Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Incredible, unceasing suffering

Incredible, unceasing suffering as the fucking pigs who try to control my life, and would define me (NOT!!!!) have got me so fucked up on psychotropics that I am not in reality. I am n0ot funtional. I am barely able to move, though I try. My muscles are all spasmed and locked. My belly grows larger and larger. I just wish for fucking deatb. I would rather be dead than live up to the expectation of the fucking goddamned religionist pigs who are responsible for destroying my life, my body, and my relationships. YOU FUCKINVG GODDAMNED PIGS--I DESPISE YOU, I WISHG NOTHINGG BUT THAT YOU SHARE 1/10TH OF THE SUFFERING HELL TYOIU HAVE PUT ME THRU WITH YOUR GODDAMNED DRUGS!
Whoever, whatever is responsible for drugging me is just sheer evil. I dont know because i am so fuked up, I cannot think. i only wish to for death, to be free of my fucked up mutilated carcass of a body and to get those fucking religionist leeches off of me. ( I hurt so fucking bad. I am so drugged up and not in reality. how long God before this hell ends? i am tired of the neverending suffering. i am tired. i dont want to be here anymore. Pleas just let me die.

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