Saturday, June 18, 2011

So much to do, and too drugged to do it

So much to do, and too drugged to do it--I am furious to be on some psychotropic drug that has totally sidelined me. At least, I would be furious, if I could experience any emotions, but I am too drugged to really care. However, INTELLECTUALLY, I am furious, because there are hours of research I need to get on top of, and I cannot, because I am too drugged. Of course, there is always a backlog of research, but RIGHT NOW, there is cutting edge material that I need to sift and ponder, in order to stay current with the constant flux of reality and change, and I just am too drugged. Even when I try to pursue the research, my brain is dead, fried by the drugs, so that I cannot make the necessary creative connections and leaps. Very frustrating to me...

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