knew they were pulses from MACHINE-RA (remember the Amon-RA cult are just the slug sea reptiles in symbiotic alliance with the MACHINE), attempting to open up my chakras along my spine or in my solar plexus, which were primed with the nanotechnology to immediately call the waiting reptiles into my body to take evil possession of me.

Pretty scary stuff, no? Even worse, smoking a cigarette has no adverse effect on these Amon-RA spirits, as it does on the Draconian reptiles--at least none that I could tell. The pain in my sacrum remained throughout, and nothing I tried--prayer, laying of hands, visualization of light--seemed to affect it. Now, my initial theory is that the pain I am experiencing is just the etheric implant creating an opening in my etheric body; The spirit stayed in my body--I don't think it found my body to be a congenial environment. However, because my sacrum/Central Nervous System was wide open, if the nano-tech stimulations (by a nano-switch operator, probably on the Moon), had been successful, I could have been victimized by full Amon-RA, reptilian invasion. Now, I want to reassure everybody, that it never even came close. I was too aware of what was going on, and I had totally shut down all my chakras immediately. However, it never feels good to have an evil spirit in your body, however briefly, and the sacral pain and the brain rushes and nano-tech stimulations were very uncomfortable. Even now, as I write this, I am suffering from the same pain in my sacrum, but now I know what is causing it, and I just try to deal with it. Is Mermaid feeding? Could be. I had to take some herbal testosterone, just to get the energy to finish this post, but I know that hormonally, my body is very low testosterone right now, and that always causes me to have low, dragging energy.

Now this discussion leads me back to to the question that I posed several days earlier--whether or not Mermaid is intrinsically evil, or if she is just another victim of "flipping". At the time, I was going through this discernment, I went and physically visited with her for a while, and left reassured. I realized some time later, that once again, an alien shapeshifter had assumed her body--the honest, genuine person I saw that day was not Mermaid at all, but the deception fooled me long enough to make an incorrect assessment. It gets very tedious, cutting through all the deception that surrounds those who inhabit the occult world, and while I understand why the deception happened, the bottom line is that it left me (at least consciously) ignorant as to what was really going on--until now.

I can honestly say that I believe that Mermaid is, indeed intrinsically evil, or at least so corrupted by evil, that she is an extremely dangerous predator. I am going to present my hypothesis, which may or may not be completely accurate. It seems that in my personal life, I am constantly having to readjust and review my opinions--that is, because I am so close up to the situation, that my reason loses its objective perspective. Thus, my mind knew that Mermaid was bad news; however, because of my emotional involvement with PF, I made allowances of love, that reason would have been much less likely to allow. For those haters who wish to condemn my relationship with PF, let me just remind you, that it is the human condition to allow reason to be diluted by emotional entanglement. If I have such a strong record of honest objectivity, it is because I do not identify with any one faction or clique, circle or group. It is only recently that I have allowed myself to become involved with another person, and the results have been not only spiritually creative, but emotionally highly beneficial to me. However, I know that I cannot remain emotionally (objectively) removed from the human condition of entanglement with human social life, and the corresponding subjective prejudices and preferences that would accompany such an allegiance to and identification with, the particular. A total rational state of being ultimately results in profound alienation, and can lead to serious neurosis, if not psychosis, and while I have never sought it, I cannot seem to break completely free of its siren call.

So now, I am enmeshed in a world of conflicting prejudices, convictions, values, rules, and deceptions, and while such a state of affairs may seem normal and status quo to so many of the psychics, aliens, and hybrids surrounding me, for myself it remains a challenge to both be true to myself and allow for allegiance to any one group or faction. I have spent years as a loner, not always by choice, but often by painful circumstance. I just could never subscribe to the lies and illusions that are so often generated by social groupings. If I had a high emotional intelligence, I am sure that I would have been able to navigate in the social world much better, but autism makes me uncomfortably (to other people) honest, and casts an impression of impersonal judgement. So, over the years, I learned to be my own support group, and validator, while I stuck stubbornly to the truth as I saw it. I also have suffered from unbearable and unsustainable loneliness, and the thought of such a future is not acceptable, nor has it been for years.

Now PF has led a very different life from myself. While I was thrown into extreme individual self-sufficiency from a very early age, I don't think that she ever had much individual time to herself at all. Instead, her whole life has been one of being groomed, controlled, used, and surrounded by a whole host of people, most of whom, especially in her formative years, were very unsavory, if not downright evil. So, she learned to discern as best she could in the rotten, corrupted social environment in which she was reared. Thus, she was not well trained to recognize Mermaid for what she was, when she met her--a spiritual Trojan horse.

Now, I do not want to suggest that Mermaid is irredeemable; I hope that she is not. However, such a hope will not dissuade me from honest confrontation with what I perceive to be a radical (as in "root"), deep, and years long, corruption by evil, that have originally been a very small part of her, but which now consumes her. Before I begin with the negatives, I want to lay out the case for hope--so that the reader can view the picture I present with some empathy.

I have to break, before continuing. After writing the last paragraph, and taking a break for lunch, I was psychically attacked by both a powerful Amon-RA download, and energy weapons that have left me weak, shaky, and nauseated. Furthermore, a yellow helicopter flew over my house, passing directly overhead, twice. Yellow, as in Merovingian yellow, as in Faction 2 yellow. Now, I am trying very hard, bending over backwards, to not lay blanket blame on Faction 2 (despite my very negative experiences with them); however, there can be no question that at least some elements/individuals of the mainstream Faction 2 are in collusion, with the more self-evidently and viciously evil, Faction 3. After that experience, there is also no question for me, that the above paragraph is correct--that Mermaid is NOT irredeemably evil, but it is very important to the KaBal that others think she is.

So, back to the case that Mermaid is NOT irredeemably evil. First of all, truly evil people are rarely out of control of their life circumstances--especially when they have the powerful psychic gifts that Mermaid possesses. Because, they have sold out to "the enemy", that is, the reptilian overlords, they are well taken care of. Money, friends, lovers, possessions, all seem to find their way to them, since they are using their occult powers to attract wealth, fame and power to themselves. Now, I know from my conversations with her, that Mermaid DOES have a longing for greater wealth and the good things of life, yet she lives in a dingy, old duplex, sleeps in a ramshackle bed, and eats Campbell's soup for her meals. It is not as if she has lacked opportunity to create wealth for herself--she is the owner of the financial instruments which made the financial reset possible. However, she put the needs of others (in this case, the whole world) above her own personal desires, gave away the title to her assets, and this has left her penurious. Along the way, she has given everything--her time, her money, her energy, to the Faction 2 financial reset agenda, for which she has been repaid, by being given a horrible virus (the same one I have) and constant psychotronic harassment, which has left her debilitated and sick. No doubt the virus was perpetuated upon her by Maurice Strong/Faction 3, in order to keep her powerless and controlled. Were she evil, Strong would have treated her as a partner, not a victim. Finally, as sick as she is, she has continually offered to help the Patriot movement and Earth, by using her psychic powers to help stabilize the planet from the earthquakes caused by all the HAARP and EM abuse. Evil people don't put themselves out to help others. I have seen her after one of her "sessions" to help calm the Earth--the effort takes everything out of her. Evil people are takers, not givers, and there is just too much evidence of Mermaid giving, without thought of recompense or reward, over the years to believe that she is completely corrupt.

Now, having said that, let me explain why I think that she was a spiritual Trojan horse. First of all, her former handle at RMN identifies her quite clearly, "Watcherxxxxx". The Watchers are first mentioned in the Book of Enoch--they are the "angel" (alien) guardians of the Earth, and there is no doubt in my mind that, while she currently is inhabiting the body of an old "Mermaid" (marine mammal) woman, the consciousness that is Mermaid, actually is centuries ancient. Now, "Watchers" are decidedly problematic, from a Judeo-Christian point of view, because according to Enoch, and the scripture that derives from it, Gn: 6, these Watchers are what we call "fallen angels". They were of a higher order than humans, yet they lusted after human flesh, and so "illicitly" contaminated the natural order of 3D humans by carnal relations, and then later, by the teaching of the arts of war, no doubt so that their "proteges" could rule the world. Scripture teaches us that, because the Watchers brought such corruption upon the Earth, God had to cleanse it by the Great Flood.

Now, there is no doubt in my mind with which tribes of Israel, these "Watchers" or fallen angels procreated and patronized, or for that matter, which family clans. You see, both PF and I have the dubious honor of belonging to the only family clan whose surname boasts that we are descended from this original intercourse between "Watchers" and humans. This is why our surname is so highly prized by KaBalists, and why such hard core genetic manipulation and satanic activity runs in our family. There can be no doubt that our ancestral forebears were the original ones to mate and ally with these Watchers, which eventually brought ruin upon the Earth. So, first and foremost, the link between Mermaid and PF (and myself), is karmic. However, before grabbing your pitchforks and setting up bonfires in which to burn all my family, let me say, that it is more than our personal family which was involved in this intermingling and alliance--as a matter of fact, the entire Celtic--Irish and Scottish, and indeed, all TRUE Aryan genetics are descended from this hybridization between Watchers and humans. I believe that other alien species and beings have mated with humans, but there was something particularly egregious about this violation by the Watchers (and the Tall Whites--but that is another story). Maybe it was because the Watchers mated from lust, rather than scientific, genetic experimentation or necessity--for some alien beings, have become "trapped" upon Earth, and HAD to go native, in order to survive. I suspect that the Watchers, like the Greek and Roman gods, were free to travel to their interdimensional homes, but liked to come to Earth to do some "sexual slumming". Because of their advanced spiritual natures, and the interdimensional protocol forbidding this kind of fraternization, this would have been a violation that had negative spiritual repercussions. Even worse, these Watchers taught these Aryan/Celtic tribes, the art of war and advanced weaponry, and these early Watchers, especially the tribe of Dan and the Mongols, were vicious fighters set on conquest. Among their conquests was Egypt, and the red-haired Pharaohs, or the northern Pharaoh invaders, were descendants of the Watchers as well, which is where they gained their occult knowledge, often turning it to nefarious purpose, including animal-human hybrid genetics. As above, so below. They themselves were products of a hybridization between an advanced and lower species, so they took it upon themselves to imitate the "perps". You can see why God had to cleanse the Earth. However, God also can bring good from evil, and the true Aryan/Celtic race is one of the most established and healthily productive of contemporary human bloodlines. It also is subjected to heavily disproportional rates of satanic abuse, of which both PF and I have experienced.

Now, here is where I get hypothetical. It is the early 90's, and there is an ancient alien consciousness, probably in the body of an older male at the time, who is heavily affiliated with Faction 2. After all, he would stand by the faction that his forebears (or perhaps he himself) had helped found, and of course he would be be affiliated with the occult elements of that faction, i.e. freemasonry and CIA. Almost certainly, he manifested the weaknesses of his original peers/forebears, and had a lust for human women, and the CIA bigwigs, eager to placate and satisfy their prized alien asset, set him up with one of their "best" CIA sex slaves, PF, and thus began the relationship between PF and Mermaid. Now remember, PF was never a "normal" human being. She was born a human/alien hybrid, complete with the advanced psychic and "spiritual" gifts that such a birth bestowed. She was already very involved with the occult, specifically the "Magi", and was developing "turbo-charged" capabilities, such as the ability to "shapeshift" into other bodies. At what age, those gifts developed, I am not sure, but let's just say, she was not a normal human being when she met Mermaid. However, her mind controlled formation and years of sexual slavery had also left her deeply crippled, and I think impacted her spiritual discernment. My guess is that Mermaid (in his 'man's' body) was quite the lover (centuries of practice!) and very spiritually charismatic. He also was deeply idealistic, wanting to help overturn the rotten Faction 1 clique, with which his kind was in perpetual warfare, and help restore prestige to his faction AND an egalitarian wealth to the world's population. I think all of this hooked PF, an idealist herself, and the two expanded their partnership from the merely sexual to the professional, and they applied themselves, with others, to plans and possibilities to change the world's financial order.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. I think Maurice Strong got involved with these Faction 2 financial plans, at a very early stage, though in his case, I think it was less about idealism, than a hidden agenda to flip the pole of the world's money center to him. I think he planned on being the NWO's Rothschild, even though that was a secret very carefully hidden from all, but a few, and being true believers, Mermaid and PF, were not among the chosen few. Now Strong, having a subtle and clever reptilian mind, and being this age's anti-Christ, had multiple brands in the fire, and one of them was me--who he had recognized as being his antithesis. Thus, I had to become a asset, or I would be a serious threat, and he thought he had me. For I spent a couple of years trying to enter a monastic order, which he knew he could comfortably control, having provided the land grant for the monastery, and being solid acquaintances with the Abbot (I now think the monastic founders themselves were "occult babies"). However, it became increasingly clear that I was not going to fit into the monastery, and he had to find a way that he knew that he could hook me, especially, after I became host to the "Beast" (evil reptilian spirit) underneath the mountains of Colorado. Once I did that, Strong no longer had exclusive access to that powerful evil spirit, and he was pissed. So, I think he set out to ensure that no matter what, I would be subjected to his power, including that of his surrogates.

Now, unlike me, Strong knew that I had a genetic twin. As a matter of fact, she was astrally in contact with me at the time, though I had no conscious knowledge of any of this. He knew EXACTLY who she was, and that we were destined to meet and either destroy or complete each other, as we had done, time and time again, through multiple incarnations. So, I think he became proactive and subtly turned Mermaid's and PF's mind and relationship to the spiritual. This would not have been hard to do--he had access to the Grey technology which would grant him access to flip both PF's mind (piece of cake after years of documented mind control) and Mermaid's (probably harder, but after all there were other CIA sex slaves, and spiritual vanity is a powerful motivator too). I know that in 1997 PF agreed to allow an alien entity to co-exist with her, in some kind of vowed relationship. I think that entity was Mermaid. The funny thing about 1997 is that is the year that I broke off my relationship with the monastery, and moved far from the vicinity. The Trojan horse was in place, and now Maurice Strong was not only assured that he had the pieces with which he could control the financial reset, but he also had a reserve piece with which to wreak havoc with me, through jealousy of the woman he knew would be my future lover.

Now, somehow I don't think the "spiritual" relationship between PF and Mermaid lasted very long, since they both are sex addicts. However, neither do I think that it was a torrid romance, and certainly it was not monogamous. PF even engaged in marriage and long term relationships. At some point, Mermaid had to change bodies into that of a 13th tribe, marine mammal female. I suppose that these alien consciousnesses are still fueled by DNA, and need to find a DNA compatible match. Now, how Mermaid came into his/her current body, I do not know, but I know that is how she came by her profound psychic gifts of healing the Earth. That is the province of dolphins, whales, and no doubt, our humanoid cousins, the marine mammals. I am using the feminine pronoun, because I believe that Mermaid has nearly completely identified with the female personality of the bodily being she now inhabits--ALMOST, because she still is the dominating, tyrannical Watcher. My guess is that a desultory sexual relationship has continued, because not only is PF in a male body now, with Watcher insanely jealous, but I know that PF began tricking out as a gay male stud in the early years of this century. I doubt that PF enjoys the occasional sex encounter with Mermaid, but she has been well trained to sexually perform, no matter what her personal feelings. Of course, this sexual affair was another lifetime ago, and while Mermaid won't let go, I honestly believe that PF is heartily sick and tired of what she now recognizes (and has for years) to be an exploitative, abusive and one-sided relationship. However, slave habits die hard, she is in a vulnerable position, and I believe she feels bound by what she considers an "oath".

Now, while PF will have to free herself from her own personal slave habits, and I am not currently in a position to offer her a more secure haven, I can say that the "oath" is bullshit. First of all, she was subjected to major mind control, not only through the CIA, but through the machinations of Maurice Strong, and thus, not free to consent to any spiritual vow, much less with an advanced being, with an unbelievably vast history of exploitation, who has demonstrated nothing but disregard for her free will. Furthermore, even Mermaid was under mind control as well--by a man who is this age's anti-Christ, using extradimensional technology by humanity's stated enemy, the Greys. Finally, while any vow, is to be deeply honored, they can and should be broken, especially in cases of abuse, and believe me, this relationship certainly qualifies. In addition, as Christians who work with victims of satanic abuse know, we are bound, not only by the personal vows we make to demons, but also by intergenerational vows made by our satanic families over the centuries. I would have to classify Mermaid as a demon, though not a thoroughly corrupt one, but certainly not wholly benevolent either; and a little corruption in an advanced spiritual being is tremendously destructive, which is why interdimensional protocol prevents fraternization between unequal spiritual beings, a rule that the Watchers have disregarded for millennia, much to humanity's sorrow.

Now, by intergenerational vows, I mean being born in a satanic family, and experiencing satanic and ritual abuse which incurs real demonic power over us, at the moment of our birth, solely through the history of our family's servitude to dark entities, regardless of any choices we make. Scripture says that "the sins of the father are visited upon the son for seven generations". Imagine how much more powerful satanic and karmic legacies are--that is why, despite all protestations by liberals and atheists, I have always affirmed that the doctrine of original sin is real and valid, but the sin does not have to have staying power over us. We can choose to shuck it off, which is why I have been so assiduously honest about my negative past lives, and why I wrote, yesterday, about David's vows. I am working towards removing all karmic, intergenerational vows that afflict me through my birth into a satanic heritage. PF needs to do the same. Not only is it valid and freeing, but it is absolutely necessary--and again, Christians who work with recovering satanists and satanic, ritual abuse survivors, have documented this again and again. Prayers on this page would be an example, though the dogmatic presuppositions need to be modified for those aware of interdimensional reality:

Now professionally, PF and Mermaid made a good team. Kudos to them for thwarting not only Maurice Strong's hidden trapdoors to direct the money his way, but also multiple other Faction 2 interlopers and would be thieves. It was their vigilance and constant work and efforts for nearly 20 years that laid the groundwork for the financial reset to be a success, which I believe that it will be. However, towards the end, Strong amped up the Amon-RA virus and mind control in Mermaid, and cracks in their partnership efforts began to show. Thus, the reason another alien being pretended to be Mermaid a couple of weeks ago, was because if I had blogged on that day that Mermaid was a compromised Watcher, an evil spirit, the entire financial reset edifice, and all the work that it had taken, would have been destroyed. I hate being duped or lied to, but in this instance, I understand, because I recognize that would have been disastrous for the entire planet. Also, I think that PF and Mermaid have been successfully blackmailed by negative Middle Eastern governments or entities, very likely the Saudis. At one point, when Mermaid was truly, deathly ill in the hospital, I drove PF to visit her. We made a stop at a gas station along the way, ostensibly for cigarettes. Two Middle Eastern men, dressed in their native long robes, entered the gas station. The previous night, Mermaid had signed over her power of attorney to PF re: the financial title. I know, because I watched it. Now, why, when Mermaid is such a control freak, would she sign over POA? Is it because she was handing over ownership of a financial instrument to save her life from the Amon-RA virus, which had been pushed on her while visiting a middle eastern country? Was she authorized to do that, or was she hoping to push the blame on PF? I am just asking--there is a lot about this financial reset and all the details, that I don't understand.

I do understand my role in this, though. I will continue to support PF as my common law wife to the utmost of my ability to do so. She is the mother of my children, who were born of a spiritually loving union, and I do not believe that would have happened if I were not meant to be with her for the rest of my life. When she is disrespected and insulted, I personally feel disrespected and insulted, which is why I came down so hard on the boy posse of RMN. I now have to say that, after looking at the site, I see that PF continues to post there, so I am sorry for my earlier negative comments on the site, and for the boy posse, I would just recommend that you learn to think about matters that you post--then you can write with authority and perspective, which right now, you just don't have. I continue to believe that PF is one of the few beings I know who understands the occult and KaBal matters from a mature and wise perspective, even while she is victimized, and yes, still enslaved by it.

However, I am enslaved, too. I have felt like shit all day, and that is because I am not in control of my own body, and not able to get the male hormones that I need to feel fully alive. I realized that the person in the Faction 2 hospital dream that I had, who took the role of my mother, was actually Mermaid. She knows the images from my mind and can really manipulate me. Because she has made such a total transition from masculine identity to feminine identity, she wants to force that on me. Well, with this pathetic child's body, and all these force fed female hormones shoved down my throat, I do feel more feminine--the only problem is, that I feel like shit, when I am in this condition--there is nothing natural, enlivening, joyful or spirit-filled when I am in a feminine state. I just feel half-dead and low energy, and I am certainly not capable of bestowing spiritual life, in any capacity in this condition. Speaking of which, there will be no sexual activity between PF and myself for a while, which will further unman and depress me, but it cannot be helped. I do not feed demons, and Mermaid will be able to ride my sexual brain frequencies right into reptilian possession, if I am not careful.

I am not under any illusion--Mermaid is a very dangerous reptilian evil spirit right now. However, I have saved her life before, and there has to be a reason for that. Maybe (and this is my first guess), I am a fallen angel, a Watcher, from a long ago lifetime, and by showing mercy to a Watcher, who has some good in her, I am freeing myself from the horrible, negative karma I entailed, when I forsook my spiritual heritage and descended into a lower state of being. Maybe I am trying to undo all the damage done to my family, the Aryan/Celtic bloodline, and indeed the entire human race, by this apostasy of the fallen angels. Practically speaking, I have a niece (who actually is my genetic daughter, from one of my ova), who will be born soon. Already, the reptiles have been altering her in the womb to make her a reptilian queen (I wrote about this in February). I cannot help her or my nieces and nephews on an individual basis. I HAVE TO, I MUST, break this intergenerational curse which has afflicted my family and all of humanity, ever since the Watchers fell, and like Jesus, I believe that forgiveness has more healing power than death, especially when there is good in the being. I don't know how I am going to work this out, but I believe there is a way, but one way or another, it will be resolved. In the meantime, I ask for prayers for myself, since I am going through such a miserable, low energy time, and need my warrior energy returned, in order to succeed, and for PF, who has to live in close proximity with an evil spirit, who truly makes her life miserable. I fully believe that we are the future--or we would not have made such an abundance of interdimensional children--the first in our timeline. We just have to be patient, persevering, loving in the fullest measure of the word, and take one day at a time.

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