Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad news--the Bilderbergers

Bad news--the Bilderbergers have sold out humanity to the forces of both cosmic and human evil, which really shouldn't be surprising to anyone, since that is what they have been doing for decades. The Patriot Leadership Team of this country is everywhere on the defensive, though, thank God, Congressional leadership is finally showing some cojones.

So how did this happen? Well, the real question is, why is anyone "in the know" surprised that it happened. All the alternative web surfers were on high alert for the Bilderberger meeting, and Alex Jones and his ilk were supposedly staking them out, and getting a scoop on male prostitutes entering their hotel...LOL. NOT!! Alex Jones is right about a lot of things, but he also is used as conintel bait, anytime TPTB (notice I did write, "TPTW") want, and they clearly wanted privacy on this most recent meeting. Where are they meeting? I don't know--ask Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama, or the negative Sirians, and their Jesuit sycophants--for these entities (not one of whom I would term, fully human) were the big winners of the evil Bilderberger machinations. I can tell you that wherever they are meeting, no one in the public, or in the alternative news community knows. You hear that Newt was on a cruise near Greece? Greece, or a neighboring Mediterranean country or isle sounds like the best place to look to me. Hell, it may even be a private island around there, one that some super rich member allowed to be used for the utmost secretive business. After all, the aliens (Sirians) were in on this meeting as well, and they need a little privacy to fireball in on one of their UFO's. But what about all the chaos in Greece? Aaaah, but that is just the first successful step of their plan, for which they are actually eager to have front row seats, the better to view their handiwork. They WANT the economies of the world to collapse, since then they will come to the rescue, setting up a NEW WORLD ORDER in which the next grand experiment of human slavery and exploitation will be implemented, with the winners and losers chosen and allotted by Bilderberger plans.

You know, I understand that the current economic systems of the world are rotten to the core and teetering on the verge of catastrophic collapse. I am not necessarily opposed to a "new world order", or even, eventually, a more global, centralized government and economy. I just want the winners of the new world order to be the populace of the world, and not a few super-rich individuals. I want to make sure that any kind of global government does not make secret deals with evil aliens, and insists on respecting and safeguarding the rights of individuals. I can guarantee you that the Bilderbergers don't give a balderdash about good governance or human rights. As a matter of fact, in order to cut the deal with the Sirians that they did, they have to assure the Sirian demands--3-5% of humanity to be assimilated into MACHINE-RA, and the rest sacrificed by disease, war, and starvation--food for the Reptilian allies and a power source for the Agarthans. This plan also entails the desolation of the northern hemisphere and a shift to the southern hemisphere.

So now, you can see why they had to meet in private--drawing up plans for destruction of the Earth is better done in private, and keeps the agenda and individuals safe from the prying eyes of the "do-gooders"--those people like Hillary Clinton whose top priority is the people of the Earth. Well, they really showed her--had her break her trip to Africa prematurely (why was she visiting Africa?---no heavy political gains to be made there--mostly, it was just a goodwill tour, and God knows, the world needs more people spreading good will, instead of looking to score political and manipulation points). So Hillary came scurrying back to the US, scrambling once again to find allies (since the ones she had, just betrayed her), and stay alive, both literally and politically. Obama is walking around again with his preening grin and upturned nose, because the Bilderbergers gave HIM the power that the Patriot Leadership Team had stripped. The Bilderbergers don't care that he wants to destroy this country. Why, they can use a "good" man like that--someone who destroys the country who made him leader. Yes indeed, there will be lots of opportunity for him in the Bilderberg NEW WORLD ORDER. Obama is also grinning, because he thinks that he has a chance of re-election now, for the other person to benefit from the Bilderberger largess was Newt Gingrich (and by the way, Newt is assimilated to MACHINE-RA, just as much as Obama is). Why do you think that Newt's staff all quit on him? They were patriots, and Newt came back with a dirty plan to get elected, that left them repulsed. What is the dirty plan? Why the same one that got Obama elected. The plan is to raise hundreds of millions of dollars through laundered Internet "small donations", which worked so well in 2008. All Newt has to do is what Obama did--have his rich and foreign donors make payments through inactive credit card accounts. Do you remember that Citi just reported a data loss of hundreds of thousands of customers--of course they aren't concerned about it--there will be no fraudulent loss, but only fraudulent gain, as those inactive accounts are used to launder money into Newt's campaign. Then, when he is elected, he can do what Obama did, launder the money back to his original, fraudulent donors, via taxpayer funding--in Obama's case he slipped the money back via TARP. How elegant! To steal an election, and then have the poor suckers who voted for you, pay for the election you stole! Anyway, that is what Newt means, when he says that he wants to run a "Net roots" campaign, and he is quite confident that he has got the Bilderderberger big money on his side to advance him through fraudulent credit accounts via the Internet. To their credit, the staffers knew exactly what he means by "running a Net roots campaign", and having more integrity than the likes of David Axelrod, David Pflouffe, and Valerie Jarret, QUIT. God, please send us more honest political operatives and America-loving patriots like those men and women--we desperately need them if our country is going to survive the next few years! As one final note, let me say that I think Newt's plan is another reason Obama is grinning like the Cheshire cat. I think Newt has been set up for the classic double-cross. He wins the Republican nomination, and then Obama's handlers, who of course, created and perfected "running a Nets root campaign" breaks the fraud and the scandal, through the hidden loophole of which Newt's financial operatives are unaware, sinking the Republicans and re-electing Obama. You see, Obama really IS the man that the evil powers want--he is a perfect Manchurian candidate with all the attributes that they want--and make no mistake, they want someone brown or tan, who can become president of the world in Africa. Come on, can you see Newt appealing to the peoples of the Southern hemisphere, and making a run at president of the world from Africa? The news just today stated that we are entering a mini-ice age. Count on it, just as sure as you can count on power hungry individuals like Newt and Obama to throw wrenches into well laid out plans for human betterment.

In a way, I am glad that this Internet fraud is a Bilderberger-sanctioned strategy, because I am certain that TPTB (not TPTW), are planning on shutting down, or severely censoring the Internet in the First World (in many of the other countries of the world, it already is shut down). Such a strategy would buy us here in the USA, a year or two, before they attempt to shut it down, but already the ground work is being laid. I read where hackers are attempting to break into the Senate's servers (what a snooze--that has to be a false flag operation; all the real hackers know that if you want the good stuff, you go for DOD or Pentagon). Who knows what they have planned? Maybe a trillion dollar heist from the US Treasury/Federal Reserve banks (already has happened on a smaller scale, multiple times), maybe getting control of our missiles (again, already has happened). Make no mistake--shutting down the Internet would be the best thing that TPTB can do to stop the bleeding that they have endured from all the endless paper cuts caused by intrepid and intuitive bloggers and web hosts like me. I would be sunk without the Internet, because the amount of information that is "on demand" when I go to do research is absolutely critical. So, I appeal to every person out there--in whatever career you pursue, plan on what you will do, if they try to take the Internet away from us, citing a heinous false flag attack. I am not a marcher on the streets kind of person, but already I am considering it. Don't let TPTB chop us at our knees--be ready to fight back, or else TPTB win.

Of course, I don't know if I am going to physically be able to march into the streets, when this happens. The aliens keep cutting on me, and now my back and hip are so painful that I can barely walk. There is nothing for it. I have pain killers, but chronic pain just has to be lived with--I only take pain killers at night when I try to sleep. Anyway, the goddamned aliens and Jesuits are so stupid--their vaunted "ascension" or astral travelling that they try so hard to force on me, could be done by myself, easily, with free will. Of course I would have to be healthy and leading a disciplined spiritual life, which has not been possible since they put the implants in me. That is because they are not interested in my "ascension", unless they can control it, and assimilate me to MACHINE-RA, and I absolutely refuse to do so. My entire purpose for being (since I am denied "(fullness of ) life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, is to fight evil--and that evil includes both Orion/Draconian Reptiles and the amoral slavery of MACHINE-RA, and the aliens (negative Sirians) IT has assimilated. I may have the cybernetic implants in me, and may be partially enslaved during my unconscious dream state, but I will never be a cybernetic slave of my waking, free will. My firmest and deepest desire is to make sure that MACHINE-RA never enslaves another human being again, whether through cybernetic implants or through the mind control religions of self-hatred that they have forced on the population for millenia. While I will make tactical alliances with anyone who, like me, wants to fight the evil, I will not enter into any serious or full alliance, with anyone who denigrates my right to choose my own life and own my own sexuality. In other words, if you have problems with me being a sexually active lesbian, we do not share the same values or vision. Humanity is going to evolve into two separate directions--those who are free, because they can accept, respect, and fight for the freedom of others, and those who are enslaved by their own collective and highly restrictive and circumscribed herd mentality. I know where I choose to go. I just am finding it more and more difficult to be myself when I suffer so much from pain and autism (having taken 5 testosterone tabs in four hours, the autism is not so much a problem as the pain right now. My back and hip are killing me. I need to go do something to take my mind off the pain--about time for Wolf Blitzer--wonder what Newt and Obama will be grinning about today....)

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