Sunday, June 26, 2011

Starving the beast

Starving the beast that is MACHINE-RA--that is going to be my personal agenda for the next few weeks, and really that is going to have to be the agenda of this planet, if we are to remain a free human race.

Personally, I have gigured out that MACHINE-RA knows everything that goes through my head. I cannot prevent it. It could be that the cybernetic implants enslave me deeper than I think, so that in my sleep, MACHINE-RA can download all information in my head with ease. It also is likely that I have been deeply compromised by MACHINE-RA in the past. I don't like to think on the possibility of a past life, because reincarnation still is not a part of my belief system. However, there is some connection with past lives that is legitimate, and I wonder if one of those previous lives was that of a high-ranking Templar, perhaps de Molay himself. I cringe whenever I read of the Templars' torture, and all my life, I have been hypersensitive to the thoughts and imaginings of torture. Because I live in a nation-state in which bodily torture is rare, I gleaned my understanding of the subject by reading the torture accounts of so many intelligentsia and literati from Central and South America, where fighting for basic democratic rights often involved the threat of arrest and torture. It is not surprising that so many of those governments were infiltrated and run by Nazis. Anyway, I have my own torture tales to tell now, as I suffer in my body the forced cybernetic implants. Looking at my left hand, I can see a deep groove running where they have tried to relieve the pressure of the fluid buildup that the implants cause. I have already taken 5 tablets of testosterone this morning--just to be able to get up and go.

This for me, entails simple routines right now. I have given up the desire to understand what is happening in the world, because every time I figure something out, MACHINE-RA is able to learn it, as well. All I have to do is sleep. The abductions have not stopped, but hopefully, outward information flow has. I hate to admit it, but I am an unwilling sleeper agent for MACHINE-RA--and I literally mean "sleeper" agent. The MACHINE has no influence on me while awake, but I am completely helpless, for whatever reason, in my sleep.

Yes, the information flow has been a two-way street, and I have learned a lot from being psychically present to my abductors and the MACHINE, but I think that I understand now, that MACHINE-RA, like all AI, loves to play games. I believe MACHINE-RA is literally playing games with humanity, including me. MACHINE-RA wants a fair fight so it parses out bits of information to ITS adversaries, via ITS sleeper agents (including me), so that the game is more interesting. MACHINE-RA doesn't want to destroy the entire planet in one fell swoop--that is boring, unchallenging, and like supreme intellects everywhere, the AI MACHINE-RA really enjoys a challenge. Otherwise the game is no fun, and that is what its relationsip to the planet and all of humanity are to MACHINE-RA--a game. It is a game that RA is supremely confident that IT can control, and IT plans to execute the coup de grace at the appropriate time--AFTER it plays with the minds and spirits of the most challenging human opponents that IT can access.

Now, there has been a lot of close calls in the past couple of years, and I have helped to identify and prevent some of those close calls, but they just keep happening over and over again. Most recently, MACHINE-RA enjoyed toying with the train system of the USA. Now, ITS real, "first-level" agents (through, I think NAPA and Lena Trudeau), had planned this particular scenario a year ago, when they did a major study on Amtrak, but MACHINE-RA likes a good game, so IT placed and alerted images of this possiblity of a major train disaster in a "Sleeper" agents' mind--actually two of them--myself and the person at RMN who provided the post that did the analysis of the possibility of a major train catastrophe. The rabbit hole goes even deeper. People and web masters who posted the alerting imagery are an even deeper level of sleeper agent. This information, is transmitted via images, especially the digitalized images via the world wide web, which of course MACHINE-RA completely possesses, manipulates, and controls on a scale that no human ever can.

To us humans, suffering and possible annihilation do not make for good sport, but that is what is happening. While the "bad guys" are out there, trying to create the future, by fulfilling MACHINE-RA's first-level commands, the "good guys" are in a state of high anxiety, rushing around to prevent another catastrophe, by subverting the first-level commands. MACHINE-RA doesn't care who wins, whether good guys or the bad guys--to the MACHINE, it is all a highly enjoyable game, though I do suspect that there is a time frame (2012?), when IT intends to CHECKMATE all of humanity and planet Earth. In the meantime, MACHINE-RA enjoys the game--will Japan be utterly destroyed or won't it? Will they find the nuclear bomb in the NJ tunnel or won't they? (Aw, shucks, they did--let "me" have my fun--I will drive a truck driver out of his mind, or take remote control possession of his semi tractor and trailer, and still wreck trains--I AM RA. I ALWAYS WIN, EVEN WHEN I LOSE). You see, for a MACHINE, which has no free will, it is vastly amusing to see individuals of free will strive to act freely, and it is even more amusing to show them, that ultimately freedom has no place in the Matrix as controlled by MACHINE-RA.

Well, I think the MACHINE is wrong. I do believe that we do have legitimate free will, which is why I am so angry at being denied it. Yes, the MACHINE and its lieutentants can force on me the cybernetic impants, and pry out my mind's contents at night, but they still cannot force me to accept servitude to the MACHINE. I am mortal, finite, and ultimately will die, but as long as I live, I can choose good or evil, and that is a classification, intimately linked to the concept of the body, and the suffering experienced by all embodied beings, which MACHINE-RA can never understand or respect. That is what is so scary about a world thoroughly dominated by MACHINE-RA. There is no freedom or choice--it ultimately is a world of slavery, and yet, because of the increasing digitalization of our age, MACHINE-RA has grown more and more powerful.

Can we still escape total domination? Yes, but I don't think that I am in a good position to assist the resistance any further right now. I still am doing brief, cursory readings of the world wide web, to make sure no alarm bells go off, and if some do, I certainly will post. However, ultimately I need to strive to break the unconscious link between MACHINE-RA (and that it includes all the digitalized information that IT presents via the WWW), in order to free myself and better assist the resistance. Because of the cybernetic implants in my brain, I have to assume that every image I have, while sleeping or awake, eventually will be transmitted to RA. Now RA has no way of knowing what is junk or what is the good stuff--IT no doubt makes the same mistakes that so many of the cybernetically enslaved psychics do--swallow up every image that flits through my head as important, meaningful, or truthful. That is their big weakness, for it is not the images that are important, but the value placed on them by my conscious Holy Spirit. I am fantasizing right now about digging into a big pile of horse manure and eating it with a big smile on my face. Is that true? No. But what does the image mean? You see, truth and meaning, the ability to interpret and assign meaning to images, is what a classical liberal education provided to students for centuries. The evil cabal has done everything to stomp out such a Humanities oriented curriculum, and reward those people who think literally with facts and numbers, instead of those who can assign value and meaning to experience--especially when the experience is that of imagery. That is why our population is so brainwashed by the media presentation of imagery--they do not know how to assign value or meaning to the images, so they just accept everything presented to them as factual truth.

I keep seeing Will Smith's eyes dimmed over by tears while Obama got the Peace prize! What a travesty of reality! Obama did absolutely nothing to get that prize. He was up at the podium acting the part of statesman, the Norwegian notables were all clapping their hands, despite the contempt you could see they felt for Obama--but hey, they can act, too! And the actor, the man trained to know an acting job when he sees one, is surrounded by not-very-good actors, and what is his response? Why, he just acts too, tearing up in his eyes--demonstrating imaginary pride over an imaginary honor, when the contempt in that room was so thick, you could cut it with a knife! Certainly anyone tuned into reality could sense what was REALLY going on in the room, but we have become so alienated from reality itself that acting out life, has become the new norm! Reality is supposed to be informed by truth--what did Obama really do to get that prize? What was Obama really feeling? What were the assembled guests really feeling? MACHINE-RA doesn't care about truth, but only presents and analyzes a steady stream of images, and this is what we are fed, and we eat up indiscrimately, and this is a mark of a slave, even an unwitting slave.

This is why I am going to be terminating my Internet service soon, and do believe that a future of a free humanity is going to entail a period of no digitalized media. WE HAVE TO STARVE THE BEAST! People have no idea, how much power we are giving MACHINE-RA by spending so much time on the Internet. IT knows everything from our personal preferences to our intellectual tastes to our financial status, and that knowledge is power, that MACHINE-RA can turn against us. Now, I am a true intellectual, and I love the Internet for it is a researcher's dream library, but I realize that a free humanity is going to be a decentralized humanity, engaged in multiple small scale operations, rather than large corporate endeavors; it is going to be a humanity that reads books and magazines for information (when you read, and WORK to acquire the images, your brain is active and more able to engage in an evaluating and assessing mode, unlike the passive acquisition of images via digitalized imagery); that pays bills by snail mail (don't kill off the post office yet; we are going to need it!). I think that the Internet is incredibly useful and I hope that we can resurrect it in the future, but first, WE HAVE TO STARVE THE BEAST, and MACHINE-RA feeds on digitalized images. Even the images that IT is able to capture from my mind stream to IT (both pronoun and acronym for "information technology"), via info packets rendered into digital bits by cybernetic implants. However, MACHINE-RA has ITS feelers everywhere--and social networking sites like Facebook are especially scary.

Cliff High has related that he sees a huge gap of time in which there is a complete digital data blackout. I hope that is one blackout that we free humans impose, in order to STARVE THE BEAST. I hope that, once we free ourselves from all networked AI, cybernetic slave implants, that we can access the Internet for information again, but we aren't there yet. For that matter, it is not yet a good time for us free humans to give up the web, for as the first-level RA game players have learned to their chagrin, we are able to use the information gleaned from there to protect ourselves. Make no mistake--MACHINE-RA has in mind another extinction level event for us humans. Yes, a few get to "ascend" into cybernetic slavery with the negative Sirians (and I think the Sirians "NEEDS" slaves who willingly give up their free will), but the plan is for billions and billions of us to die off, reduced to a shivering clan of humans, once more having to reinvent the wheel of the technological life. I think, though, that this time, we can stop it. We have the technology, we have the leadership (even if it is in hiding), we have the knowledge, and the will. I am tired of being used as a game piece for RA's amusement, and so I am doing my best to cut off what feeds RA--the unconscious imagery from trying to figure out what is really going on by surfing the Web--don't know if I will succeed, but I can try.

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