Friday, June 10, 2011

I am finding it difficult to breathe

I am finding it difficult to breathe with my belly so swollen with implants and estrogen-caused fat, while my nose is full of mucous from the excessive estrogen. If anyone would like to get a taste of the suffering I am enduring, I ask males to take excessive amounts of estrogen and females to take excessive amounts of testosterone, and see for yourselves how miserable and dysfunctional a body is when it is predominantly force fed hormones that are designed to be of ancillary function only in the body. I know it is the estrogen that is causing my weight gain, but there is nothing I can do about it. I have already asked for an endocrinologist referral, but I know it won't happen, because the Sirian aliens control me, like they control any other slave. I see where Salusa continues to spread his lies about ascension on the web. People. DON'T BELIEVE IT!! The whole Sirian/Salusa/Ascension illusion is a trap. Our bodies ARE important, for they house our souls, and my soul is suffering and tormented by the trauma and pain done to my body. My soul is not free to creatively act and relate because of all the suffering and limitations placed on my bodily expression by the never ending psychotropic drugs. I dreamed last night of people whose primary function was to die and become compost. That is the future of any deluded human who chooses to ascend--you will be food to be consumed by evil aliens. There is a reason why my body will not consciously participate in the astral travelling--it is because I know that there is evil out there waiting to suck me up. The really bad drugging of the last few days began after I had made astral contact with BENEVOLENT aliens. The Sirians are terrified of me talking to benevolent aliens. They are the ultimate control freaks, who want to control everything, so that they can get their needed ration of human "food" for their journey. Please, if I have been so right about so many things, why would I be wrong about this?

Having said all of this to the deluded channels of the "Galactic Federation", let me more prosaically warn the grounded and healthy leaders and military of this country, that once again, we are in imminent danger of a false flag nuke or biological attack. I say that because Obama the Fraud, is scheduled to fly to Switzerland on the doomsday plane. See Sorcha Faal. Now, the Bilderbergers have no use for Obama--they despise him as a lowly toady puppet. However, the evil cabal (and the Bilderbergers are one of their prime front institutions) are desperate to wrest power away from the Patriot Leadership Team, especially since their double agent, Anthony Weiner, who was feeding the cabal lots of info about the PLT plans by spying on his wife, has now been neutralized. The Madrid fault will not be ready to slip and quake until autumn, and the Obama/Faction 2/Templars contingent are desperate for something to once again create terror and establish Obama in the public's imagination as a leader (what a fizzle the Bin Laden fiasco was!)

So where is this false flag attack likely to take place? Well, the web is abuzz with news that it is Chicago. I especially pay attention to reports that the Sears building recently has lost many of its tenants. However, I find it hard to believe that Obama and the cabal would target Chicago. It has been the base of major corruption by both Faction 1 and Faction 2 for decades. It is the seat of Obama's 2012 campaign, and a reliable factor for the Democrats in 2012. Unless, of course, Obama is unhappy with the way his campaign is going???? Of course, Rahm Emanuel, who is as dirty as it gets is the mayor there (shades of that big fraud, Guliani), and is in touch with the Ariel Sharon/MACHINE RA faction, so that a hit limited to the implosion of the Sears tower would provide an opportunity for both Obama to look presidential and Rahm to look mayoral. And then, there was that mysterious crash of the F16 over Wisconsin....what was that plane carrying? Nukes to be tied into the bomb explosion in Chicago? I don't know the answers to all this. I do know that with Obama on the doomsday plane, this upcoming weekend, that the chances of a false flag on American soil has skyrocketed to over 90% in the upcoming next few days. I will stay vigilant--not easy to do in my condition--and relay anything I suspect or learn....

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