Monday, June 13, 2011

Salusa is a liar!!!

Salusa is a liar!!! After being abducted and cut on last night (and I know that he, his faction of fallen angels, and his Jesuit and Templar buddies are responsible), I am furious that any deluded soul might believe his GODDAMNED LIES. Of course, his lies have been disseminating through channels for years, but I will specifically address his claims in this post:

Sounds like he is getting a little defensive to me. Good!! Maybe all the pain and suffering I have endured at the hands of these goddamned haters and liars will be worth it, if I can just convince a few others to RUN from these demonic beings who desire the annihilation of a free humanity that they cannot enslave with their luciferian lies.

Well, let me make it clear that I can counter their own lies with my own experience of abduction, suffering, and mutilation. These negative Sirians ARE a threat to humanity! They do interfere in our karma! They are to be feared and fought with every fiber of a free person's being! They are themselves enslaved to MACHINE-RA, via the cybernetic technology they have implanted in me and so many others, and like slave overseers, they wish to spread the misery and suffering around so that their master, MACHINE-RA is satisfied, while they try to leave for another dimension (because of course, they can't go, until RA is satisfied that IT has plenty of slaves to keep ITSELF amused).

That is what the mind control of all religions and world view systems is about--learning to hate your own self (and thus, by correlating necessity, the living and true God), so that you can become enslaved by MACHINE-RA. Well, congratulations, you fucking mind control Jesuit slavers and fallen angels. You have succeeded in turning me from a great lover of self, others, and all of life, to a miserable and suffering hater of my own body, and most certainly you, Salusa, your fallen angel followers of Sirius, and the human patriarchal slavers of your mind control religion. Get your pictures and video of what you fucking pigs have done to my body so that you can show it to all the generations of cybernetic slaves who need a Hathor-teated mommy figure for succor, because they live in a hellish cybernetic hell, as chosen by the poor deluded souls and progenitors who will "ascend" with you. Just know one thing--ultimately my hatred of your evil, your lies, your mutilations of me--all come from my love of the true God, my real self (which God created hermaphroditic, but you have chopped into a dualism that means authentically I can only be male, no matter what horrors you inflict on my body), and my love of other human beings, who I fervently pray are smart enough to stay far away from you and your goddamned lies.

Last night I was chopped up even further. They took my already tiny muscular skeleton and made it even smaller, pushing up excess fat to give me even more huge cow boobs. They also cut on my lower back. I am in extreme pain this morning, for I no longer have enough muscle to support my body. Worse, I no longer have the ability to do even mild exercise--my body is completely unnatural and not responding properly at all. I don't care anymore. I want to die, but as long as I live, my words and my life will be a testament to resisting those goddamned pigs, the cybernetically enslaved luciferian aliens, and their lying mind-control puppets of patriarchal religion with everything I ahve got. Admittedly, I don't have much anymore, and my suffering is never ending. Hurts to even sit now, with all the muscle pain in my lower abs and lats area (do I even have lats anymore?). The fucking goddamned Sirians for all their intelligence have no common sense. I do not have the inner core strength of a woman, and never will, because I am not a woman. Thus, I have nothing to hold up the muscles as they have mutilated them. So all I can do is suffer. Hurts to even walk because my lower back and pelvic girdle no longer is supported as well. Going to be anotehr bad day.. Another day, when I pray to God to let me die. I have filed a "no heroic measures" directive with my doctor. Please honor it, should I die, and please make sure my brain is totally liquified. I do not want to resist enslavement to MACHINE-RA in my life, just to have IT win in my death.

PS--By the way, last night after my abduction and more medical mutilation by Salusa and his band of fallen angels, and his human minions, the Jesuits, I dreamed that I was offered a job by the officials in my dream--they wanted me to be a correctional officer in a prison!!! Get it, people--the only reason I am being medically mutilated into a feminine avatar is so that MACHINE_-RA has a weapon of mind control with which to spiritually lull, succor, and divert ITs cybernetic prisoners from the challenges of freedom. Don't fall into the trap!!! I know that the MACHINE-RA can regurgitate the spiritual wisdom of the ages in beautiful channelings of poetry, but don't fall for it! It is a lie!! I do not want to be an stylized image of a big-boobed mommy god, but in reality, a prison guard for cybernetic slaves. Please, anyone reading this understand, just as I have been so right about so many things in the past, I am right about this. Do not fall into the trap of the negative Sirians and their mind control minions. They are all slaves themselves of MACHINE-RA, and God help us, I think we can successfully fight IT off, even if I don't survive it, but if I don't please don't let me be turned into a cow-boobed idol.

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