Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fighting nausea and drug-induced lethargy all day,

Fighting nausea and drug-induced lethargy all day, but I am pulling out every little bit of my spirit to do so. Despite my misery, and believe me, Salusa and the Sirians have pummeled my body into a most uncomfortable and unnatural shape, with the shoulders so pulled back that I literally cannot lay my arms flat against my side, and my body's musculature is in pain due to all the unnatural contortions. I keep itemizing my sufferings, in hope that all the kool-aid drinkers out there will come to their senses and release from these evil demons (if they can...once the Sirians have a hook in you, I expect it difficult to escape). --

However, I am certain now that the situation in this country is even more critical that I had realized. When Hillary Clinton came back from Africa, I dreamed that Robert Gates had tried to kill her! At the time, I thought that it was a metaphorical dream--and I interpreted it to mean that he really had made a huge power play to decapitate her from position of leadership. You see, Gates and Clinton have had a very uneasy alliance. They both are patriots who love their country, but their visions and values diverge. However, Gates has supported the Knights Templar, Faction 2, and after the recovery of the Air France black box proved conclusively that the Templars, Faction 2 was the creative force behind the 9/11 false flag attacks, Hillary had enough clout to ensure his resignation. At the time, I put Gates' huge error in judgment and trust to an honest error. After all, he has been involved with high intelligence and military circles for decades, and that is where the Templars have thrived and built CON-fidences and trust with non-Templar top level govt officials. So, ow happy was Gates with this "forced" resignation? Not much, gathering from my dream of a few nights ago. Now, I don't know if Gates, in an attempt to keep his position and power, has sold out to the dark side, or if there is the same uneasy tension between the pair, but I know that Hillary is aboard an AF One continuity-of-government jet. It used to be Gates that rode around in the big COG bird in the sky.

As mentioned from my previous posts, there is a lot of sabotage undermining this country. Foreign agents, especially China are involved, but the scariest element of trying to figure this all out is that traitors are involved--including high level CEO's and the fraud Obama living in the White House. Now, I saw Obama's address on Afghanistan today, and yep, he's got that scary look again, that tells me he has found some evil Sith Lord to back his play, once again. The fact that he is pulling out 33K troops is symbolic, since that is the number of Freemasonry, Faction 2, but does that mean he is siding with F2 or F!? I don't know. The fact that his wife and daughters are out of the country means that the whole Eastern seaboard\D.C. area is at risk of a major catastrophe. However, I don't have the sinking feeling that I normally get when something really bad is about to happen. However, my intuition and feeling functions are handicapped by the psychotropics I am on, so what do I know? I do know that June 24th (starting in the evening hours of the 23rd), is the Feast day of St. John the Baptist, which is a high holy day to the Templars (did Gates sell out to the Templars???). I had worried about an earthquake hitting Japan on this feast date (F2 wants to demolish Japan). However, I see that the earthquake has hit Japan a day ahead of schedule so what do the Templars have in mind to ring in their big feast day??? Here or overseas?

As usual, I was totally disgusted by Obama's speech, catching not only the lies and sneers, but the utmost contempt that he has for both the peoples and vision of this nation. Want to learn facial analysis 101--just look at the contempt on his face when he says "God bless America". The whole video is shot full of such contempt and lies. So what is he specifically lying about? First of all, that America is going to draw down troop numbers from Afghanistan. He knows that is not the real plan at all, even if the draw down of numbers begins. Obama knows that the war is actually going to escalate there. When? I am not sure, but there is a NATO conference planned for Chicago in May of next year. He will want to be seen as the strong but reluctant Democrat warrior at that conference (and NATO is full of occult European snakes who will be happy to support him). How will this escalation be achieved? MAJOR FALSE FLAG ATTACK IN THE UNITED STATES BLAMED ON THE TALIBAN! Is this imminent? Very possibly--it will be on the East Coast, and his wife and kids are safe. Is it F1 or F2 behind it? Where will it be? RMN is posting analysis of New Jersey...I know that if I had family living in NJ/NY/northern PA/DE/MD area I would be very concerned. Watch out for the Amtrak trains--especially the ones that Joe Biden rides on. Obama hates Biden, who is a true mensch and leader--something Obama can only envy from afar.

A truly worthless govt. agency, known as NAPA, did a major assessment on Amtrak last year. The woman in charge of that agency, Lena Trudeau, is truly evil. Maybe some REAL hackers could hack their computers and find out what that evil agency really did with their access to Amtrak....
A lot going on...we cannot allow this to happen. What happened to Bob Gates? Did he really turn to the dark side just to maintain some power? As long as he worked at the CIA, I would be very surprised if there were not mind control programming and implants in him--maybe he has been victimized, too. If so (and that seems to be where my intuition is going....), it is a huge blow to the Patriot Leadership Team. All I can do is pray...

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