Sunday, May 20, 2012

no sooner

no sooner do i shake off one unconscious nemesis, then the KaBal figures out how to hook into another. For years, they hooked into my mother complex, but I think that i finally resolved that, but now they have hooked into my father complex--and specifically the power he has over my psche as the result of the anal penetration that he ritualistically engaged in with me, while I was a toddler. i don't think he did it with his penis, but rather that he held me down, while I was anally penetrated with an object. again, i am just guesing, but i know some kind of anal sodomy was done to me in a satanic ritual, and my father was involved.

well the amon ra alien vampires really grooved on the sex experience i had a while back as richard lionheart. i think i figured out why. i think they are bunch of sodomites. now they are not gay, in the sense that they are men whose erotic and emotional prefernce are for oither men. i think that they are rather misogynistic sodomites--they prefer sex with other males, because their culture despisesthe feminine, and thus they despise joining with women in intimacy.

i think this culture is the one that founded imperial rome, and that is where the cult of misogynistic homosexuality flourished. Men preferred younng boys (very controlled and dominating relationships), but being 3D they had to marry. i forget which roman said it, "boys for love, women, for children".

it is ironic that we associate venus with women and the planet of love, because i believe these amon ra vampires originally were from venus, and that all the venusians we encounter on Earth in their various shapeshifting bodies, are male, while the females are kept, completely dominated, back home in Venus.

I think these misogynistic-homosexual males from Venus are the ones who perverted the teachings of Jesus, and created the hierarchal, "celibate" priesthood (which met and serviced all their ideals) of domination, control, and homosexual predatory encounters, and they are the ones behind everything rotten in the catholic church/Vatican, and are especially affiliated with the jesuits/opus dei, and every other hateful, reactionary, blasphemous, and psychoogically damaging movement in the church.

well, being the consummate sodomites they are, they really got off on my anal sex with PF role playing as a male. Not only that, but they have figured out the pathway to the memory where my father was involved in the sodomy ritual i experienced as a child, and now they are manipulating that memory to mind control in my dream or interdimensional state.

I know this from my dreams last night when the image of my father kept telling me what to do, and i obeyed! now understand, i had to be int he top 1% of father haters during my teenage years. i may have obeyed, but it was from fear not love. i did relearn to love my father again the year i worked for him when i was 19, but believe me, i am not someone who "listens to Dad", so they have hooked some primordial, childish memory attachment of fear, in order to get me to do what they want.

What do they want--they want me to watch movies--which is a way of saying that they want me to plug into the MACHINE, so that it can enjoy my neural stimulation. i know that the amon RA cult is behind it, because they wanted me to watch a morgan freeman movie. have you seen his hand? another celebrity selling out his soul to the Amon Ra cult for fame--he has a monster hand from all of the hormonal pushing, i didnt see any movie, but that was because i kept getting destracted. the movie theather was actuall in LAX, which means that i was travelling interdimensionally (airplane), and thus it was a MACHINE trip, somehow that Faction 2 scoundrel, Gene Valentine is involved, because i saw a young woman with a valentine, and asked her how to get to venezuela theater where i was supposed to watch a movie. she told me to go to "14th street and turn left". i interpret that as Faction 3 (faction 2 is "13), and then it is the left wing clique of faction 2. Maurice Strong? Has Valentine become his right hand man--is he hiding in Venezuela?

anyway, the next part of the dream, you have to remember that the amon ra venusian wing of vampires cant stand the fiscally liberal wing of Maurice Strong. yes, they may have cut a temporary deal with him, so that they could keep all the money that the Patriots wanted to bestow on the world, to generate true wealth creation, but there was no way that deal was going to last, once the ink was signed, and the money was back safely in there control. And vice versa is true as well. however, because the vampires have me, the prized slave weapon in the KaBal's arsenal, they are now going after Strong/Valentine using me. anyway, i got some phone call, and "my dad" said, you better not be stealing from venezuela theator--they have got video cam on you and it look like your stealing". now i dont recall stealing anything--i just think that was another control move, used to keep me in fearful and dominated.

so, i am going to need to work on this part of my psyche as well, for clearly the vampires have figured out how to hook that sexual memory of childhood anal sodomy, and are using to control me. on top of that, they have me so drugged and pumped full of estrogen (the better to keep me subjugated to "dad"), that i am barely functional. third day in a row with no energy, constant headaches--cause by estrogen, estrogen blocker helps, but i took my last one. my legs are cramping so badly that i scream in pain, and once again i am constipated. the worst part tho is the constant migraines, and being unable to eat good food, whichis a necessity when i am sick.

want to write more, but i ned to go lay back down. have to figure out how to break their control grip on me.

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