Monday, June 13, 2011

Whatever the damned Sirians

Whatever the damned Sirians did to me last nite, they have left me severely and classically autistic. I literally am walking like rain man, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. fI cannot bear any stimuli from reality--causes extreme anxiety. even now i am suffering from elevated anxiety. i cannot surf web--loading images are tooo much to see--eye cannot perceiving moveing images. very nauseated with motion sickness. think that in my dream i coop-erate with sirians. why? because i have a couple of psychics checking me out, including a Black psychic--know that the Black psychics are fully mplugged in as cybernetic slaves. i cannot seem to be able to prevent this cooperation. is it because of the evil spirit in me? this evil spirit has been identified by healers and an episocpalian bishop (even if they didnt know they were identifying it, I knew). In the interview iam watching of michael prince, he confirms that the cranial implants of cybernetic slaves is in the forehead. He talk of technology (cubes) that can be used to control someone who has that cranial implant. When I am in my dream state i think i am susceptible to being controlled by sirians, but of course in my waking state, free will comes to fore. do not know how to getrid of this forehead implant or fight sirians in sleep, but i am certain that it would be extrememly dangerous for me to become unplugged as long as i am surrounded by so many cybernetic slaves ready to kidnap me. just dont feel safe at this point. surrounded by too much evil. cannot do much in the severe autistic state i am in. I would like to finish watching Prince's interview, but too sick. I am really developing a different take on it, abut even superficially it is worth watching. this guy is tellling the truth. so i will post the url here. hope i can analyze it better soon for you sick to get the link. do a search on youtube for Michael Prince - Human Cybernization at Q552 Nelson Base...

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