Friday, May 4, 2012

My apologies--

My apologies--having just reread my most recent posts, I am appalled by the poor quality of writing. I recognize it from before--this is the female hormones messing up my brain. It happens every time the mother fuckers try to force me to identify as a female. My brain is a MAN's brain, that needs high levels of testosterone to be fully functional. Without it, I do not read, research or think as well (I was also having some difficulty pronouncing words), and my writing suffers terribly. Anybody who reads this blog knows the normal caliber of my writing. I have been on female hormones for a couple of days now, to trip and trick my mind into an unconscious flip to a feminine self identity, and it is destroying the fullness of my humanity (which is only realized as a MAN) and my giftedness. The most recent blog posts are proof positive. I cannot remember the last time I had so many lapses of thought in writing and piss poor, run on sentences. Again, anyone who is honest can recognize the truth, but my tormentors are all masters of the occult lie.

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