Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Definitely on some psychotropic

Definitely on some psychotropic--woke up again in middle of night with nausea and migraine. Took some phernegan to help me sleep. I am awake this morning, but not in reality. Severely autistic, and find it difficult to move. Worse of all is the stomach pain. I just ate a little breakfast, and the belly finds everything, even drinking water, causing pain, tenderness, and bloating. My belly is clearly distended--the question is, how much weight am I gaining? I need to go to the dr because this belly is becoming worse and worse, but I would have to take a shower, and that is too much effort right now. Tomorrow for sure, if the drugs/belly pain continue.

I am too fucked up, autistic and ADD to do any resear h, but found the remains of 30 children missing interesting. George HW Bush. When is all this shit going to come out? I think some of the parents in Joplin were told the truth--the ones that psychics determined were psycholotically healthy enough to hear it. So every time I feel bad for myself, I remind myself, it could be worse, this torture could have happened when I was a child.

Who is responsible for all this? No doubt--the fucking religionists of the Jesuits and Vatican. In an astral scenario, I refused to go to Italy. I meant it. There is absolutely nothing that impresses me about the institutional church, and those fucking pigs who are force feeding me drugs and estrogen, who have destroyed my body and damaged my brain--I WONT DO SHIT FOR THEM. I am too fucked up to do much of anything for anybody. Need to go lay down.

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