Thursday, June 16, 2011

The abduction atrocities by the negative Sirians

The abduction atrocities by the negative Sirians continue. This morning I woke up with severe back spasms. Literally hurts to lift my arms or even breathe. I seem to almost be hyperventilating to breathe, especially if my back is sitting upright without any support. Why is this? Because the Sirians have cut out and/or shaved essential back muscles and ligaments. I am worried, because I don't know if I can get those back muscles back through working out. I can tell you that quality of life with my back in the mutilated state it is in is abysmal. With every breath I take, I feel back spasm and pain, and I feel like I am drowning--like I cannot get enough breath, especially with the clogged up nose caused by the female hormones.

It is inconceivable to me that ANYONE could continue to believe the lies of these luciferian Sirian aliens, after reading of the horrors, pain, and transgress that I have experienced from these monsters. I have tried, but my writing hasn't done justice to the suffering--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual--that Salusa and his company of "calm, tranquil" (his words) cohorts have done to me. I expect the likes of the Bilderberger group and Obama to not give a fig about massive suffering and the possibility of eternal slavery of the human race, but the kool-aid drinkers concern me the most--they have no malevolence in their hearts, just delusion in their brains.

There is no doubt in my mind that these negative Sirians are the evil "fallen angels" of which Scripture and tradition have warned. Tradition states that Satan or Lucifer (I prefer the term "Lucifer" to denote the prince of devotees of MACHINE-RA, even though he may go by the name of SaLuSa), hates humanity so much because he is jealous of our free will. Envy is always the great amplifier of hatred. The fallen angels, or negative Sirians lost their free will to MACHINE-RA centuries ago by becoming cybernetic slaves. Remember there are multiple Sirian factions, from the original tri-star system of Sirius--the Tall Whites, the Lemurian "cat people", and I am not saying that ALL Sirians are cybernetic slaves or not, but I KNOW that those led by SaLuSa, those Sirians cutting on me, and deceiving the world with their lies, ARE cybernetic slaves. I also know that, despite differences, these Sirians have all shared alliances over the centuries. The "tall Whites" are those consigned by the Archangel Michael to the hell below the surface. The cat people, who are dark skinned, slant-eyed Sirians, cooperated with their brethren to hold the people of ancient Egypt in bondage.

Partly, this history of human exploitation by the Sirians transpired, because they themselves were victimized by the Reptiles, and they were just trying to escape their suffering by passing it on to to someone else--notably us humans (so much for their spiritual "superiority"--such a move is a clear indicator of spiritual immaturity and INFERIORITY). However, the contingent of Salusa & company, the cybernetic slaves of MACHINE-RA, are the ones who especially hate us humans for our free will, for they have none, which is why they are so much into mind control. They are like the errant, deterministic psychologists who think that human behavior is completely factored and caused by external stimuli--that they can predict with near certitude how people will react to environmental prompts. This is why my insistence, from the beginning, of my right to choose my self-determination and life choices, has challenged, and now, infuriated the Sirians, so that there is nothing left of their luciferian sweet lies, but just the painful brutality of hi-tech torture.

What the Sirians cannot grasp is the reality of free will. Physically speaking, I should have been assimilated by now. The cybernetic implants, and nightly injection of the "metal worms" into my brain (there is a fresh needle puncture by my right ear) have ravaged the structures of my brain and body--yet I cling to free will, and insist upon my worship of the living and true God and my rights as a human being. Sure, my insistence is not respected or acknowledged, but I persevere anyway, and will continue to do so until I die. The Sirians, like so many other soulless or soul-lost beings are stumped by the existence of the soul. Thus, they try to find it, to reduce it to a physical substance that they can then cut out and eradicate, but they have not succeeded. I surely cannot claim to know where or what my soul and/or spirit is, but I know it is there, and I know it is a gift from the true and living God, which I worship and cling to, with all my being, and thus know that MACHINE-RA and ITS abrogation and denial of human free will, is the ultimate blasphemy of God's beauty of, and purpose for, creation.

The Luciferians or Sirians will not succeed. They cannot destroy the soul, and I am proof of it. They ARE destroying my body inch by inch, but I live in a world where suffering is rampant, and still I say it is better to suffer as a free being, in harmony with God's will, than to live in a delusional world of light and cybernetic slavery. Keep up the good fight, all you warriors, or Earth and all its peoples will suffer as I am suffering, and even worse.

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