Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Subtle and cunning are reptile minds--

Subtle and cunning are reptile minds--and those of their Nazi minions as well. The reptiles I am talking about are those affiliated with MACHINE-RA, specifically Amon-RA, as shepherded by the Tall Whites and their Faction 2, Nazi underlings. They certainly stung me last night. I even dreamed of them--one was a "Dr. Gemmell", and in my dream, I was surface compliant, while inside I was thinking that I did not give two figs about what the damned doctor said. But the doctor (or there may have been two of them) still got the better of this exchange as I found out the following morning. I had thought that Mermaid was no longer next door, as I the negative vibe had totally cleared, and PF and I engaged in sex yesterday with no fears or problems. So, this morning, when we began again, I was not expecting any problems. Wrong. First of all, I experienced the throbbing pain in my head that feels like a meat cleaver is right down the middle of the skull. I first noticed that pain years ago, and all I can figure out is that there is some kind of implant put in by the religious freak Nazis, that causes it. Anyway, the pain spread, all through my skull, and so I had to stop. When I did, I noticed that I was in a severely autistic state, and had to shut my eyes, so that I was not overwhelmed by stimuli.

That was when I realized that the goddamned Nazis had wired my brain, so that sexual activity would result in a cascading viral download. Now, I am getting quite sophisticated at knowing when the MACHINE plugs in to my brain, and even blocking it. I feel (or rather visualize) a scan that pulsates throughout my entire brain. When that happens, I know that the MACHINE is plugged into me. I am getting better at fighting it, but not on this occasion. The Nazis had wired me up so well that I briefly lost consciousness to the MACHINE--sort of like a dream state, but a very far-off, surreal kind of dream state. Still, I was able to fend it off, pulling out of it a couple or three times, then reverting, before finally freeing myself from the MACHINE completely. However, I could tell that, once again, a subtle reptilian evil spirit was trying to gain entrance to my central nervous system. Now this was a much more serious assault than what I went through in the past couple of days, because it caught me by surprise. Because I was in the throes of sexual ecstasy, I had not realized the altered state, my brain had entered, until it was almost too late.

Still, I think I would have been fine, were it not for reinforcement by the KaBal doctors. As usually happens when I am autistic, I went outside on my front porch to sit, since gulping fresh air always helps me, and who comes walking down the sidewalk right in front of my house, but two, separate KaBal doctors. They both had the small, slight build that I have learned characterizes the Sirian clique that was responsible for my stolen ova in the first place. It is as though the males have had to give up high testosterone to save themselves from possession by reptiles. It also has taken their manhood, and they are a pretty weenie lot--so, of course, they compensate by victimizing others, and that would be me. I don't know if either or both of them got me with an energy weapon, as I sat there, because I was already so messed up, I couldn't be sure. However, very soon, I was lost in RA la-la land. Yes, I am out of it now, and resolved once again, not to repeat the mistake of engaging in sex, until those KaBal implants are removed. It just is frustrating to have to endure this constant barrage of assault from scumbags that I despise. Still, it won't be much longer. I will tell these pathetic religious Nazis the same thing I tell all KaBalists. I despise you and everything you stand for, and insofar as I allow myself to be victimized by you, it is only so that I can learn how to defeat you and your goddamned MACHINE more thoroughly and completely. I will never serve the MACHINE. I will never serve the KaBal. I will never serve evil.

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