Thursday, June 9, 2011

What kind of psychotropic am I on?

What kind of psychotropic am I on? Another day of being so sick that I cannot do anything. I am too sick to move, too sick to even hold my head up at times. Sometimes I start to go catatonic (lithium?), and always my muscles are so spasmed that they are locked. I am in terrible shape. Worse of all, I gain and gain more and more weight. I know it is because of the excess estrogen. I am miserable with all the estrogen. I am miserable with all the weight gain. But there is nothing I can do anout it. I have decided that the negative Sirians and their Jesuit/Vatican lieutentants actually want me alienated from my own body--the better to "ascend" with them to whatever hell they are going to. No way it is going to happen. My spirit knows better than to trust any thing that has made my life the sheer hell that these fallen angels have made it. I just don't know how much longer I can live in this hellish state. Not only am i so sick that I cant even enjoy tv, but i am not able to fit into my clothes and i am much too sick to shop. How much longer, God, how much longer? In the meantime I keep taking phenergan and fiornal for the nausea and mgraines.

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