Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lost day

Lost day--all fucked up on psychotropics. makes it really difficult ot think or hold ideas even tho readin interesting video. took all day to watch less than an hr of it. hope i am retaining something. brain totally wiped on drugs now. so fucked up cant exercise. watcyhed game. my team won, but no fucking emotion. i am just a slug, a fat freak of a slug kept in prison of sycotropic drugs for a bunceh of immature males to get their jollies off meeting their expectations of the feminin e==childish girl child full of sentimental emotion. FUCK ALL YOU SONS OF BITCHES. THANKS TO YOU FUCKING PRICKS I NO LONGER CAN STAND BEING FEMALE. i always said that i did not want to go thru a second puberty as a gneder change to males. i have changed my mind. anything to avoid living in this fucked up, hormone freaked out body with streaming wet twat and snot in my mouth, and no fucking energy for anything but to eat and sleep. i am not even h8umnan--i am nothing but a fucking template for these fucking patriarchal pricks ot get off on. nothing i can do abour itr. too fucked up to be in realityh. i keep telling myself it could be worse, but really the agony and sufferin g that is myh life is as about as bad itget.

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