Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catatonic again

Catatonic again---am i on lithium? too sick to do anything, i desperately need to clean house, but am too sick to even wash dishes or sweep floor. i don't even know how i could get dressed--very slowly. need to go for water and a few groceries but i am too autistic to drive. woke up and looked at ceiling and could see every point in ceiling. really bad shape. i am in a lot of pain too. fuckers shaved my left knee, and i am suffering from nerve pain there and in lef thigh. interesting dream last nite. dream obama asked me how he could get reelected. i think obama literally was present in my abducted state last nite. he is a fucking parasite, and he has been present in my dream before--which is how i got the scoop on a couple of bombs. it is the jesuits and their fucking christo-fascist catholic supporters who are abdutcing me now, so that tells me who is backing obamas play. anyway i told obama ot uspoort gay people. you notice how he has been absent from the gay fight/victories lately? his jesuit puppet masters pullin his striung. fuck the goddamned jesuits and their evil agenda. now that I am conscious, i will tell obamathat you will NOT win reelection. i will not for you a second tme, not under any circumstance. feeling too sick to continue on.

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