Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spoke too soon

Spoke too soon--got some kind of viral shit going on that is making me severely autistic. Think the viral load is heavier because lungs are hurting--hard to breathe--brain is severely autistic. So congested with mucous from the fucking estrogen,. I know my body. Excessive amounts of testosterone gives me a feeling of well-being, social adeptness, and production. Unfortunately, the fucking Sirian pricks have set my hormonal system so that estrogen matches the testosterone, and the excessive estrogen makes me irritable to the point of being angry, and makes me hate this fucked up body that no longer belongs to me, but is the work of a bunch of fucking Nazis.

I need to get out and do chores, but first I have to take a shower. I am too fucking autistic to take a shower. I am so fucking miserable while these fucking goddamned idiots play games with my body and brain. I wish I could kill myself and end this fucking misery.

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